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  1. Finally got around to La La Land. No lie, kinda mad I never saw it before. It’s really good I can see why it won a ton of awards I have seen moonlight as well still haven’t done broke back mountain tho
  2. I liked him in Oppenheimer. Good to see he’s back around again. I missed him. He was the teen heartthrob of all the chicks back when I was in HS
  3. Movie and sound was good tho. Reminded me of sicario sounds
  4. Not bad. Long burn. Prolly wouldn’t watch again tho
  5. I like the orange hair character. glen can act. 💪🏻
  6. Yea it was dope to know it’s just not Jedi and sith. there are others?? Out there training using force powers
  7. Im still down for this ride. its aint bad, and it might turn out just fine I am intrigued why they think good sister is more special than bad sister, even though she ain’t show nada yet. glimpses tho. Was dope to see her drawing the symbol which I assume was made before the Jedi arrived? Also, id like to know what happened to mama and all the chicks… they didn’t seem to be in flames or anything. Just laying dead. and evil sister might have been possessed? and sol didn’t see sister die. He just didn’t save her like he did osha. Lotta unanswered questions still to go im in. Would binge if it was available
  8. Yup. I was right. She fine. Shyt, and the padawan fine too.
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