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  1. I thought he should have stopped the 2nd shot from the arena although was a clear defensive fuck up that put him in that situation. Never saw a replay so maybe not as bad as I thought live. I never saw a replay of the 4th either but heard that point made by someone either post-game or yesterday on the ticket. Otter also had some good saves after they let in 4 that kept us in the game. I'm feeling a bounce back performance across the board for this team tonight. Hopefully from the refs as well.
  2. I cussed PJ on my text chain as well at a point where we had nobody but Luka/Kyrie in double digits, then I think he made like 4 straight shots so you all weren't the only ones. They clearly need him to win this series and he came up big on O down the stretch (and yes, great D throughout).
  3. The defense was a weak link pre trade-deadline so that is a big part of it. Tanev has helped significantly but let's not pretend we are 'elite' there. After the NJ debacle in March, Otter gave up 2 or less goals in 10/11 games to end the season (not counting the empty netter against the Jets). The Jets game was the only loss (we won at Col 7-4). That level of play got us the 1 seed. We almost certainly would have finished 3rd in the division with average goalie play down the stretch. So I agree with your bottom line but we frankly need better play out of anyone to win this series and every series hereafter. I guess I have equal concerns about top line play, defense and goalie right now. It's kind of bullshit we can't ease into the playoffs against the Kings which i think would have gone 5 at worst. Our side of the bracket, in my view, has 4 of the top 5 teams in the West, but it is what it is. I think very likely this suddenly healthy Vegas team makes it out of the other side of the bracket had Chicago not choked last Thursday so from that perspective, I think better to get them now. But need to pick our play up significantly starting tonight or this run will be over quickly.
  4. You guys act like there are Vezina trophy winners just sitting around waiting to be picked up LOL. Otter is easily a top 10 goalie when he's on his game. This team clearly needed defensive help in front of him and they got that at the deadline. I personally have absolutely zero issues with the way the team was constructed this year given contract/cap limitations. And now we have a "slumping" Otter after one poor game where he had shit help in front of him. They had like 3.6 expected goals and he gave up 4 so now he sucks forgetting he was absolutely a key (if not the key factor) in winning the west the last month. If any part of this team is slumping it's our top line. Helleybuck has given up 11 in 2 games so guess he sucks now as well. I'm not saying he doesn't need to play better to win this series, he absolutely does, but so do our top guys and defense. Harley has been great this year but had a really poor game Monday as well.
  5. They pretty much doubled us up in hits. It was pretty damn clear in the arena that Vegas came to play playoff hockey from the puck drop. Obviously that will never be the Stars style and we don't have their size but I was rooting for someone to risk a boarding call just to send a statement. The start from the Stars seemed similar to the Mavs game where they thought they could just ease into the playoffs. We played better as the game wore on and advanced stats had it as pretty much a 50/50 game from an expected goals perspective but obviously need a better start on Weds. Also, special teams was supposed to be a big Stars advantage in this series statistically and that clearly didn't play out last night. But yeah - I definitely recall losing game 1 at home to both MN and Seattle last year then playing much better game 2. Hopefully that repeats.
  6. Frustrating start to the playoffs. Refs were a joke, Harley played terrible, Otter off night, etc. etc. Not sure we were ready for their physical play. Played better as the game went on so hopefully a big wake up call. Sidenote - fuck 9PM weeknight starts. Damn near 1AM before I got in bed. Ridiculous.
  7. I had already pegged this as the series to watch (not only because if Stars win they get the winner) but just seemed like a great matchup. Game 1 did not disappoint. I think common thought is to root for the Jets as a Stars fan but they have been so damn hot to end the season either matchup would be extremely tough if we get past Vegas. I'm just rooting for it to go 7.
  8. The good thing is that whether you lose by 1 or 20 it's only one game. But can't believe this team showed up to game 1 with a Tuesday night regular season against Charlotte mindset. That is primarily on Kidd for not having them mentally ready to play. Did they even have a hard practice during this layoff? In the first half they looked exactly like a team that had done nothing but play a couple of meaningless games and take shootaround for 10+ days.
  9. What in the absolute hell was that. Mavs did not show up remotely ready for playoff basketball. Embarrassing.
  10. Yeah, I don't think you can take much away from the early games. Have not played in '24 and really different teams. I was at the game they smoked us. It was just one of those games. Saturday afternoon game where our entire team looked hungover and Otter had a god awful first period. It was just one of those games every team has similar to the March NJ debacle. They are a solid team, and yes, they will get Stone back which helps, but we are a better team. If Otter plays well we should win the series. Even with the crazy run we've had we haven't had too many games where top 3 lines have all had solid nights. More than anything that speaks to the depth as 3rd line has been our best line the last month and the 4th line has played great. If we can get Robo/Roope/Pavelski + Duchene/Seguin back on top of their game we'll smoke them.
  11. I'll be there. Pretty livid we couldn't even get a Sunday game. This is now, at a minimum, 12 straight home playoff games played on weeknights. Then they give us the shit start times again at that. Such a great reward for the 1 seed. NHL just doesn't give a fuck about anyone outside of the east coast or original 6.
  12. In other news, Stone is back practicing for the Astros of the NHL no doubt magically ready to play right at puck drop of game 1 and not a minute before.
  13. Low energy in the building last night which somewhat translated to the ice last night. Those guys play great defense. I felt like if we could have got one of those to go in the 2nd when we had several chances (including off the iron I thought was in and bounced out from my angle but clearly didn't) it might have opened things up a bit, but that's hockey. Tough to beat any team 4X in a row much less a team that solid. Let's just win Saturday.
  14. Definitely were outplayed at the start which is to be expected coming off such a Big W against a team fighting to stave off formal elimination. Thought we played a pretty solid 2nd and 3rd period overall but some sloppy D at times. Otter played well after giving up that incredibly soft goal. Let's win Thurs then manage minutes and let the chips fall.
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