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  1. Takes a lot of stupid arrogance to defend your sex case by hiring a lawyer named Rusty Hardon.
  2. Wow, didn't realize that Musgrove grew up in San Diego.
  3. Cracks me up that this gated subdivision has its own private bridges over Westpark and Richmond Ave.
  4. That thing has rolled to southeast of Collie Station so far. Just had a tornado warning for it (now expired).
  5. Consider yourself lucky. MLB.net is getting better at sniffing out workarounds like a vpn. I also used Express VPN, the first year it worked, last year it only did for the first couple of weeks. Was using Denver exclusively, on a laptop used for little else, so I'm not sure how they busted me. Anyway, I just canceled MLB.net since they decided to get into politics, but Sportsurge.net (where reddit baseball streams moved to) has worked fine so far. Several choices each game, home and away broadcasts, no issues yet with pic quality. Free. Free free, free free free free free. ht
  6. Hope he's not the Straw that broke the Altuve's back.
  7. Nice facemask, is Dusty a Jeff Gordon fan?
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