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  1. definitely think we should push the draft until when we know the season is going to start.
  2. that'd be awesome as i'm super busy with work the next couple of days.
  3. let me see if i can figure out how to freeze rosters.
  4. i feel like the world is fucking burning.
  5. finally caught up on this watching all 3 episodes last night. outstanding fucking television. feels like we are finally where we all wanted to be when we heard of the premise of the show back during the final season of breaking bad. this season has been lights out thus far. can't wait for tonight's episode. LOVED the ants going to the ice cream cone at the beginning of episode 3. that was genius level film making.
  6. 1. fuck fantasty bball 2. the bracket has been updated.
  7. ok, i'm just gonna come out and say it - the lack of communication from @blacklab on this (and the UT season pick'em contest) is coming across as very sketchy. the UT season ended on new year's eve - 68 days ago. yet the contest has not been updated to reflect that and no winners have been announced/paid. the national championship game was played on january 13th - 55 days ago. i reached out to blacklab on january 20th and was told he'd have it done in "the next few days." i responded that that was great and even gave him my venmo and paypal info. on superbowl sunday - 35 days ago - i reached out again and was told in an almost snarky manner that it would be done the following wednesday afternoon, february 5th. it wasn't and that is the last time he has replied to a message regarding this despite me reaching out again on february 13th and yet again on february 27th. i am also apparently not the only money winner from the bowl pool who has reached out and been ignored. i don't really wanna make this post, but i'm not exactly sure what else to do when multiple PM's from multiple posters are ignored.
  8. that block by hamm was one of the coolest blocks i've ever seen.
  9. voted for bernie last week. would prefer warren, but it looks like it's gonna be bernie vs biden and i wanted to make sure i made an impact in regards to that.
  10. ugh, can't drop games like this one if you wanna get the 2 seed.
  11. they better beat the fucking knicks. also, got my ticket today for the clippers game on thursday. that's going to be a fun ass game.
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