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  1. I thought I heard the last of his name. Why does it continue to pop up? Be done with him, because he is sure done. even if he doesn't believe it.
  2. Getting tired of these draws, better than a loss but let's start winning these matches. Martinelli is an exciting young player and had another great goal. Hector Bellerin saved the game with his late score. What did Luiz do for a red card?
  3. "On November 30, 2014, after the conclusion of the regular season, Pelini was fired by Nebraska Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst, effective immediately. The University is contracted to pay Pelini $7.65 million in salary following his termination in the form of $150,000 monthly payments for the next 51 months. The total liquidation to be paid to Pelini is roughly $7.9 million." (wikipedia) So Nebraska's payments ended March 1, 2019. Still not a bad payday.
  4. Bo Pelini considering a return to the SEC Youngstown State Head Football Coach Bo Pelini is under consideration for the defensive coordinator job at LSU. In five seasons at YSU, Pelini has led the Penguins to a record of 33-28. He led the program to an appearance in the 2016 FCS National Championship game. Pelini is no stranger to the LSU program. He was the Tigers’ defensive coordinator from 2005 to 2007. His multi million dollar contract with Nebraska must be finished and he needs a big time contract. Youngstown State was paying him $200,000 per year while NU was paying his contract with them.
  5. Another game we should have won, let's play a full 90 minutes! But it wasn't just us today... Tottenham and Watford 0-0 Manchester City and Crystal Palace 2-2 Chelsea lost to Newcastle 1-0 in extra time at the end! Loved it.
  6. If I am looking at it right, the ACC has Clemson at #2 and the conference runner up Virginia at....#29. And no one else? Clemson would have a more difficult schedule if they had an FCS league schedule. The AAC had more ranked teams. I must be missing something.
  7. Reiss Nelson scored at the 55 mark. The youngster is looking good. And that was all they needed.for the win over Leeds.
  8. one of the saddest things you can say. WE ARE ARSENAL! "we didn't lose" is never good enough.
  9. Last year when I was looking for an Premier League to support, I choose Arsenal. Maybe I just liked the name? I'm still on board despite their problems. They have the players to compete for the top four, just hope Mikel Arteta is the leader that can turn them around.
  10. Absolutely. And he will groom his replacement; i.e.: Ryan Day, or Luke Fickell whose only loss this season is to tOSU.
  11. If Urban while at Ohio State could recruit the best players from under UT, imagine what he could recruit as coach of the Longhorns. National Champs in 3 years. But he would be crazy to leave his cushy job as one of the talking heads.
  12. We should start at Darwin Award thread after that.
  13. The only reason Urban went to Ohio State is because that was his home state and he had a lot of experience there. He will never coach again anywhere. He quite his last two jobs at UF and tOSU because of "health issues", the stress of the job wore him down. Before anyone criticizes him on this, how many of us could handle the stress of head coach of one of these major programs.
  14. I'm a ZIP! Graduated from Akron in 83. And yes Akron is officially the WORST team out of 129 in FBS. It's now 21-0. And the Akron punter just punted for ... -1 yard, the punter recovered his own punt.
  15. After today, the Browns need to look for their own quarterback named Allen. Four times in the 2nd quarter inside the 21 and settle for field goals? His last play showed he cannot read the field. He is backup material.
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