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  1. Scientology involved? They're good at suing.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-12-believes-american-is-attempting-to-grab-eight-remaining-members-with-texas-oklahoma-leaving-for-sec/ Big 12 believes American is attempting to grab eight remaining members with Texas, Oklahoma leaving for SEC Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby not holding back as he tries to save his league with its powers leaving By Dennis Dodd 1 hr ago So any trial would be in Delaware? Also, is the following true? I thought there was a clause that ESPN and FOX could adjust payouts to the league if any school leaves or is added? As long the Big 12 remains viable, ESPN and Fox cannot reduce the conference's rights fees under the current contract.
  3. So yes, the money and prestige will be worse, and probably affect other sports, but for football would Tech and other schools actually be better off if the superconference(s) formed now and the left behinds started their own playoffs? Some of the rumors are that the one or two superconferences will when formed split off from the NCAA and have a separate playoff. Ok, bummer at not being in the big boy 40 and their most prestigious playoffs. But now Tech and the other IR8 go from almost zero chance of making a playoff to a good chance some/most years. Probably 16 spots for less than 90 teams, and likely 16 for less than 50 with a real shot. Ultimately would you rather be an almost always left out hanger on in the P4 just hoping to make the Piss Ant Bowl, or a major player in the next division that still is on TV every week and probably makes the playoffs at least every three years? Would the AAC be so bad if several of their teams were in the G Leagues playoff every year, with every post-season game on TV? ESPN would probably replace a lot (all?) of the bowls with playoffs if the artist formerly known as FBS was split into 2 divisions with 2 playoffs. And probably 16 schools for the non-superconference division, because why not? The 'Every game in the regular season should matter!' crowd may crap their Depends, but most of us would probably enjoy it. 2 sets of playoffs is better than 1 set and bowls. And there's rumors that FBS might be split into 3 divisions and 3 playoffs. How many schools in the lower divisions of Texas HS football wish there was only 1 set of playoffs for all of HS football?
  4. The weekly reading of 'The Pet Goat' to a room full of Ags.
  5. Probably academics, actually being in one of the largest TV markets in the country, and the fact that some P12 admins have told reporters off the record that TCU might be considered (while others said no B12 leftover was likely to be added.)
  6. Doesn't the B12 have advantages (autonomy?) being a P5 conference that the AAC would not have? And a B12 taking BYU plus 3 to 7 from the AAC would be a more competitive conference with higher TV ratings, and thus higher earning potential long term. And even if you water it down by merging all of the AAC into the B12+...+, that conference still has those autonomy advantages over the enlarged AAC option. ESPN tried to maneuver the IR8 into the AAC because they would be paid less there (even after the post-UT/OU haircut) and would have total control (more content) instead of splitting with FOX. Doesn't seem to be in the IR8's best interests. And I'm skeptical that any IR8 have much of a chance of landing in another P5. I'm doubtful that USC would vote to expand now, and tend to believe the rumors that they and several other P12's are trying to get into the B1G. I doubt the ACC would have a change of heart and add WV, unless ESPN was really leaning on them. Similar for more acceptable AAU members but distant KS and ISU, unless ESPN made it financially worth their while. But 15 years of increased payments to 14 current ACC teams might eat up the savings from dodging the remaining B12 contract (post-UT/OU haircut) and buyout. So it wouldn't surprise me if all 8 have decided they have little shot at the surviving P4's and are in agreement on Bowlsby's actions today.
  7. Because it is a long time realignment phony insider account. Here's a realignment tip from those that have followed this for over a decade. The following are all realignment frauds that have never predicted anything correctly beyond broken clock percentages: MHver3, the Dude from WV, Greg Fluegar, Greg(?) Swaim There are others that I'm forgetting at the moment, but those were the most obvious (and most retweeted by suckers) in previously rounds of realignment . MHver3 writes the most voluminous works of fiction of the 4. A psycho.
  8. So they're convinced all will get picked up by the P4's?
  9. They can lay some tracks inside and reenact The Crash at Crush.
  10. At some point every great athlete peaks and starts to lose it. Not sure what's dumber, the armchair hot takes bashing her or the smothering PC media that burned 'The Emperor's New Clothes' circling the wagons. Anyway, she had a fantastic career and made America proud many times. So thank you, Simone.
  11. C'mon, you know that has always been a 100% troll account of 100% made up crap. Even Fitlump is more honest.
  12. 44 Clock is ticking "Dammit, Chloe!"
  13. What's Bowlsby settlement end game? Protecting all remaining schools by merging the B12 with the AAC?
  14. Trading Seattle summer for Houston summer is a bummer. Though you'd think being closer to potential WS ring would mitigate that.
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