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  1. Am I the only one who had to look up where Northeast High School was. Spoiler, it's the new name for Reagan High.
  2. If abuse is being claimed, the first call needs to be to: https://www.dfps.texas.gov/Contact_Us/report_abuse.asp
  3. We'd need to see what led to the stop to have an idea if the cop should have been calmer from the start. Based on what is on video, it seems likely to me that this guy's behavior leading to the stop warranted a more forcefully posture from the cop.
  4. The first part of the list Hendrix Chuck Berry Page EVH Jeff Beck Sister Rosetta Tharpe Nile Rodgers BB King Joni Mitchell Duane Allman Santana jimmy Nolen Toni Iommi Prince Keith Robert Johnson Mother Maybelle Carter Tom Morello Freddy King SRV Randy Rhoads Albert King Hetfield and Hammett James Burton John Frusciante St. Vincent Buddy Guy Gilmour Eddie Hazel Neil Young Harrison Jack White May Garcia Clapton Da Faq is wrong with those people? So the Rolling Stone thinks there are only 5 guitarists that rate higher than this one: Clickbait is clickbait.
  5. Don't pretend you didn't shop at Chess King. That was a go-to store in the mid-80's. Nagle art, early synth pop, and Chess King fashion. The 80s were a good time. (I was too young for the cocaine, but I've heard that was a big part of the 80s as well).
  6. I feel like we've seen this story before, and the big reveal is coming up soon. The only plot twist is what kind of stuff the guy was into? regular porn? illegal porn? drugs? booze? little boys? For my entertainment, I hope it's at least something new. Real Life is as bad as Hollywood at re-using old stories.
  7. I was on the road for the 2nd half and only heard Craig Way's Radio call on the PI at the end of the game. He got as upset as I can ever remember him getting over a call and said the QB was throwing the ball away and that it was totally uncatchable. A few minutes ago I saw the play for the first time and, sorry Craig, I think the refs got that one right. The ball was not being thrown away, it went right over (or maybe just outside) the endzone pylon. From the two angles in this video, it's impossible to tell how high the ball was, but three yards past the endzone it went into the arms of a guy on one knee, so it was clearly arching down. Another angle might show it to be uncatchable, but I couldn't find it on the web. From when the QB threw the ball at 4:05 the Texas DB locks up the receiver's arm, impedes his progress, and drives him out of bounds. Sucks, but that was the right call.
  8. It's either bitch about this or get back to work.
  9. This activate the nanites from the Covid-19 vaccine, but does this kill me, or save me? I'm not sure which side is supposed to die now.
  10. That's clear evidence of a time machine. Anyone denying it is just being Obtuse.
  11. OU is far better than last year, but are still far short of where we are. TX 44 OU 31
  12. It's OU week. Screw those guys. Oklahoma sucks, even at this hour. Fuck all of you Oklahoma fans.
  13. 0xdeadbeef

    Getting old sucks

    About 3 years ago, my primary care doctor sent me to a urologist for low testosterone and BHP. Taking testosterone can make BHP even worse, so I ended up starting testosterone injections and two daily meds for BHP: Alfuzosin and sildenafil (Viagra). A boner drug once a day? Oh, hell yes. I have no negative side affects and all I can say is the combination of meds feels like it has turned the clock back 20 year physically, emotionally, & mentally. Instead of fantasying about retirement, I mind is more about living life to it's fullest.
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