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  1. I had hotel, flights, restaurants booked for NOLA already. Willed that shit into existence.
  2. Put us both in. Iowa is embarrassed by this offensive performance.
  3. I have a side TV in the bar for a reason. I guess worth putting it on? Big 10 football. The worst.
  4. What a fucking idiotic title. GTFO with that bullshit. 10 Point win ON THE FUCKING ROAD. We're in.
  5. The Big 10 bias is not talked about the same but way worse than the SEC bias from what I can tell. The SEC has so many more skins on the wall to back it up. The Big 10 is largely stuck in the late 90's early 2000's from an offense standpoint and just an awful TV product (in my opinion) yet still somehow manages to dominate ratings. Just odd.
  6. We should figure out his work email and everyone should set up a recurring $5 donation so he gets dozens of monthly emails thanking him for his support of Texas NIL.
  7. Anyone want to tell Longhorn Board where we likely play our next game if we win but the rest of the Championship Games go chalk and we aren't in the playoff?
  8. Yikes. It's crazy how fast Baylor has fallen. Can't even keep starting QB's. Looks like they are back to pre-Briles Baylor.
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