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  1. Relics, nominations, verifying miracles, marching?
  2. Our altruists have sprung into action:
  3. Google Maps is up to date. Nice picture. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Watson+Valve+Services+Inc/@29.8370053,-95.5476397,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x8640c540d03ed851:0x31e68b0b53136e2f!2sWatson+Valve+Services+Inc!8m2!3d29.8370007!4d-95.5454456!3m4!1s0x8640c540d03ed851:0x31e68b0b53136e2f!8m2!3d29.8370007!4d-95.5454456 Watson Valve Services Inc 3.6 (8) Permanently closed
  4. Not according to the original article (but who reads those?): His mother, Sandy Arnold, said after Christmas break, three months before graduation, the Barbers Hill Independent School District changed its dress code as it refers to hair. Now the rules stipulate "hair must be clean and well groomed" and not extend on male students, at any time, below the eyebrows, the ear lobes or the top of a T-shirt collar — including when let down. "They say that even though my hair is up and I follow all of the regulations, that if it was down, it would be out of dress code," DeAndre Arnold told KPRC. "Not that I'm out of dress code, but if I was to take it down, I would be out of dress code, which doesn't make any sense. I don't take it down at school." Sandy Arnold said that, as a result of the rule change, her son is not allowed in school and can't attend graduation until he complies with the dress code. More details: Principal Horovitz - I'll kick you out of my school if you don't CUT THAT HAIR!
  5. 106 degrees of Kevin Bacon
  6. Why did the school put the New York Yankees in charge of graduation?
  7. Looks like Austin. And possible Americans with Disabilities Act violations.
  8. Kroon also claims his constitutional rights were violated by the City's investigator because the Notice of Violation "was based on illegal and unconstitutional entries onto the property." “It appears someone might have come onto the property and peeked through the windows before they could draw the conclusion that this was being used as an office or resident,” Graham explained. Could have been avoided if the idiot had bought some guard Dalmatians.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/23/opinion/vibrator-invention-myth.html
  10. Isn't usually including a "mystery person/team" Jon Heyman's bit?
  11. "We're gonna need a bigger siege."
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