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  1. good lord, strategically not wanting to run a 2nd down play before the quarter ended is some pussy ass shit.
  2. the only time of year that actually sucks sports-wise is the end of the nba finals (mid june) - start of the college football season (late august/early september). this year we have the olympics from july 24 - august 9 to help cover some of that gap. college football will be back before we know it.
  3. just watched last night's espn main event. that KO punch alvarez threw was fucking nasty.
  4. yeah i'm good with a coaching change and a roster shakeup. never should have made the westbrook trade (obvious).
  5. they usually show up for these big games. not sure i think they'll win, but i expect it to be a good game.
  6. i should be good if i plan on getting to the bar at 10:30 right?
  7. definitely a smart move to pass up the wide open 3 and drive inside for that contested bullshit.
  8. won't be putting that stretch on the ol highlight reel.
  9. anyone know if the staff would take both dunson and rakestraw?
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