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Our Energy Future...Green, blue, red, or otherwise


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Where are you getting your energy? It's a simple question. Where are you getting your energy in this world?

Energy is becoming more and more and more of a factor in in everybody's world. Everybody's world.

I'd like to direct you to a new client we have on this website named Choose Energy. Choose energy is an absolutely fantastic way of getting your energy in this world. Choose energy allows you to choose the company you want. Choose the company you want to deliver your energy. Choose energy gives you fantastic choices in the energy area and it's up to you to simply look at the choices and determine which one is best for you. Choose energy will hear a lot more about in the coming days on our website. Choose energy is a way to save you money. Choose energy is the way of the future enabling you to choose the energy source you want. The one that works best for you. The one that saves the most energy money. Choose energy

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On 5/20/2021 at 10:29 PM, Ridingtosunset said:

Placeholder. Thread for pointing and laughing at greenies as our country attempts to move us away from carbon. 

These people are pro carbon too.  JFC.

We occupy the world with people neanderthals would've thrown off cliffs.

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Wind Cancer is a growing threat to our nation.  Was gonna have a 10K fundraiser this summer to raise awareness, but the forecast is too august.  

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