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  1. Man...no love for "Mean To Your Queenie"?
  2. I’ll bet there will be an obituary in the papers. In the papers.
  3. Fun fact: If you have the LP version of this song and play it at 45RPM, it sounds exactly like Stevie Nicks is singing.
  4. I don't want to cause no fuss (Too much, Maga Bus)But can I buy your Maga Bus? (Too much, Maga Bus)
  5. If we're getting enough "illegals" crossing the border to fill busses, please tell me what the fuck our Texas National Guard is doing down there?
  6. Is there an instance of this happening anywhere? I mean, where elementary school kids are receiving sex education...especially those in kindergarten through 3rd grade...or is this just more of Genital Dan trying to stop a problem that doesn't exist?
  7. LOL. Hey everyone, Raphael Cruz is asking questions about identifying as someone else!
  8. In the shitter during a shooting at Shooter's? Shocking!
  9. Porky's wouldn't even be made nowadays. It had anti-semitism, racism, voyeurism...something for everyone!!!! I was home sick about a month back and watched on Prime. I thought it was kick ass when it first came out. Most recently, it made me cringe.
  10. Yeah, BUT....could I get that Luby's fried fish on a Fuddrucker's bun?
  11. Looks like it's all fun and games during the "Fuck Around" phase. It's the "Finding Out" phase that they seem to have an issue with.
  12. And goddammit, patty melts are made with rye bread.
  13. Fucking New Jersey and the upper East Coast ate that shit up when it was released.
  14. I think the January 6 Commission has Ted in their sights as one of the 100 or so lawmakers that were in on the bullshit, and Ted's trying to deflect that.
  15. One day this stupid bitch is gonna realize that her problems stem from the fact that she won't SHUT THE FUCK UP. Wait, what am I saying? No she won't https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/capitol-rioter-compares-attacks-treatment-jews-germany-rcna10162
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