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  1. you're right. fury should absolutely be favored and will likely win, but wilder can end any fight with one punch. honestly, due to his power, he probably has a better chance of beating fury than joshua would. they've also stacked the card with hard hitting heavyweights so it should be a fun show.
  2. ...and 21% in the past 4 games.
  3. it'd be nice if joe harris decided to show up at least once over the final 5 games of the series.
  4. cant shoot free throws, wouldn't guard kd down the stretch, fumbled the ball away on their biggest possession of the game, shot a fadeaway over a gimpy harden, etc, etc
  5. ...and giannis continues to be a complete fraud when it matters most.
  6. my god what an iconic fucking performance by KD
  7. i'd rather them start around christmas and go through july. july and august are the worst two sports months of the year and having the nba to help get through this july is awesome.
  8. ...You must know Arsenio Hall, or Billingham? You know someone named Arsenio Billingham? No.
  9. All of them are 24 or younger and will soon hit their primes. Rank them 1-4 (using whatever criteria justifies the ranking for you). Trae Young, Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker
  10. i'd absolutely take kawhi over giannis. no question in my mind.
  11. okc didn't make the playoffs cause kd was hurt most of the year.
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