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  1. Magus Ossis

    ISU @ Tech

    UT puts more people in Tech’s own medical school than Tech does.
  2. Sounds like a variant of turf toe. There are two main muscle/tendon units that run under/to the great toe: flexor hallucis longus (FHL) and flexor hallucis brevis (FHB). The latter runs only as far back as the hindfoot, whereas FHL comes from the leg itself. Additionally, FHB has sesamoid bones embedded in it at the base of the great toe (like tiny kneecaps under the ball of the great toe) that are typically contiguous with the joint capsule there (plantar plate). Turf toe is usually the common term applied to an injury to the plantar plate there at the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP1). If they are talking about a tendon that runs from the heel to the toe but is part of a longer muscle/tendon unit, that would be FHL. Either way, a partial tendon tear is often amenable to nonoperative treatment. He is probably done for the season, IMO. Sometimes you treat one of these non-surgically only to convert later after things don't get well-- adds to the overall timeline and could potentially make this stretch into spring ball. One hopes that will not be the case here. The good news is that sewing up foot tendon splits and/or partial tears is not usually technically challenging. If two team docs like nonop care though, it sounds good to me. edit: there are some other things like adductor hallucis that go to the great toe that would not generally fit the bill and were therefore left out of my answer.
  3. There was someone with a sign, I think at Cowboys v Eagles, after that game that read, Hey Oilers Will Coach defense for food
  4. OUDNA 22 pairs OU '22: smells like deuces or, wait for it, OU '22: dick eaters and chick beaters
  5. He has a funny way of saying, “my model was exposed as weak in this instance.”
  6. OU is addicted to dickering over how to dictate an injury report. Looking through their diction, the best private dick would cock his pistol and shoot holes in their dictum that it’s more than Hurting like the dickens.
  7. Duffy looked good other than that he tended to overthrow a lot of his longer shots, based on my first impression.
  8. How does it feel to see us with gutsy (and effective in this case) play calling? Scares you to death?
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Dallas
  10. Looked like a possibly missed targeting call. That defender tried to put the crown of his helmet into Cosmi, but dude trucked on anyway.
  11. He has a defect in his chest wall (missing, removed, or incomplete ribs), it appears. Poland’s syndrome often involves a defect there, but I’ve never seen one so dramatic. Wow.
  12. They will occasionally compete for the right to lose the B1G CCG. They weren't ever going to be nationally relevant in the B12 either, and now they get a fatter media paycheck to go with their lifetime supply of 10-pound cans of suck. It is too late not to be classless on the way out the door. They are what they are now.
  13. The roster size shouldn’t be too tricky to regulate. It just wouldn’t be done with quite so much emphasis on scholarships.
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