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  1. How would JVG or Sam I Am like Morey? I think DM ultimately stays but am worried that he will clash with the next HC thanks to his stupid over reliance on analytics.
  2. Maybe. But JVG never had a healthy roster to work with, he is proven on the defensive end, and has willingly conceded that he needed to improve offensively. He did coach the Team USA rag-tag squad of domestic and international American ballers that qualified for the last World Cup. He would not be a knee jerk panic hire and it would not be the same JVG show. But I certainly would be happy giving Sam I Am a shot. The Rockets don't beat the Knickerbockers without Cassell.
  3. I don't like Djokovic by any means, but defaulting the match is overkill and cheapens the men's competition.
  4. Lakers are desperately missing Avery Bradley. Who else on the Lakers could possibly slow down Harden? But it is just one game and I have a hard time believing that the Lakers won't make adjustments for Game 2.
  5. Good news - Rockets advance Bad news - Lakers are well rested, refs likely won't allow physical play against Anthony Davis, and most importantly, D'Antoni is still the coach
  6. Also need an Odysseus that plays on the other side of the ball.
  7. This. There is a reason he's never reached the Finals.
  8. Is DrThunder supposed to be the cheap knockoff version of @DrPepper?
  9. Wish the Rockets end it next game and not gift the Lakers time to recuperate with this frenetic schedule.
  10. He was furloughed from SMU because he killed 5 hookers?
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