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  1. That same group is behind FONU which I had a few million shares that didn't do much of anything for a long while. I ended up moving it into my TSNP holding.
  2. I got caught by a standing limit order at $2 womp womp. I made a few grand, could have been a few dozen grand now. EDIT oh shit I just realized I have 3 shares of FRSX in my old Robinhood account. Beer money baby! XMET getting some legs
  3. ALPP and TSNP making my account happy again.
  4. It's all been terrible. My set for the year and forget lineup with minimal maintenance strategy is worthless.
  5. I think this week gonna be SPICY for Humbl . If they're referring people to the app in public advertisements it may be live or already beta in Mexico. It's not in US Google Play yet.
  6. Also I think I posted this before, but in case not I'm accumulating some Digibyte ($DGB) pre conference call. They were official partners with Block30 and there is some evidence that it may be announced on the Friday CC that they'll be supported by HUMBL. It's not on the major exchanges like Coinbase yet, but at under .03 its worth me putting a few hundred in case I'm right.
  7. I live posted that last call in this thread, planning to do the same for this one.
  8. Market is closed on Monday Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  9. #metoo ... Definitely did better today than I expected everywhere except TSNP, it's obvious people there are wary. Probably means a bigger sell before the news crowd next week. Sign up for the CC here https://www.humblpay.com/investors/investor-call ALPP Shareholder Meeting update https://sec.report/Document/0001096906-21-000103/ Register if you want to be there for what I believe will be the glorious moment of ascension to Nasdaq. https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMpf-ygrT0pE9yZnleF8iSnBoyq_7O6y2Re
  10. Sexy, let's reclaim $3 into close
  11. MMs ETRF and CDEL are bracketing the BID/ASK on Lvl2 looks like they're trying to hold the .0008 - .001 range lots of buying at .0009 today probably 50M so far
  12. My computer is not working right now. So I'm going to post from wife's so don't expect me to post back much today I'm holding my XMET. I've made the commitment to lose it all or win it all. There's a high risk that it will tank today given the sentiment I've see out in the community. There are only about 100ish of us original .0001 - .0002 adopters left all holding between 5M - 50M shares each. At least one of them is getting out today, early in the day. I think we've lost almost all of those who got caught in the .002s by this point, and if it goes .0007 or lower we'll lose most of whats le
  13. If it is what I think it is, then it doesn't matter .15 or .22 (I think I said that about ALPP a few times along the way), but you are assuming some more risk than if you had bought in the consolidation the last few weeks. I bought a fair amount of shares on the way down between .18 and .09, and have been holding while we passed back up through that zone. Tomorrow will be very interesting and should be a bellwether since Monday is closed for trading. Next Friday is the Conference Call where they will announce at the very least HumblFinancial a blockchain ETF they were previously trying to
  14. Perked back up to .009 - .001 with a couple M at .001 before being painted red at close I'll do a little digging tonight, but not a strong day for XMET, will post tomorrow morning my plan for my shares. Glad ALPP and TSNP were green else I might be a little more bummed.
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