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  1. UDontKnow

    D'onta Foreman

    cough syrup with promethazine/codeine (usually reddish purple due to the dyes in the cough syrup - Barre is a brand of cough syrup) + soda (often times Sprite) + Jolly Ranchers If you're interested this music video will show you how it's mixed....remember it's supposed to be poured into a double styrofoam cup. (Skip to 2:16 if you don't appreciate Texas rap). R.I.P. to Big Moe and DJ Screw.
  2. I mean it works for Chip and Joanna Gaines, amirite?
  3. SGW as cover for Princely? Really? Would you please expand?
  4. He'll be inducted at the very next opportunity - sucks that it will be posthumously.
  5. TMZ reported Gianna was in the helicopter and passed as well. Helicopter en route to her basketball practice.
  6. The NBA acknowledged it. A moment of silence given at the Rockets-Nuggets game.
  7. I read they were canceled but the Rockets had already started? No clue. The game started less than 5 minutes ago....so maybe games are not being canceled.
  8. The game has been canceled as all NBA games have today. EDIT: Never mind, maybe the games are being played today - which makes no sense.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. And if Rick Fox was allegedly on board, maybe none of the daughters were there too?
  10. Maybe the NBA should cancel all the games today. Rockets-Nuggets supposed to tip off in about 15 minutes.
  11. I thought he had 4 children, all daughters. Would not surprise me if his wife accompanied him as well considering he was with all his children. But goddamn that's just shitty.
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