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  1. TCU or Bama, doesn’t make a difference. UGA will beat whomever. TCU would be better off getting left out and having something semi-legitimate to bitch about. Sort of analogous to its being better to remain silent and thought a fool than opening one’s mouth and removing all doubt. Getting the playoff bid will result in the removal of all doubt.
  2. Mar’s day job is apparently as an orthopedic surgical equipment sales rep in Nebraska.
  3. Texum Bulldogs: Almost had a road win this year, and really did have one in 2021. WHOOP!
  4. They have a number of guys who are generally regarded.
  5. What's crazy is that even if we have to fork out $80M to exit the B12 when we do so, our time to recoup that based on the increased media revenue is likely less than 2 years.
  6. Are the football hooligans for which England is infamous largely Mexican? If not, the degree to which your post implies the Mexican origin of the hooligans pertains to their behavior might be construed by some as racist, your heritage notwithstanding. I think I get what you are saying, but what seems to be causing the trouble is the apparent cloudiness between Mexican heritage and hooligan behavior. The two are completely independent. The reason lots of lawyers, plumbers, heroes, sports idiots, or any other group in SoCal are of Mexican heritage is merely a statistically inevitable result of the fact that many of the people in SoCal are of Mexican heritage.
  7. If the media companies involved are creative and insightful enough to discern what arrangement likely makes them the most reliable money over the reasonably foreseeable future, they are likely to collude to get their greatest possible share of the biggest possible pie. It seems the overall marketable TV value of CFB would be greater with OU and Texas in the SEC. If so, Adam Smith's invisible hand will push Fox, ESPN, and whomever toward working something out which lets us play '24 in the SEC. Big Sports Media Inc has all manner of levers it can pull to influence conferences like B12, but they ultimately converge on the Benjamins. If the best calculations do not clearly show that the overall value of the sport as broadcast entertainment is maximized by our move, our odds are dramatically lower-- we would be pushing a rope instead of helping pull the winning side in a tug-of-war.
  8. You’re talking about people who let their kid go to aggy to play for Jimbo. Tell me again about how you expect them to be reasoning this through.
  9. The sequence in which Ford is tackled by the blocker and called himself for holding and then Strong gets jobbed was truly amazing in a bad way. I understand mistakes and trouble seeing bang-bang plays, but that was outright crookedness. Some of the plays in the video are arguable, but some, especially that double, are pure fraud.
  10. The first thing I thought when I read that algorithm was that it credits our OL with 75% of the yards between when Bijan faces contact in the backfield and when is tackled 6 yards downfield. Probably reasonable in the aggregate across FB but not necessarily representative of contributions on our team this year.
  11. The "spirit of the law" is now that anything goes. We need to be careful to obey the "letter of the law" and not anything whatsoever more restrictive. We are archaic suckers if we sit back and wait to see what other schools do in boundary-pushing.
  12. Fair question, and I won't be shocked if we choke. That said, We have been protecting Ewers fairly well since his return, and we have won every game he was able to finish. We bumbled our way to a tie game in regulation against Tech, and I don't think that eeking out a close win over OSU is beyond the realm of possibility or even likelihood. My point in the post quoted was not that I expect us to win, however. It was that there is room to debate whether we have enough information to classify Sark as a definitive failure as a HC at Texas.
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