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Better Call Saul. Not coming back until 2020

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11 minutes ago, Clintonaldo said:

Am I the only one that likes Mike the most in BB and BCS? I love how fucked up he is yet has an honor code about him. He never complains about the hand he has been dealt because he agreed to it. I felt like he really respected Nacho but could only do so much. 


Just a straight up gangster. 

um... I think most fans of both shows love Mike. 

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12 hours ago, Clintonaldo said:

Um... do they like him the most ?

I'd guess it's between him and Jesse.

Mike's one of the best antiheroes ever written, imo.  He's corrupt as anybody else on the show, but the fact that the audience doesn't just like him but absolutely loves him is testament to how well he's written and how well he's portrayed by Banks.


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