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  1. Stat from the Rangers' broadcast: Astros are 4th worst in runs scored with 2 outs.
  2. I'm gonna cut a 148-year old steamboat some slack for not being technologically up to date. Castro scores from 3rd on a wild pitch to put us up 2-0.
  3. Still up 1-0 to start the bottom of the 5th, so we're halfway there.
  4. I took the risk and looked it up for those allergic to Google: https://www.mitecalculator.com/bee-yard-blog/2019/5/24/how-many-bee-stings-will-kill-you But hypothetically, and assuming we have no allergy to bee stings that could amplify their lethality, if we suit up in shorts and a t-shirt and get into a hot hive—or one that’s Africanized—just how many stings could we endure before we succumbed to them? The key piece of info on the above graphic is that a lethal dose of venom from a honey bee is 2.8 mg per kilogram of body weight. From that, we can do some figurin’… Average weight of an adult male in North America: 178 lbs (80.7 kg) Lethal dose required for average male: 80.7 kg X 2.8 mg = 226 mg Approximate amount of venom in one honey bee sting: 59 micrograms Stings per lethal dose: 226 mg / .059 mg = 3831 stings So given a little bit of data, we conclude it would take 3831 honey bee stings to kill a 178 lb adult male.
  5. Well it says right there that it's the "Loving Country Sheriff's Office", must be a lot of swinging beef on the Pecos. "Horny livestock scares you to death."
  6. As El Presidente of the Texas Society for Alliteration Awareness, I endorse this thread title.
  7. Well crap, I was hoping Katie Nolan was boycotting the state of Texas.
  8. I wonder if health is a factor in Danny leaving. Not sure when it started (I went a long time without listening), but at least since last Fall he will sometimes slip into old man voice. The Ticket is lucky they don't have any actual competition in DFW any more. Y'all may not appreciate him, but pissy Danny is the only reason to listen to the HL since Rhyner left. I'm cool with replacing him with Julie's annoying nag voice, since after today's show I'm done with the HL. Unless they bring back Heart Attack Greggo for a total train wreck, which might prompt Bob to quit within a month. So here's an ode: Goodbye Danny Balis From where the dregs of society howl You can't keep him on the Ticket He's going back to his plow.
  9. Machete plays possum with his batting avg.
  10. I see Otto won't pilot them to victory.
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