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  1. yeah if okie state was having issues it'd be an easy fix. alas...
  2. harden is an incredible playmaker. i don't know where the national narrative that he's a ball stopping hero ball player came from, but as someone who has watched him night and night out for 8+ years, it always baffled me.
  3. that was a very good last few minutes of basketball (might have been a complete game of it, but i only saw the last 3ish minutes).
  4. shit, might not even have to try and tank. this team right now is awful.
  5. i think he just cares way more about other shit than basketball. basketball is just something he does to pay the bills/provide a platform. it'd be frustrating as hell if i was a fan of whatever team he was on, but i'm not so i think it's pretty cool.
  6. totally agree with you. it fucking sucks.
  7. ok, if the chart on wikipedia is to be believed (and I added correctly), here are the odds of landing a top 4 pick by record: 8th worst record - 26.3% 7th worst - 31.96% 6th worst - 37.23% 5th worst - 42.13% 4th worst - 48.08% 1-3 - 52.14% if you're gonna tank, think you need to shoot for at least the 6th worst record in the league. that actually feels attainable....
  8. i'd recommend starting with this one:
  9. oh i'd definitely be up for tanking if not for the franchise crushing westbrook trade that put us in this mess to begin with. hell, i'm not even against it now. just wish we controlled this year's pick as i think there are some real difference makers at the top of the draft and we have basically 0 shot at them. #1 priority of the franchise right now is finding the next #1 guy. ideally sooner rather than later. however it happens is fine with me.
  10. true. but that feels like a huge risk given the changes to the lottery. could be the 4th worst team but that doesn't mean you're getting a top 4 pick. i feel like they'd need to have the worst record in the league to really have any confidence that they'd actually get a top 4 pick.
  11. there is a slight problem with trading with miami this year. the rockets get the worst of their own, okc or miami's 1st round pick this year. right now, miami is dogshit and all three picks are lottery picks at the moment). i'm sure that miami won't remain in the lottery by the end of the year, but there is no incentive to help them right now while they are struggling.
  12. lol at lamar jackson trying to win games that matter by throwing the football.
  13. this will be a pretty solid first day:
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