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  1. Damnit to Hell! If I find out a company stands for this, but not that! Well, I’m glad you virtue signaled, but now I get to choose! MF, can we just be customers and businesses, and just conduct business, us per usual?
  2. Someone will soon be posting, question is, who!!!
  3. I’m afraid to ask what the other side looks like!
  4. They can sign their own “get out of jail free”, er, NIL deals!
  5. I tell the dealership/sales person, what an amazing coincidence, my advertising subscription rate for your dealership on my car is almost the same as your quote for my monthly payment!
  6. Nice humble brag about walking up hill both ways, in the snow!
  7. Ah, specifics help. So Eireen, and not Jenny. Got it. Everybody now, cum on Eileen!
  8. Was that back before there was a pigskin and it was literally a rock? /s
  9. Is it time for cheese puns? Must we ask parmigiana first!
  10. Wrong type of wood bench, would not bang! -Surlyites everywhere Lulz
  11. That’s his twin brother, Immapc!
  12. No love for Anal Interceptor? It may be not available to the public, but Ford made them.
  13. Well does the SEC look like a bitch? Say what one more time Jimbo!
  14. Tooth, but I see your point.
  15. In that case I make a motion for the founding of, The University of Surly! All those in favor say aye!
  16. The only way aggy fucking dorks can even tweet the correct spelling of Colgate,is because it was on the score board!
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