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  1. Is Casey Pachall still alive? Or did making the cardinal sin of using his own supply finally cause him to meet his demise?
  2. So who will the second QB take be? What does it mean for the current QB room (Card, Wright, and Lourd) (i.e. attrition)? What does it mean for Maalik Murphy? What does it mean for Arch Manning? What does it mean for Raiola versus Super Sayin (c/o '24)?
  3. I mean it was reported just today that Sarkisian is looking for a second QB in the 2022 class. Flipping Weigman fits that bill since we're doing hypotheticals.
  4. He's our Mac Jones. Sarkisian said that himself.
  5. He played tackle in high school, but listed as the top guard by 247. I wonder how close he wants to be to home. Hopefully not UH level close.
  6. Jeff Fisher would be proud of Jimbo Fisher's offense. Fuck both of the Fishers.
  7. Yes. He was also committed to Mack Brown at one point too.
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