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  1. literally just watched that on the dvr. good lord.
  2. well the ancajas/rodriguez bout tonight joins chacolotito/estrada in the fight of the year discussions.
  3. lord huron has a new album coming out 5/21. they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands:
  4. again, he got 19 and 8 on 7/12 shooting in 25 minutes last night. feels like that's earning minutes to me.
  5. what were people saying about julius randle halfway through his 3rd year in the league? these guys are drafted so fucking young and they need time (and minutes) to develop. bamba is 22 years old.
  6. he actually got real PT tonight (25 minutes) and scored 19 on 7/12 shooting while also grabbing 8 boards. i get why they played vucevic such big minutes but it is absolutely ridiculous that before tonight he was averaging 16 minutes per game since the trade deadline. they spent the #6 pick on him, they might ought to let him play and see what he's got.
  7. really need to drop this one for obvious reasons but also because the mavs are on the heels of portland and that pick is ours too (assuming portland makes the playoffs)
  8. russ has gotta be mvp this year right? averaging a triple double and all.
  9. and i think my dream of their drafting davion mitchell is probably out the window. don't think he'll be lasting until the portland pick. i suppose they could still get him if they don't get in the top 4 and get miami's pick, but my dream was to get him + a top 4 pick.
  10. i'd agree. i think mobley is going to be very good, but i think when things are fairly equal, you take a lead guard. this could be a very fun combination next year: cunningham or suggs porter tate olnyk wood
  11. it's a possibility. spots 4-9 in the east are just separated by 4 games. an ill timed losing streak and you can lose several positions very quickly.
  12. heat lost tonight, which is always good in case the lottery gods do not smile upon us.
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