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  1. 20 of the Yankees' final 23 games are against minor league teams.
  2. I get ending the season there, but am still surprised that MLB didn't schedule us for the Rangers' debut of The Ballpark in Costco.
  3. Max Wade Name checks out now. Edit: Was this the dude that attacked Arnold Schwarzenedit?
  4. But it's bullcrap that most of our weekday home games against non-central time zone teams also start at 8:10pm. Of course MLB rejected the obvious fair scheduling for a ridiculous unbalanced one. Why are we playing 7 road games and 3 home against the A's, 6 road and 4 home against the Angels? MLB said they wanted to minimize travel, why not go with a 5 home/5 away split against each division team?
  5. Every State's least favorite State Normally I would have guessed Texas State or maybe Tarleton State, but Sul Ross State surely jumped to the top last week.
  6. But did you try Swoon Key Lime Pie flavor? It's their standout. And if you wait until they have one of their frequent Swoon sales you can get a dollar knocked off the price, and usually there's a coupon hanging from the door for another dollar off. Which they did again last week.
  7. Animals carry it. If you get bit by a stork you have to get shots in the stomach.
  8. clapclapclap

    Truck Nuts

    Well crap, all that DEF I've been storing is probably out of date, now I'm left with a urea heap.
  9. Winco Foods. North Richland Hills is exploding.
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