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  1. She sucks. Also seems like she needs to get laid. Just chill the fuck out, damn traitor!
  2. Also the whole vy heisman thing qualifies for fuck bohls forever no questions asked albeit not to the fcb level imo.
  3. yeah, i had the game on for all of 10 seconds when I made that post. Game secondary to Hamlin's health.
  4. Didn't realize the game was covered more in this thread and posted in the gambling thread. Hope he is okay. Was at the gym, ran errands, had dinner ready and about to bust out a nice bottle of tequila when I turned on the game about 30 minutes after start. Game should be called of course, hope he makes it through this. Crazy night.
  5. first off, hope hamlin is okay! but has anything like this happened before? thinking game is called at this point.
  6. Me? Kinda only cause panthers can run and if Stevenson not 100. If Stevenson good to go, go with him. Much smarter folk than me saying panthers running this wknd but who knows. My dumbass torn over playing hodgins over gabe or jeudy
  7. Is Stevenson good to go? Otherwise I read panthers are gonna be running it against TB but that’s internet talk so grain of salt and all that.
  8. Lol, exactlY. The giants wr, had two great games so going with the proven studs and not untested hot flashes in the pan (least for now, might change my mind ten times between now and Sunday)
  9. Made it to the championship in my money league. Offered to split prize with contender, said no. First year of the league so our rules still need adjusting. Big big money to winner, payback of buy in to loser. Guess we're rolling the dice! That said, are dortch or hidgens worth playing over kirk or gabe davis? Don't know how dortch is with Colt, gabe is streaky, hidgens is just unknown. Excited for the wknd but sure is a tad stressful. Currently predicted to win 52-48% but this year has taught me that means fuck all once the ball is in tee'd off.
  10. Cause then they’d really fucking hurt players. Take the red, stop a goal, but make sure the player fouled doesn’t get back up. Can’t kick a pk with a fubar-ed ankle
  11. Mixon and Perine been healthy most of year and it all goes to mixon. There was an article on just that last couple days too. Good luck
  12. Ugh, I'm in sorta the same boat. Gabe Davis, Jeudy, Amari Cooper, Mack Hollins for two Flex spots. At least DPJ doesn't seem to suck at away games like Amari C. but not sure if Davis at home affects anything. Davis: Got shut down last Jet game Jeudy: Only wideout left in Denver but ..Denver Amari C.: Sucks on the road but last Bengal game did really well Hollins: Rams pass D not great and renfrow/waller out.
  13. meh, can't tell since Jimmy G got knocked out. But maybe just me cause I had tua earlier in the year and he seems like a bumpy elevator ride away from going into the protocol.
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