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If Dems win in 2020 Should the Criminality of the Trump Administration be Prosecuted?

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3 minutes ago, workswithseed said:

What I don't get is if Donald can just pardon Roger Stone, then what difference if he has two less years on his sentence.

Pardon often comes with a political penalty, which is why Presidents reserve many of them for the end of their last term.

Then again, so does POTUS intervening in a criminal matter involving a poltiical ally.

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11 hours ago, Johnny Sack said:

You losers should try to impeach again.  It’s a solid strategy.  

Unless there is a recession in the next 9 months, Trump is going to steamroll whichever of the carnie freakshow Carnie the Dems nominate.  

an 80 year old commie who has a bad heart and was a jobless loser until until his mid 30a.  A gay small town mayor.  An old dementia addled groping former VP whose gaffes make Dan Quayle look like Daniel Webster.  A fake injun.  All extreme leftists.  This has potential for some high entertainment 

Look at the exchange between myself and 'lil Johnny.  I realize why most of the time you ask questions rather than provide answers. Lil Johnny asks me about "What charges!?!" (very loudly and indignantly!

I quietly reply, (paraphrased to shorten,) "I would start and look at obstruction of Justice, put him under oath and ask Trump three questions. With three questions the man will lie and commit perjury. I point out Trump refused to answer a single question related to obstruction." (hint: think about the title of this post and what Roger Stone is convicted of, lil one)

Lil' Johnny replies off-topic "Let them impeach!"(very loudly) .

For some reason Johnny did not understand that all I did was answer his prior question on what crimes to prosecute. Nothing more, nothing less. It's like when I was trying to teach 7 year olds to kick a soccer ball.  Some kids whiff again and again, simply because for some reason they are unable to process the words being said to them.  It's frustrating as a coach but you understand that it's an 8 year old child you are trying to help.  It's weird to me, because I aways thought that 8 year old kids grow up and their understanding of words improves. Hard for me to understand. Maybe this is a subject on which you can enlighten us Johnny? It's sad that so many Republicans are not much more than angry 8 year old children these days.

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