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  1. Smart kid. Tackle The Man With The Ball >>> Baseball.
  2. If a cop does the right thing 99.9% of the time, but 0.1% of the time they turn a blind eye to a 'brother cop' falsifying a report, they're a dirty cop. The majority of cops are probably very nice well-meaning people one on one. But institutionally they're set up to protect themselves. Us vs them mentality. Until we get police reform that punishes cops that lie, f*** the police
  3. I really wanted that to turn into a FAFO video.
  4. That was was pretty damn amazing. The wing was disintegrating bit by bit, but held together.
  5. Macro is short for macronutrients, of which there are only three: Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. When people talk about counting macros or staying within their macros, they're talking about watching what they eat to keep the percentage of the three macros within a range they've selected. The flipside of marcos is micronutrients: vitamins and minerals. Micronutrients can contribute to health, but unless you are very unhealthy, they don't really play much part in weight-loss. Ultimately, weightless is not controlled by macros, it's controlled by eating in a calorie deficit. If a person did nothing but wake up and sit in a chair all day, their "Resting Metabolic Rate" will still burn between 1600-2400 calories for men and 1200-1800 calories for women. If you're active throughout the day that number will go up slightly, but painfully slow. A mile walk for example may only burn an additional 100 calories. To lose weight it's as 'simple' as eating less. Except that's really hard. The reason there are so many diets is because eating less can be mind-bendingly difficult for a most people. Having an option to 'each as much chicken as you want' or 'all veggies are free', are just tools weight-loss programs use to make it psychologically easier to eat in a calorie deficit. One simple way to lose weight would be to: Track everything you eat in the Myfitnesspal app for a week, but don't try and cut food. Assuming you didn't gain weight, that helps you zero in on your daily calorie requirement. For the next week, come down about 200 calories from the week-1 average.
  6. Clearly the cop who filed the report lied. He wasn't dragged 20 feet, he didn't rip his clothes or sustain injuries. 100% lies. The type of Police reform this country needs to start restoring faith in police would require: This cop to be fired. This cop to go on a National Registry of Not-Eligible-For LEO positions. If a felony charge was fabricated (it was in this case). Charges should be filed against the officer. Until we get changes like that, FTP.
  7. Chris Layton would be my only guess, but he would have probably been a little younger in '83.
  8. 0xdeadbeef

    Getting old sucks

    The older I get the more work it requires to feel good. Through my 40s, feeling good was the default condition. I'd have to do stupid shit like binge drink, or skip sleep for days to feel like crap. Now in my late 50s, I can go from feeling good one day to feeling like I'm on death's doorstep the next day just by minor behavior differences. The order of things that instantly make me feel 20 years older a day later: Not getting enough sleep Drinking more than 1 drink Skipping daily exercise Overeating or just eating too much junk food. I guess I should be grateful that there still is a path to feeling good, but life was so much more forgiving when I was young. I got 4 hours sleep last night and my knees and lower legs hurt and I feel like a frail old man. Fuck me, and fuck YouTube Shorts.
  9. I don't think I've ever seen a storm with that many sustained lightning strikes. Waco is about to get some Electroshock Therapy.
  10. It was a valve that was buzzing, and they didn't want to open/close it with crew on board. Sounds like they'll unload the crew and then on/off/on/off/on/off the thing.
  11. Going to have to disagree with you there chief. By the late '70s there was a lot of tech going into high end bikes.
  12. You can joke all you like as long as they leave Asleep at the Wheel as the opening bad of the festival. I don't drink much anymore, but opening day of ACL is always penciled in to go hard. I'm looking forward to getting an overpriced carafe of wine and kicking back in the sunshine listening to Ray Benson and whoever else he has in the band this year. By the end if the set, I'm going to have a slight buzz that i hope to hold well into the evening. A great way to kick off the day.
  13. I had to think a while on this one. In general, I don't like old stuff. New monitors, computers, and phones are usually just better. My old tech: 1992 IBM Model-M keyboard. Yes, a mechanical 'clickity' keyboard. The greatest, and most indestructible keyboard ever built. I have a work and personal computers on my desk in my home office. This is attached to my personal computer because there would be no way to type while on Team calls unless you were muted. 1989 Trek Road Bike. It was high-end when I bought it new. I've tried new bikes, but the geometry doesn't feel as good to me. I'm going to ride this until it can't be repaired. Yeah, wireless electronic shifters are cool, but FU, I have down-tube shifters. I think I have an old VGA monitor in the guest bedroom, but I wouldn't use that thing.
  14. I've got no suggestion there. It was an A1C number that came in 0.1 away from being diabetic that did it.
  15. For me, Community had higher highs than any other sitcom. Perhaps it's over all average doesn't place it at the top, but the peaks were amazing. I can't think of any other sitcom where I've searched for and rewatched some episodes. The top of my list is Remedial Chaos Theory where they roll dice to see who goes downstairs to pick up pizza. If you haven't seen it, they run through the same roll of the dice getting different numbers (different timelines). The setup is fun, but the "Darkest Timeline" is the payoff. And then ending with the "Best Timeline" where they're rocking out to Roxanne was perfect.
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