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  1. They have tied their success so tightly to SEC & Jimbo it will be a shame when he leaves for greener pastures.
  2. Obviously won't happen, but nothing would appease me more than A&M take an us or them stance and SEC then proceed to say ok and vote them out.
  3. Man NIL is messed up... the top deal getters haven't even played a game yet. Now we'll get a kid who is technically not even on the football team yet getting a 7 figure deal without having played a game yet.
  4. Yeah, it's in the Netflix thread. Watched it, great show worth watching.
  5. Damn... a lot of time has passed without an update. Thoughts and prayers
  6. Someone want to help me understand why this signing? I don't get it
  7. I've got the ~$250 Ryobi mower and it will cut through thick St Augustine with little trouble. I have noticed if you let you grass grow too long so you are cutting it more than recommended (more than 1/3 off the top) then it will occasionally leave a "straggler" if you either go too fast or don't overlap rows at all. On times I let it go too long I just make a quick 2nd pass on any area this might occur. If I mow on schedule though I don't have any issues and my grass is thick and green. I have a standard size suburb lot and battery has never been issue, just charge after each use. I love that I am able to easily fold up the mower (light 56lbs) after each use and place in shed or against garage wall taking up little space.
  8. I'm all in on the Ryobi line ... got the mower and weed eater. Both have been awesome, no regrets.
  9. Damn... here we are still in July, football right around the corner and I'm already really looking forward to Texas basketball this year.
  10. Oddly enough, AT&T has now reached out to us at our Galleria location and offering a discount to current fiber rate, no contracts, increased speeds. 1G up/down $250/mo I guess they are tired of losing out to other providers offering cheaper 1G down connection not really needing more up speed so they decided to better compete with them since they have a bunch of fiber sitting there already.
  11. If will definitely come down to where you are located and number of competitors available. If you are in a shared building where they already are connected to that has at least another competitor I would think it would be more like half that price for 500/500 (quotes we get in Galleria Houston), gig more $900. But I have situation at my branch office where none currently exist where getting quotes in the thousands for similar as they can't really justify the costs and they know there is little competition. So short answer is - yes, its high, but they know you don't have a choice if you really need it. I would happily pay 1100/mth if I could get 500/500 from a good provider where I am located.
  12. Any try this free Steam game? Bunch of university kids made it for one of their class projects. It's a great time kill game. Kinda survival meets old school Kings Quest (ok... really old school). The visual is outstanding and the game itself is pretty good. There is a grind feel in parts of the game, but it moves along pretty well to not last long or be bothersome. I was able to finish the game in a couple days. Well worth the try if looking for something. https://www.nme.com/news/gaming-news/student-developed-survival-game-arid-is-available-for-free-on-steam-2981214
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