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  1. I really hope this kid gets everything out of the UT experience he hopes, he’s been a great cheerleader for his fellow recruits, tries to get others onboard, and his parents have put their A&M history aside (or at least compartmentalized it) on Connor’s behalf. You’re doing it right, Stroh Family.

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  2. Quote

    Just look at the name change - for somebody who loves his dad, he didn't want to share the name "Raphael" withhim, even though it was his birth name.  Reeks of wanting to fit into a certain crowd.   It's honestly surprising he didn'ttake his mother's surname at some point.  "Ted Wilson".

    You just know that asshole considered “Tom Cruz,” at least for a moment.

  3. I have no use for Claire, on this show or Big Brother, Derek seems like a decent dude. I liked the twins ok, and the big rumped Pitbull dancer was fun, chipmunk cheeks and all. Rather forgettable season IMO, but I’m glad the show still exists, so I don’t want to complain too much. And I’m usually always disappointed with the outcome, so that’s nothing new 🤣

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  4. Astounding and ebullient are better than intercourse with Gray.

    And great job by whomever put together the Pimpton highlights in the previous post. Sure, most of the clips aren’t of him, but he did pop up a few times.

    (I know he’s being recruited as a TE, and the congratulatory tweet for being named co-MVP a calls him a tight end, but on clip reels that actually show #2 in action, he seems to be split out quite a bit, so it seems he’s probably a hybrid TE/WR who’ll obviously need to gain weight/strength to compete inside in college... like just about everyone. I still have Malcom Epps PTSD, so let’s hope he makes it work for him.)

  5. 16 hours ago, 0xdeadbeef said:

    Bijan's stiff-arm at 0:53 is the most disrespectful stiff arm I can remember.


    From three days ago, Najee Harris may have taken the stiff arm crown, just brutal. Like it was personal. Looks like the NFL wont let it embed here, but you can see the carnage on YouTube, link in the box below.


  6. 2 hours ago, closetojumping said:

    Brewster was once formidable, but he’s not been relevant since his time at FSU. 

    Ok, but since that time he has coached All-America TE Jace Sternberger and All-America TE Kyle Pitts (I forgot to mention his stint with Mullen at Florida after Mack and before Deion). Yes, Pitts is a freak who may have been great regardless, but Brewster was there in Gainesville when he was most impactful. Brew is a friend, so that may influence my opinion, but we’re all entitled to our own viewpoints. 

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  7. 9 minutes ago, BornAndRaised said:

    Recruiting/Portal related. Deion got a bag man from aggy and is bringing on Brewster. Colorado might get good in a hurrry.


    Just to be clear, Brewster is on Prime’s staff this year at JState, and he was working with Mack after aggy. And regarding coaching ability, he’s great with TEs.

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  8. 13 hours ago, sith_horn said:

    The LB is 6'2"-242 lbs. Kind of heavy for a LB unless he's playing Edge.


    Thanks for the link. 242 is just fine for a LB, and has been for a while. LT was about that weight in the 80’s, Ray Lewis 250ish, Vander Esch is 255. Jaylan Ford is in the neighborhood at 238. I will say the Stanford guy looks a touch slow, but usually seems to know where the ball is going. I suspect he would be a good special teams guy and great culture fit, especially as a mentor for Liona Lefau.

    (The word “fit” autocorrected to “fir,” which is pretty damn funny for a Stanford guy.)

  9. I don’t know the rules in Alabama, but I think you can only play four years of “high school” football in Texas, so I would think if this happened here, that would mean he burned one of the four. Some 40 years ago, Brownsboro had a kid (George Cumby) mature enough to play on the varsity as an 8th grader, so he couldn’t play senior year. He transferred to Gorman in Tyler, I guess hoping no one would notice. He wrecked shop, including a big win over Waco Reicher for district. Reicher called foul, Cumby was ruled ineligible and they actually replayed the game without him: Reicher destroyed Gorman in the rematch. Cumby went on to Oklahoma and the Packers (The Fridge ran over him in a Monday night game).

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