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  1. "I, myself, went to Texas A&M Business? Tight End" Billy Bob was great in this too.
  2. That statement, Rust's father, the Tuttle relationship, and the symbology were all connections to S1 that went unaddressed. Felt insulting to the viewership to bring those items up and not follow through. Maybe I missed it while watching female janitor after female janitor walk into the room like it was a clown car during the ending exposition, but how did the janitors know Anna K was murdered by the researchers?
  3. The shot of Navarro in the blizzard outside the research station with her hood up and headlamp on was eerily resemblant of the Thing movie poster.
  4. Couldn't help but think of one thing in the first 15 minutes: "Blair's been busy!"
  5. Almost Royal-y fucked again. It's been three and a half months since we've had our best starting XI on the pitch.
  6. With Richy coming off, maybe we can get Son playing up top.
  7. Fucking Richarlison had no business sending that out for a corner
  8. Looks like the ref is going to let them play today.
  9. Next week should be the first time in 3 months we have our best starting XI.
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