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  1. They've got a motion to terminate custodianship, if you want to try to fly close to the sun keep a tight eye on NVSOS for filings often they'll drop all at once and people are gun shy from the last couple R/S and they sell without reading them. Probably could buy back in regardless if they're good or not, given that recent history. I'm not in, but I added it to Filings:re to get the update and will post it in the discord since some people in here are.
  2. Good sell especially if you reupped that low. Yes I'm holding long unless the App release or financials reveal something that sours me on them. Absent that I have 20k shares that I wont be selling before Jan 1, 2021 . I'm also time to time managing a much smaller swing position
  3. Apologies to this league, I've been a shit league member this year, but it has just found itself way below family, work, home reno, and stock trading this year. Probably my last season anyways, so will not firesale as to not cause turmoil. If anyone watching from the sideline wants to take over the team they can ride free the rest of the way on my entry (or rather BO's lol) and prepare a team for next season. PM me if you're interested
  4. I don't think you're wrong about thiswhich wasn't my intention. There is speed value on discord, but I understand the negatives I also got flagged by IT on Surly a few months ago in either Stonks or the Penny thread so limiting my presence there was a little necessary to keep my other workday activities going. I think I'm probably in the clear now. Maybe we try discord during market hours and thread posting PM/AH except the DD board (that even could be two way posted into the private board on Surly I just can't go in there on work computer) Very open to suggestions that makes everybody acc
  5. Naw too many good plays out there right now with earnings coming out, SPSO was suppose to be a flip off of that restricted share business but then the market crumpled and trapped us. I'm looking to get out not in lol I'm regretting getting out DTGI right now I sold and it kept running like Gump. If iy retrace back below .20 I may get back in. I'm going to update my spreadsheet this weekend, but take a look at MRPI, PUPS, MJWL, UAPC, WDLF at current prices over SPSO Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  6. I'm still open to an option that works for everybody without requiring people to sign up for Treefiddy. Also I'm a net negative on decisions since going to the discord. Not that it has anything to do with the conversation there, but it might have protected you from my picks lol
  7. They're in a 30 day quiet period right now because they're in the process of moving up a level in the OTC. No updates likely until after that is over, but here is the last iteration of that packet Social Life Network.pdf
  8. SNVP has Caveat Emptor now, likely for a fake twitter profile that caused the most recent spike (now since deleted). Be careful there, you're on free shares so there isn't a loss risk, but that's exactly the kind of ticker the SEC is suspending without notice right now.
  9. Which only brought me back to now even lol. Probably going to free shares on any spike of 100% or more.
  10. 500k. Originally was 250k but averaged down considerably in the deep dark days of last week (that we will Please God NEVER return to)
  11. Current positions I'm long right now on ALPP, TSNP, RXMD, and I suppose FPVD? (Not selling my final free 500k) Medium on WDLF, UAPC, and MEDH (possible that I might move free shares to the long category) Swinging MRPI, SPSO, GRPS (possible that I might move free shares to medium category) Custodial Waiting on PUPS and MJWL
  12. Sold out on my final 1M at .006 on Friday, and watching XMET's post split action to see if I want back in for a small position. Bid/ASK Split is 100% right now so could do some serious scalping damage if you were feeling risky I've not sold any TSNP
  13. Ducking out of my meeting to post that PFMS R/S has hit FINRA, probably take the sails out of it buoying back up
  14. Can you take down the poll at the top and put in a new one about this question? I've not found a trip000 worth loading the boat on yet. That's the kind of thing I had in mind that would go in the discord (and related discussions), but things like say RXMD that I'm by no means on the front end of it doesn't really matter what is said in here people have lots of avenues to get information on those. There is value in being able to rapid fire discuss big events, and maybe that's the hybrid answer. General chat in here, and in the moment stuff (like when filings get released) we go to the wa
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