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  1. They charge you $35 if below level where you picked it up at. (More than 5% diff). What sucks is you don't know how charged they are too on reservation. Could be 60%....hope you weren't counting on fully charged like the gas vehicles on pickup
  2. 53 here... huge Hal Higdon fan. Everything needed is free on his website - click on level and scroll down and will see training calendar. Has apps if that's your thing too. https://www.halhigdon.com/training/half-marathon-training/ I really liked the - just do this - here's a plan, you'll be good approach. There are likely better programs for time, etc but highly recommend his plans until you decide you need something else. Off running days perfect for working in lifting (something I wish I did/do more of) Just know on any of the running programs, "run" usually means at a pace where you could hold a conversation with someone while doing it. ie. slow down while building up distance to avoid injuries. I'll usually just repeat a program or time things (repeat a week, etc) so hits race weekend accordingly.
  3. What's the catch on them listing Prop 3 for E-Verify? It has wide support on both sides of the aisles, but I feel like it's been buried from the top for years now. What's different now?
  4. Adding to others, unless driving is something you really enjoy (my parents like driving as much as "seeing sights"... something needs to be cut. At most (still likely too much) I would fly into Phoenix and one way through Grand Canyon, Bryce, MOAB, and then Colorado flying out of Denver.
  5. Well they certainly aren't paying for anyone to develop their app/service. Worst one out there. They still haven't fixed the issue where after a commercial break it jumps back to the previous commercial break. I thought it was just me but plenty of people complaining of it online. Been going on 3 months plus.
  6. I'm amazed the social networks have banned the son of the one of the founding fathers of fake news. Jay it's time to maybe start a new family tradition.
  7. Well yeah it's night shift and maybe they are exaggerating the numbers some but that's what's been told to me. You're also likely driving during overlap periods where there are effectively twice the officers on patrol (on purpose during busy times during shift changes). For night shift it's incredibly hard to convince normally younger officers who want to spend time with their young family to instead work at nights when everything bad typically happens. You make them do it and hope you can manage it so they don't decide to relocate somewhere else.
  8. Ask an officer, that's not a typical number but it's occurring. As for 1,800 officers, that's the budgeted number. Actual number barely 1,400 right now. Losing patrol faster than anyone and once others get moved to patrol they are finding new jobs outside Austin quickly.
  9. This was Jaromir Jagr at his jersey retirement ceremony yesterday 🤣
  10. should just start shooting at empty net from other net after 5....more entertaining
  11. There aren't enough officers right now. Any given shift there are sometimes only 30-40 officers for the entire city of Austin.
  12. I believe so... saw described last month as "getting the death penalty" equivalent for a business.
  13. I've got no problem calling out the people for filming when they are in a position to potentially do something. For all they know someone's kid was just dying in front of them and they decided to film it because we as a society have decided that is more important than actually saving the person.
  14. Come on man, there was multiple life threatening injuries to adults and kids in this accident needing attention. They responded, maybe not perfectly but they responded. There isn't a exact playbook for this. ER waiting room isn't a place you typically are going to find your most well rested, ready to quicky act crowd on a good day.
  15. Narrator: He won't. I'll be shocked it he's still on the team by fall.
  16. Number 121 on that list has always been pro-public education and has recently been stepping things up to insure Dunn's voucher campaign isn't about money raising. He's giving money to anyone, especially GOP who vote against it and support public education. I'm hoping he starts going on the offense even more.
  17. For anyone hosting a "Voyager 1 - 1st Light Year" party... they have roughly another 18,000 years to plan for it
  18. They view big business/corporate farming and immigrant labor as being tied together and reliant of each other. It's not "most" relying on it, it's the corporate farmers that they hate relying on it.
  19. I've got family there, they say immigration/border issue is top issue there. Very anti-immigrant crowd, fear of changing the American way as they know it resonating loudly. It's the mass out of control immigration that concerns them most.
  20. Picture is like looking at ticket sites without "show fees" switch on.
  21. Anyone been playing yet? Hooked me pretty quick. It's like they took all the build/survival/quest games and listened to what people liked and didn't like and tried their best to fix it. Incredibly well done so far. It's almost on the same level of enjoyment as Valheim for me. Very close.
  22. Everything has been fine as long as the jobs number stays strong. Recent layoff announcements across multiple industries making the market very skittish right now. Being an election year does not help. Very volatile market this year even though it should wash out in the end.
  23. But the team with the 2nd possession has all that extra knowledge. We know what we need to outright win, we know if we should be using all 4 downs, we know if it is tied and we turn it over the other team is in sudden death to win. Getting that 3rd possession is definitely an advantage but it's a huge risk it would get even there. If receiving team doesn't score on their initial possession, the kicking team is already in sudden death to win. Under your argument I wouldn't want Mahomes getting ball to win any sooner that I had to.
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