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  1. A racist piece of shit but hey, you got a right to eek out an existence too. I don’t hate you but I do pity your fucking stupidity
  2. Fuck him. Let him die in prison. I’m done with Russians getting any air to breathe, especially stateside
  3. Wasn’t used. Even amongst a lot of the Mexicans it wasn’t at first but later with soft A, everyone used it.
  4. You think in the 1990s it finally was frowned upon by Americans at large? edit: already covered but in Austin it wasn’t. That said it doesn’t mean it wasn’t and isn’t used by kids of all races in gaming and junior highs across the nation (well I should say queens here and most definitely dependent on socioeconomic level of the kid). But I meant it more as in adult America. Either way not the place I guess for the convo, this ain’t CR, my bad
  5. As a Mexican American, fuck you pay me. If I’m getting paid, I’ll consider being for it. If I’m not, I’m not paying a dime. edit: or I should say I’m not for paying a dime. In the end what I think won’t matter anyway
  6. Oh I agree, but his dumb brain jumped from never met her to political witch hunt to he is running for office then back to her being a dem plant. If it was an English paper it’d be a D- and the teacher would have to never drink before grading his papers (but get heavily inebriated after). My point is the tweet is wrong b/c he didn’t say she was running for office, it was simply a self reference. Now it is clear in the speech he is definitely losing it, just saying that it isn’t exactly for the way claimed.
  7. I love to shit on trump as much as the next rational normal non-racist American but pretty sure he is referring to himself in that. It is definitely word salad bullshit told by a crappy storyteller but it makes sense in a mental breakdown sort of way. his karma is taking way too long. I want him to suffer for his treason and harm caused to our country but would prefer him to at least be aware of his guilt and not completely senile. A Jaime Lannister sends his regards moment of recognition if you will…
  8. Not excusing the “attack” but that video did fuck all in relaying the info needed to figure out if there even was an “attack”. So fuck whomever edited that shitastic rage bait propaganda. Is this the bullshit that passes for journalism and information? Barely have any idea what started it, what was said, if an attack actually happened, anything really other than couple black kids yelling at an Asian family. Crappy instigating music, long ass intro that repeats itself, edits out all the actual video evidence and replaces it with only accusation descriptions, doesn’t show the “attack”, or what was said due to all the bleeping. The Asian family absolutely does not deserve to get yelled at but what a god awful video that does nothing but lower the iq of its viewers.
  9. What? Fuck that, let that asshole eat dick. fuck Ackerman and his entire ilk.
  10. still not a major headline (they had the GA DA about some illicit love and Sec Def having cancer) but they did add it way at the bottom with the shittiest fuckhead traitor title, "Trump attorney argues Biden is prosecuting his 'greatest electoral threat". FoxNews is a bunch of traitor shitheads.
  11. Ah, yeah my bad I meant corn. Not a huge fan of flour ones but those sound damn tasty. Wouldn’t mind trying it for corn as well!
  12. Say what now? I just had this convo with my sister (currently living in our grandfather’s small Mexican town) over thanksgiving, who laughed at me b/c I said I wanted to learn to do my own at home but was going to use Maseca. She said that’s like saying you baked a homemade cake but it came from a box. I was pretty drunk but unless you mean the cal used for nixtamalization of the corn isn’t vegan, authentic good tortillas can definitely be made with only water, salt, and ground corn. At least according to an entire town of Mexicans that have lived there since at least mid-1800s give or take a decade. edit: but just saying. I’d eat the fuck out of a tortilla that had lard added. I’d be all for that!
  13. It’s a 2k pot, 200 buy in, all goes to winner. I offered cause thought it was the “right” thing to do but wasn’t sure if it was some sort of faux pas.
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