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Tottenham 2019-20: Full Throttle

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So I started following Spurs in 2012-13. With Jan's departure I think he is the last main player from that team to leave the club. Lloris would take over as the teams #1 keeper that year and Kane was listed as being on the senior club, but wouldn't become a standout for 2 more seasons.

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Two last things for the morning:

ONE - The EPL has allocated 6 or 7 slots for Europe:
UCL - Liverpool, City, ManU, Chelsea
Europa - Leicester, Spurs, ????

??? is Arsenal if they win the FA Cup, Wolves if Chelsea wins the FA Cup

However, Wolves are still alive in Europa this year, should they win it, then they would make the UCL. It's become a question about the 6th place qualifier slot if they would be pushed out if Wolves & Arsenal all win their respective cups. According to this account, Spurs would not lose their slot:

Also note the information about what slot they enter in.





TWO - who's starting the new thread?

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4 hours ago, midtown said:

Ínter Milan interested in Ndombele.

So much promise.

I'll wait until I hear something from Eccleshare, Kilpatrick, Gold, Hytner, etc. I'm sure there's interest in Ndombele, but Spurs beat writers have been pretty steadfast that Levy has no intention of selling.

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