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  1. Had boy driver's, USAA was more than double almost every other company. When they went to raise it again was when I discovered that. We had no tickets, no claims, no accidents with the teens. Wife and I no claims single speeding ticket in 25 years of USAA membership. Haven't looked back only wish I left earlier.
  2. Watched my connection leave 4 gates down as we sat for 10mins waiting for ground crew to guide our plane in...when they were done getting our missed connection leave they came over to guide our plane in....
  3. AA heard me...finally day of flight and incoming plane has maintenance issues and can't be flown... Found another plane but now will miss connections... 2 hr departure delay and now also adding a layover of 9 hrs... Never again AA... never again
  4. lol..no... last order was before their deal and I've yet to see a code for Hodo
  5. Yes, Austin based company too... Can't get at my HEB for past 9 months though, think they got rid of them. I still order them either direct or Amazon
  6. Why did the US offer a prisoner swap prior to her receiving her sentence (since only a few days ago)? Seems like it could have only hurt her sentencing chances.
  7. Got this on the menu tonight with a "breakfast for dinner" night... Along with the fire roasting smells in front of stores, I look forward to this product every year:
  8. Based on the tweets timing I'm guessing he needed to either finish a summer school class and/or get a better SAT/ACT score. His dad passed last Sept and could be an explanation for any issue. A&M signed some higher ranked guys but I still think Scarlett cracks their starting lineup at some point while there. His quickness and moves in HS are enough to not could him out.
  9. Agreed... and loved hearing Flood say it.
  10. There is one and only one reason Craig is on staff and coaching is not it.
  11. Yeah tax benefits of shelving it outweigh how crappy the audience screenings apparently were... but seriously it does look like WB just decided we're going to fire a crap ton or people and cancel all kinds of projects to "redefine who we are". Seems like an internal power play going on
  12. According to report they had 3 kids show up to get enrolled on Oct 21 and all 3 had special issues like 1 being an unaccompanied minor with required more work to get enrolled such that they weren't officially put in the system until Nov 1st. (UIL enrollment submission is Oct 29th) So they weren't officially enrolled until Nov 1st but were at school the prior week. Given that the actual cutoff number is determined later if it not known at this point. For these kids a tornado destroyed their high school right before they got there. They have been in portables the past 3 years (the entirety of their HS life).. pandemic... their new coach up and leaves and now this. Tough way to end your HS in a small Texas town.
  13. On a related note though Intel outsourced some of it's own new chip production to TSMC because of it's inability to overcome manufacturing issues at scale on the chips. That would indicate they are behind in foundry IP.
  14. We are really losing the point of high school sports with stuff like this.... Alto admin reported 163 instead of 166 (noting this is students not football players) Because they happened to be right on the cutoff border numbers the kids get slapped down because of an administrative error (I'm sure that person had no clue how significant being "exact" was here). This on top of their "new" coach abruptly resigning in February deciding he didn't want to be both coach and athletic director.
  15. I'm not sure about that since Apple specifically switched off Intel because of their manufacuring issues and problems in recent years. Intel's had a string of issues from design to manufacturing in recent years.
  16. Putin needed to do something stupid to save face at home and we got the Ukraine conflict... Xi is facing simimlar issues at home. Here's to hoping Xi doesnt' pull a Putin with this.
  17. Agreed, 16k is a great price for one of these currently
  18. Are we talking indoor or outdoor setup? Might also lead into what type of clarity you need. Is the equipment small like toaster size or large like outdoor satellite dish size? For indoor would something like the wired "eufy IndoorCam 2K" work ($50/each + $25 for compatible 128GB microSD)? The 128G microSD which gets you roughly ~12 days, it will also overwrite days after that so as long as you catch your issue prior to overwrite can get to it.
  19. Have to think this is more of a reflection of Hale visiting this past weekend, feeling it went well given the lower confidence
  20. In fairness, yes it's only a 6 game suspension, but he still has to play in Cleveland.
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