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  1. ALPP - CEO continues to be impressive, but takeaways no uplisting on the table this year, as expected since COVID (S1 was expensive and has a 2 year limit, so eyes on 2021), Acquisitions are slowing down, but business model hasn't changed. Company is growing 20% every year, even with the 'rona it's expected to continue. PPP money received and utilized to get workers back off furlough, Q3 revs are expected to be up 24% and Q4 up 44% It'll probably settle down again until the next road show or financial release
  2. Presenting at a web conference. I'm watching right now.
  3. Yooooooo somebody just bought $13k worth of .07 ALPP (185k shares)
  4. in about an hour. Volume and price pushing back up to around .07
  5. Plenty of reasons to doubt, it's taken a fat dump the last months. I know I made a lot of bag holders in here, just trying to give them a call out so they can get out. I've always been more long term, with intermediate chances to scalp. I've averaged down a bunch which is nice
  6. .072 and rising Get off now ALPP doubters. I'm still holding until End of Year Edit:unless it peeps over .20 and then I'll scalp 30k or so
  7. Going to be jumpy leading up to that presentation. Best shot at jumping off will be around an hour before I bet.
  8. I bought a goodly amount at .049 if you were selling the last few weeks. They're presenting at a conference tomorrow around lunchtime, might get a little price movement to allow you an out.
  9. They're also going on a Company PR tour the next few months, first event is next week. Proactive Investors One2One event July 28, 2020
  10. Thermal Screening news finally broke.
  11. Combo of ALPP and PFMS, my baby perked back up a little though.
  12. So I've lost over $1000 in the last 21 minutes, how is yalls morning going?
  13. FRSX roiling just need a nice PR to set her off
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