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  1. if you support donald trump, you should seriously consider kiling yourself.
  2. eh, if we are against guys who haven't done it as a P5 head coach, its hard to get excited about a lifelong coordinator.
  3. i like harsin. kyle shanahan would be option #1. i still like chip kelly but you have to have a staff of recruiting rainmakers --- though not sure why that would never be unexpected at texas. mario cristobal is dirty as fuck but hes the right kind of dirty. matt rhule would be good too.
  4. no alfred collins, no bijan robinson. i pray to god we hold on to ja'quinden jackson
  5. remember when chip brown fucked texas out of nic bonito?
  6. he's got at least 2 more years. unless the wheels completely fall off next year.
  7. this is a much better suggestion than urban meyer.
  8. definitely a good thing that john burt got so much more run than him. burts always been such a difference maker...
  9. it takes absolute genius not to try to score in the 1st half. and even more genius to not give a shit about trying to pick up a first down on the final possession of the game.
  10. so awesome that they decided to punt the first half of the game offensively. trying would have likely resulted in 10 more points. and don't even get me started on that last offensive possession... just fucking awful.
  11. what in the actual fuck was that?
  12. oh and to answer the question in the OP, georgia/auburn is clearly the game of the day today.
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