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  1. I guess I'll have to be that guy. From what people have posted, feel free to correct it if other conversations have happened. FHK Free Hong Kong (BigOrange) Pays $75 to RCRanger03 RNGR Zero Fox Given (RCRanger03) Receives $75 from Radical Larry (PAID), Michael Knight, Capn TWH I'M RICK JAMES BITCH!! (Swearingen) Receives $75 from Derka’s Friend via Derka BB Ballamatic Bevo (Ballmatic Bevo) Receives $75 from RexWilson Rex ShopYourFavorit H-E-B (RexWilson) Pays $75 to Ballmatic Bevo MK Surly Michael Knight (MichaelKnight) Pays $75 to RCRanger03 FRAC Fractured Hands (Capn) Pays $75 to Derka DRDY DURDY LOWRY BOYs (Derka’s Friend) Pays $75 to Swearingen RAD Radical Larry (Radical Larry) Pays $75 to RCRanger03 (PAID) KING Just A Gangsta I Suppose (Derka) Receives $75 from Capn
  2. Think you may be right, so far I'm $75 paid out of $225
  3. So is this happening? Wanted to use this $$$ to stock up on whisky for the inevitable lockdown... Venmo @RCRanger03 CashApp $RCRanger03
  4. yes to 10 rounder for any person who was ORIGINALLY a FA pickup. If they were drafted then thats their value Definitely Issac as a former 9th round, keeper at 8th round for me Still thinking about the other one... When does that decision have to happen.
  5. This is correct, BO can you help divy that up? Whoever gets me: Venmo @RCRanger03 CashApp $RCRanger03
  6. Does anyone know of distributor in the Austin area that sells bulk hydrogen peroxide 3% or even better if a higher percentage. If so please send me a PM or connect me via my email matthew@mlf.org. I'm the property manager at the Community First! Village which houses the formerly chronically homeless. Almost all of our residents here are immuno-compromised and we are trying to empower many of them into helping keep the property sanitized by giving them all santizing solutions. Hydrogen Peroxide is the safest solution that effective deactivates COVID in a short amount of time on surfaces. Would really appreciate any leads!
  7. Explain this development like you would to a 5th grader, no wait I need something more basic... explain it like you would to an TexAgs poster
  8. What a string of block artists we've had the last few years...
  9. After Gobert's positive test they had all players in the arena tested, and Donovan Mitchell just tested positive too and wasn't even on the injury report NBA is making the right decision. Within 2 games the entire league would have been exposed, if they haven't been already.
  10. I think we can just agree informally not to do it if you can't easily do it on your end. I will say I was kinda tempted to do some adds last night, but decided not to be a dick... for now
  11. Since we are a keeper league can we put a moratorium on adds/drops until the league decides what they are doing. In my no IR money league commish froze thre league when a team started adding a bunch of injured players. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  12. Well damn... season is suspended. Right decision, shitty timing. My team was finally getting fully healthy and looking solid for a run to the ship. Best squad ive had in years. Thoughts on just chopping the remaining $600 four ways between the playoff teams? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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