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  1. The curse can’t be lifted until every piece of his treasure is returned and the blood of one of the betrayers is spilled.
  2. Or have the stadium play clips of "they'd rather lose to Alabama and Georgia than KSU and ISU" and "Take care of business in Austin" on a loop to a highlight reel of us beating Bama, ISU, KSU, and some Sugar Bowl vs UGA.
  3. The relegation model would not necessarily have to have a major impact on either the $ going to each school or to the teams available for the media contract if the relegation is internal to the PacWC or the B12. You arrange the schedule so that both the upper and lower divisions play complete round robins at their respective levels. Unless/until those leagues get more members, you probably have some cross-division games. You might protect a rivalry or two. If two conferences introduced the model, they could arrange inter-conference play between select upper and lower division teams from each. You make the lower level teams ineligible for the CCG (if you have one) and CFP autobid. All the teams are still technically part of the same conference snd same TV deal with the networks.
  4. Fourth quarter teams tend to win tough games. We have looked like a serious fourth quarter team this year. One will never be able to assess the present without accounting for the past, but things change and the present is never the past. Are we going to the CFP? I don't know. Will we win the b12 this year? I don't know. Am I concerned about our ability to win b12 road games this year? No. As stated elsewhere, statistics almost demand that even very good teams lose occasionally, and losses are more likely on the road than at home, so a road loss is a strong possibility. But 2 would surprise me. Many people who never expected us to beat Bama will be hard to convince that beating them soundly is a reason to change their paradigm for evaluating Texas under Sark.
  5. I’m not sure whether this is meant to imply any culpability on Sanders’ part. We have a non-CU player taking a terrible cheap shot on a CU player, and you have other people who don’t play for CU reacting inappropriately to the cheap shot. This. The death threats are wrong, they’re a big deal, and that guy should have thought about it more instead of trying wrongfully to injure a human.
  6. It has been 700 days since aggy won a true road game
  7. It is still extremely early in his career, but through 2 games he is averaging just over 6 YPC rushing. This would, if continued, break the previous record for NFL RBs held by some dude name J Charles 🤘
  8. I would never. My guess is that you would never. I hesitate, after all the things they've done publicly and proudly, confidently to rule out anything foolish or unethical aggy might do. Even Tech was dumb enough.
  9. I'm not sure which US stadiums have it yet, but hybrid turf seems like the best solution to me. It is grass reinforced by synthetic fibers through the root level to minimize tearing up of the field with use. It requires water, of course, but that can be done with reclaimed water and minimal evap if the field is designed properly. Also, to the extent it uses water, a large percentage of that water goes to fixing carbon out of the atmosphere. Please no CR replies arguing about climate change. I'm not taking a position on that with this post.
  10. Abstract link What this literature does not even address is the cumulative wear the higher impact surface causes in joints. If you live long enough, your knees will eventually wear out and you will need them replaced. Major factors that affect just how long that is include your genes, your BMI, and whether you spend your days inflicting high impacts on your knees.
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