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  1. would you do this trade? rockets trade #3 and christian wood to indiana for #6, #31 and next year's unprotected first round pick. you take someone like keegan murray at #6 and maybe use #31 to help you move up from 17 to get tari eason and role into next season with a lineup of: kpj, jalen green, eason, murray, turner with guys like sengun, christopher, kj martin, and tate getting heavy minutes. that team isn't gonna win a lot of games, but would be fun to watch develop and you give yourself another shot at lottery gold next year if indiana sucks again. i don't know that i would do it, but i'd at least think about it.
  2. if there is one thing i am sure about in regards to chet, its that he will be a plus defender in the nba.
  3. i think that would be a lot more likely if he had the 3rd or 4th pick. i doubt he passes on chet or jabari with the #2 pick. if orlando likes banchero, maybe they'd take the #17 pick this year and milwaukee's pick next year to trade back to 3 from 1.
  4. recent history at pick #3 is pretty encouraging: 2016 - jaylen brown 2017 - jayson tatum 2018 - luka doncic 2019 - rj barrett 2020 - lamelo ball 2021 - evan mobley
  5. for shits and grins though, would you do either of these deals?
  6. i've already talked myself into banchero. if one of the other bigs is there at #3 i'll be pleasantly surprised, but i'm fine with banchero.
  7. hopefully paolo goes in the top 2 that way one of chet or jabari is left at #3.
  8. you are both paid - congrats.
  9. pot is $225 so it'd be $112.50 for an even split. if that's what you guys want to do it's fine with me. also fine doing it where you each get something now and play for the rest (the blind draw sounded cool to me). whatever the two of you can agree upon. can't believe this is over after round 2.
  10. seems like he might have some potential in that department: I see it the same way.
  11. so fucking good.
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