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  1. Can we pay to attach a camera? We could use a new NEG gif! Negged!
  2. And board participation rates went plummeting! We could make a graph, to show the correlation of gratuitous titties shots to participants activity rates, but we’re not interested any more! Sad face emoji!
  3. You guys with the need for speed, head on out to the Texas Mile. Twice a year in Beeville. https://www.theusmileracing.com/ Got my CT-4V Blackwing to 160 in the mile, back in October 14th. And got one of the best seats in the house for the solar eclipse as well. Not a bad day…
  4. What, no love for the alignment of the goal post? Is the still Surly, or another site?
  5. When you find yourself agreeing with B&O, it can cause you to reflect on the choices made life!
  6. Deep snapper, Chilean Sea bass, this place fucks!
  7. I thought we were an autonomous collective! We’re actually a Layer Cake?
  8. Cum for South Austins mom, stay for the Chilean Sea Bass, it’s absolutely to die for! One makes you sleepy. The other makes you sleep!
  9. The cycling is way louder, and can spook trigger person as it is an unusual sound to hear vs. the pop. I know I thought something in the action was off at first. I even joked with the sales guy that he was trying to sell me a busted rig.
  10. As a CT4 Blackwing owner, yes to the valvetronic exhaust, same as most GM performance products now. From the factory, only the cat is in the way, when open.
  11. Also works in a 10/22 (that is integrally suppressed), supposedly!
  12. Would the Russian soldiers in Ukraine be a better example of a deconstructed hamburger? Meat Cube and all!
  13. Insert scratch name from list jpg. Huge not getting invited to any tailgates, right. Right!
  14. On that line of thinking. HC spots should be way out there as well, to help promote physical therapy!
  15. Cost per, sure. Nice return. Unlimited? I for one am glad that she stole that shirt. Otherwise, we would be without CTJ posting today, as he would still be working to hit that unlimited amount!
  16. $80 for unlimited? CTJ was 3 for 3. I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express, or doctor of neighborhood, but that’s not unlimited, just saying.
  17. +1.28b 2023 in rev, NCAA is going to take a lot of billable hours to go away… https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/39439274/ncaa-generates-nearly-13-billion-revenue-2022-23
  18. Maybe I misremembered since this was a necrobump, but someone mentioned police or something, another speaking to/with the person parking in a HC spot? I get it, we are all assholes in a given situation. I ignore my transgression in one instance, another person flips his lid at what I did. Another Surly poster ignores their transgression in another instance, and I lose my shit over what they did!!1! It’s the way of life.
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