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  1. Hell I'd walk around with "Don't Care I am Jimbo" shirt.
  2. She makes over $44M a year (all while being the primary "parent") with net worth over $400M. Brady net worth about 250M.
  3. Elon will just throw a bunch of "incredible plans" and new ideas on the table for how Twitter will evolve and expand and create a bunch more leverage for expanding empire. Just another company to multiple his "potential" on.
  4. Schedule your "blank" testing follow up... known multiple who didn't and ended up with a "welcomed addition" a few years down the road
  5. Agreed, times have completely changed where I think it is MORE likely. For one they can get paid and paid well to stay. Mannings already have lots of money. I think it will come down to if he's ready and/or what the projected draft board looks like and where his possible destinations are if he indeed pans out as a top QB. He's made it clear there is no rush to get to the NFL and that he preferred a sitatuion where he wasn't asked to play day 1.
  6. A distracted Brady is not going to help his season...I'm guessing this will be his last season, enjoy it while you can.
  7. Yeah... no chance Jimbo agrees to hire an OC so the OC can be the savior and tarnish his legacy. Bigger chance of Jimbo hiring one and completely sabotaging things just so he looks better before he rides over to another job on aggies dime.
  8. Until you said your wife was out of town I thought you were just making up an elaborate story of why her Whataburger meal didn't make it home.
  9. Saban having fun with the media... glad he seems like he's in a pissy mood this week.
  10. Wait so he's the new Billy Luicci of Texas?
  11. Not sure they can be pissed since they were touting it and their supposed we're richer than everyone else bragging. It's more of a weekly reminder of why the rest of college football laughs at them.
  12. Sure but he's also never been a head coach and only a coach at all for 5 years. Wins/losses aren't going to be as big as how the team responds to him, how recruits respond to him. If come December recruiting is in the shitter and team is coming out flat they will be looking elsewhere. If recruiting doesn't dip and team seems to have a spark of some fight then it's definitely his to keep.
  13. Yeah, appears its a trial for him for rest of the season... do something positive and job is yours, otherwise we'll look elsewhere.
  14. Just make boosters pay full buyout spread out further over time so WV pays ZERO for Jimbo for 10+ years
  15. Didn't realize Badgers just extended Chryst in January of this year. His contract was set to expire after this season.
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