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  1. This guy? https://247sports.com/Player/JT-Tuimoloau-46048440/ And this tweet?
  2. UDontKnow

    USMNT 2021

    So it's done...until it isn't. Schalke trying to be the German Fulhamerica?
  3. UDontKnow

    USMNT 2021

    Apparently he only got 5 matches with Heerenven last season and allegedly struggled playing in colder weather. He's only 20 so hopefully he lands on his feet somewhere. I would not be surprised if he has to return to MLS for a couple of seasons and begin building himself back up again. Damn you Wolfsburg!
  4. In that case, might as well add Stoops...and Riley too.
  5. No Art Briles? He's likely ahead of Petrino on that list.
  6. UDontKnow

    USMNT 2021

    I prefer the top right hand corner. Simple and let the play on the pitch speak louder than your uniform. But all of these would be better than the current animal print kits.
  7. Need to do it before Sunday night when the new season of Rick and Morty premieres.
  8. Retractable roofs for all cricket stadiums please.
  9. UDontKnow

    USMNT 2021

    @Ted Lange, I'm not worried about the WCQ in Mexico anymore after this (kidding). Mexico punished for fans' homophobic chant, will play World Cup qualifiers in empty stadium https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mexico-world-cup-qualifiers-fans-homophobic-chant-fifa-punishment-164011562.html
  10. Those two need not be mutually exclusive, but Dallas certainly looks to be a bigger dumpster fire (at the moment) considering Carlisle flat-out left money on the table to GTFO. https://www.mavsmoneyball.com/2021/6/14/22533775/luka-doncic-mark-cuban-rift-donnie-nelson-rick-carlisle-haralabos-voulgaris Some shadowy analytics guy undercutting the GM (you know the guy who brought in Dirk and Luka) who left after 24 years and Carlisle probably saw the writing on the wall.
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