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  1. What's his nickname? The kid needs a nickname
  2. So many chances, just need the puck to cooperate
  3. I thought my Stars highlight of 2020 was the outdoor game... but here we are. Let's go Stars!
  4. Betting Over 66 after watching last week's games???
  5. Heard PAC12 is planning to start Nov 7 from a recruit.
  6. No, anything from 2019 > anything from 2020
  7. This is what I want to hear. Lost faith in USPS so they decided to in-person vote. Florida take notes here... The lines are crazy though... I don't get that. How can Texas possible do it such that I barely ever have to wait in line for early voting, but they have lines going on and on?? Let's have this thing decided the minute the west coast polls close... bed by 10pm
  8. I don't think he cares if neighbors know he's a Biden fan, he doesn't want neighbors to know he's a big @maddow fan
  9. I'm married to a teacher, mom was also a teacher. I can tell you this is very common / normal for teacher's today. The first thing I would strongly, strongly recommend is to put a mark on the calendar 6 months out. Agree that is you still feel this way and are having the same issues you WILL see a therapist. If you can or want to see one sooner please do so, I just know teachers for some reason, maybe because they spend their day solving problems feel like they don't need help or don't have time to get it. What you are feeling won't go away if you don't find a way to handle it which means changing how you operate or internalize. No work email on phone, I leave school by X time each day no matter what. I don't respond to parents on same day, I only respond with a single paragraph. I won't battle with kids or parents, I'll let them have their way if they so demand as I can only help those that want help and I take that extra time and energy and will spend it those that do. etc. You have to find a person you can outlet to help find ways to change things to make things better. That person IMO and what I've seen CANNOT be another teacher. Too often this makes things worse not better as they either go with "you think that's bad, well I ..." or they add fuel to the fire. Neither path leads to better solutions so you feel better for an instant but the "Sunday dread" feelings return quickly. It comes down to putting yourself first before your kids, the parents, even your own family. I stress a therapist because teachers need more than just an outlet that listens, they need someone who can help guide them to making things better. It's incredible what a teacher must handle these days. Utmost respect for taking on that profession.
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