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  1. As a Dallas resident, I appreciate Frisco as a magnet that removes a lot of the people that fit the "Dallas" stereotype.
  2. This is some take. He's better QB play + improvement tracking deep balls away from being a Biletnikoff favorite. I already don't think there is a better WR in the country in a 15 yard box. Bama and USC would absolutely get in a bidding war for him and probably are involved in one already.,
  3. If you scroll back to page 55 in this thread we were all cussing it as it was an incredibly weak call on Sanders that negated a TD (resulted in a FG). I haven't found a website that is really reliable/accurate with respect to penalties. Particularly by category.
  4. Didn't we get a TD called back for holding early against Kansas?
  5. Have any ratings come out? Curious how they are doing. I flip over during commercials while driving (if no competing commercials) and haven't fallen into a segment yet that sucked me in. But really haven't listened much so can't judge.
  6. He probably should be. At the end of the day all he did was play winning football in the 4th quarter all season long. If we had similar consistency we are probably 11-1 with sole loss being the officiating screwjob against Alabama.
  7. This is great. These morons will somehow convince themselves they are on the right trajectory. Rushing the field 5-7. I'm at an absolute loss.
  8. I mean we are still in the Alamo Bowl then right? What scenario are we not?
  9. How the hell has this Loop clown ever gained positive rep. Never noticed him until he's proceeded to be either a clear aggy troll or bottom 5 poster last 24 hours
  10. So we know we are in the Alamo Bowl but have no idea who we are playing? Is that the consenus?
  11. Find a beer and quit being a pussy.
  12. I don't know if you are an aggy troll or just suck at posting. But either way, you should post less
  13. A long offseason to argue back and forth about Sark. But that's how you close out a fucking game. Seems like a long time since we just decided to say Fuck it and dominated the last few possessions.
  14. That was fucking beautiful
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