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  1. Can someone explain to me why the parents would care it got leaked out? I mean everyone knew he got hit, his foot was injured and severity unknown, but would certainly be out weeks. What would the possible reason to keep rumored diagnosis be?
  2. Haven't done Taylor then...could be 50:1. Pink was great though. When she took off flying in the air at the end, holy crap it took my breathe away. Never seen anything like it in my life. Incredible
  3. Tale as old as time, but after this season either Weigman or Johnson won't be back for aggy next year. Good QBs with experience are portal kings these days.
  4. If the company has an HR department I have faith they will take care of the expense. No way they want to spend time and energy when it's so obviously wrong and the message that it would send about their company.
  5. a look at their most recent aggy QB who left but who has new coaches.... Georgia Tech coaches upon his arrival worked to fix his poor throwing mechanics. It was fixed by summer. His play this year:
  6. Starting to think playing QB for A&M isn't a good quality of life decision. They've lost what 3 QBs to season ending injuries in less than a years time?
  7. Ivy league graduates leave school with far less debt than public school graduates no matter their parents income. If you are a top student (who happen to more than not come from well to do families) schools won't lose out because of cost (even though they are more likely to actually be able to afford it). For the majority of students though it becomes a lot tougher.
  8. Shouldn't need to. Has heater been working and just stopped? Ignition usually either not enough gas supply or water flow.
  9. Some people can't justify paying $100k-200k+ for college per kid without some kind of expected payback though. It's more of a reality than a philosophy.
  10. Mizzou/Missouri has a program where if you stay in Missouri summer between freshman year and soph year (very specific but can leave state only like 10 days during period) and work you can apply and get residency that covers sophomore year on for in state tuition.
  11. I believe that's sand aggy's playbook for changing QBs
  12. yes and no https://www.espn.com/blog/statsinfo/post/_/id/122612/an-inside-look-at-college-fpi FPI is a predictive rating system designed to measure team strength and project performance going forward. The ultimate goal of FPI is not to rank teams 1 through 128; rather, it is to correctly predict games and season outcomes. If Vegas ever published the power rankings it uses to set its lines, they would likely look quite a lot like FPI.
  13. I think people just mis-use ESPN FPI, it actually isn't bad. It's a forward looking success index that is heavily influenced by remaining schedule. It's not a "let's order the teams by who we think is best" index.
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