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  1. Just starting to watch a little bit more MMA, so question for the veterans: several of the fights I have watched recently have mentioned that some of the fighters will be like an orange belt in jujitsu or something like that. How would they not all be black belts in whatever discipline they train? Is it that they may train in several different disciplines, so may not be black belt level in all of them, or am I to believe that there is some sensei that is the black belt grandmaster that is better than that particular fighter? I would assume that any of these guys getting on the main cards for UFC would be experts and thus black belts in whatever they do. Please relieve me of my ignorance.
  2. Thx. I guess it makes sense--just kind of weird to see it so frequently
  3. Recently I’ve noticed some of these in the parking garage entrance to a hospital— basically they appear to be tubes attached to plastic ceiling tiles. The tubes flow down and are coiled into the bucket, but they are not connected to anything, and I don’t see anything accumulating in the buckets. Never seen this before, and I’m just curious. What the hell is going on? A drainage system for moisture in the ceiling? That’s the only guess I have. Help plz.
  4. Thanks for all the advice! Update: I did search that Honda Ridgeline forum (thx for link), and it sounds like there are others who have had similar issues. Took it in again yesterday and this time they "claim" they figured it out: 3rd gear pressure switch failure. When it fails, it sends the transmission into "safe mode," which screws up shifting, etc. They replaced the pressure switch and washer--so hopefully it's fixed for good? If not, I'm going to go insane.
  5. I have a 2017 Honda ridgeline. Up until a few months ago, it had been perfect. Have always taken it in for scheduled maintenance, etc. 45,000 miles on it. About a month ago, it started jerking pretty violently occasionally when it shifted from around 2nd to 3rd gear (it’s an automatic). The weird part is, it wouldn’t consistently do it once the car was turned off and on again. I feel like driving up hills would often “set it off,” and then it would continue to jerk for the rest of that ride. But if I turned it off and turned it back on, it seemed to work perfectly until a ride or two later. Around this time it was due for service, which included change and transmission fluid, and as I was driving it in to get serviced, the “D” on The dashboard had an X through it, and it told me there was an omissions system failure and transmission system failure. I brought it into the Honda people, they reset the computer, said it was a computer update issue and told me everything was fixed. It did the same thing a week later with the system failure message. Brought it back in, they updated it again and said that they missed an update the last time. It had been working well for a week, but then again tonight it started doing the jerking again. It is still under warranty, so I’m not worried about whatever the ultimate cost of fixing it will be, but I am getting frustrated that they have never fixed the problem and I am wondering if it needs a transmission rebuild/replace. Anyone ever dealt with anything like this, or have any idea what the problem might be so I don’t sound like a dumbass at the service department? TLDR: Honda ridgeline with transmission issues, dealer hasn’t fixed the problem. Wanting alternative ideas.
  6. I like this one MUCH better than last season's home kit. Think I'm going to get the away kit this season. I already have way too much white. Also, full throttle, baby!
  7. I’m going to be in London on 8/31. Should I try to go to Emirates alone in Spurs gear? Anyone ever done this?
  8. Maybe they can re-choose
  9. Saw a Honda Odyssey with the license plate "Iliad." Thought it was actually pretty good.
  10. Don't laugh. Going to a conference in Cleveland next week--because apparently my organization hates me. Wife will be with me for the first few days, so any good diner places are a must. Have any restaurant/bar recs? Plan on doing Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at some point, but that's about it so far. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. Glad you liked it! I lived in Indianapolis for six years and before I moved there never gave a shit about racing. Now the 500 is one of my favorite sports events, and I get so damn proud anytime somebody goes to IMS and has a great time. Had to miss the race this year, but try to go every year I can. It’s a cultural phenomenon.
  12. Pagenaud deserved to win this race. Did you see his interview after the race? Never got flustered when Rossi passed him with <2 laps left. He knew he had the car and the ability to pass and hold the lead at the end. Indy GP winner, pole position, and Indy 500 champ--what a month.
  13. How has no one brought up the Google Pixel commercial with Awkwafina and 2 Chainz? Her voice makes me want to stick an icepick in my ears.
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