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  1. i don't mind that they moved it up, but i wish it was the last thursday before the all star break and not the week prior.
  2. new tame impala out today.
  3. you sure he isn't gonna play tom white? that's who i had him pegged for when reading the book. the book is great, flew right threw it. people have been shitty to each other for a really long time.
  4. proposed payouts (10 players x $75 entry fee = $750 total): regular season best record - $150 champion - $375 2nd - $150 3rd - $75 (doesn't have to pay the entry fee)
  5. think we've always done it where there is no in season trade deadline, but no trades allowed during the playoffs. also, somehow there is only one matchup left after this current matchup then it's the wildcard playoff round.
  6. the ending sucked, but the team has shown in 2 games again western conference contenders that they can be competitive playing this style. i'd still like to get a serviceable big who can play 15-20 minutes/game to save guys some wear and tear
  7. i've inquired with @blacklab a couple of times. he's been really busy with work lately.
  8. hell they won't even review when a ball actually goes through the basket and a ref says it didn't.
  9. best this team has looked since purdue?
  10. i think they'll win, and cover, but they did lose by double figures at tcu not too long ago. probably has something to do with it.
  11. you guys inspired me to pick up the book and i have finished the first part - the marked woman and this shit is wild. i don't really read many books, but this one is definitely a good read.
  12. because there is no way tucker can get 11, house can get 13 and gordon can get 15 consistently. jesus fuck he is entertaining but is a complete fucking clown when it comes to analysis.
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