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  1. Norway is 90%+ hydro electric... Would love to be in there shoes when it snows.... When it doesn't... Ehh
  2. Please let King be the best QB heading into fall
  3. Agree with much of the above, but what the big companies are waiting on and investing in is the grid level storage technologies which are rapidly getting closer to implementation in various forms, many with the next few years, certainly in within next 10 years. This is absolutely game changing and the future of the grid. It's also why you will see more and more renewables come online knowing they will have a greater use soon. Renewable off-peak energy will allow for so many options like hydro-pump storage, robotic block storage (same as hydro but basically machines moving weights around) and MIT's TPV being the big "cheap" storage breakthrough that looks extremely promising. Right now we are in a game of risk though hoping those technologies show up before more hell breaks loose vs the upgrade infrastructure knowing it likely (hopefully) will be obsolete right as its about to be activated. TLDR; next 1-7 years we're going to have problems... 10+ years out power price swings will be way less frequent and severe
  4. You might find a cheaper quote but I don't think you would find anyone who is going to try and replace just a single pane of a double pane window. At very most the quote might be $100 too high... for a remodel job your going to be able to save more with your time somewhere else.
  5. Same here... cassette tape loader as well... Tunnels of Doom in it though, not Parsec (great game too)
  6. Fuck you Taco Bell for ruining this day... Nacho Fries no longer available... So Nacho FryDay with pizza is now just pizza day....
  7. Limited supply with Russia offline will keep gas prices rising likely another 40-50%...as coal supplies really low as well so no alternative for power plants. Prices now are probably lowest you are going to see for next 6-12 months.
  8. If he's clinging to the rules and not the spirit of the rules... I'm guessing they don't really see him working out long term as he's showing he wants to contribute on the lowest allowable level.
  9. Lol... of course "most" don't (wink wink) have NIL deals since "most" aren't enrolled yet... Likely only have bag money so far
  10. He's not a California resident. If I'm him I've also setup an LLC elsewhere that handles my NIL.
  11. Better than him going off for 1,500 yards and Riley again pulling in any QB and WR he wants for years to come.
  12. Pretty simple... he's got to take a personal day if he's not at the office. Though I'd go ahead and start looking for his replacement.
  13. Except Jimbo all but asked for an immediate visit from NCAA investigators, not for a&m itself, but the fact he said Saban is a cheater and always has been pre-NIL included and every coach who worked for him knows this and how it was done. Problem is Jimbo is one of those coaches. He made it pretty clear he knows of cheating and how it happened. I'm not sure the genie can go back into the bottle on this one. The NCAA does have leverage over him to make him talk.
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