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  1. Llogg

    Mad Max on MJ

    This dude is hilariously unfiltered.
  2. Watching some Chet highlights from the Crawsover event and he looks so much more fluid than I expected. I don't know that he's built to last but at this moment he looks like a potential problem. I also think he looks better than the French kid for next year.
  3. Brown, Smart, and Simmons theoretically could be the best defensive backcourt in the league.
  4. Every year the last couple years he seems to try to add one perfected thing. Last year was that little runner from three. Looks like he's working on the left hand across the lane there. He's still butter in the midrange from anywhere.
  5. Calling KD a malcontent is libelous. No drama at okc until he left. No drama at GSW until draymond created it. No drama from KD at bkn. He wants a trade, sure, but that doesn't make him a malcontent like he's going around poisoning the locker room. I don't think the pelicans should have taken the deal but if someone had suggested a deal for zion and KD to swap they should have jumped at it.
  6. The jazz should be all over that deal. Maybe even try to create a 3 team deal to take Randle for even more picks.
  7. In what way is their coach superior to Snyder? Dude looks like a date rapist but he can coach ball.
  8. How shitty must the journalism from a fake bleacher report account have to be?
  9. So did Smith. The blow by finishing with the left was nice.
  10. UW's stadium situation is one of the best in college football. An early season game with the sun setting over Puget Sound behind you? Fuck yes.
  11. That's not the superficial analysis I was talking about. You have to figure out the appropriate weight that each of several factors plays in determining the number of viewers. Those factors are opponent, time slot, network, home v. away. So you have the data outlined there but the analysis is not simply "what are the numbers without TX and OU?"
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