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  1. Nah, that aint it. That garbage franchise shouldn't be involved in any comparison to any other DFW team.
  2. It just dawned on me that from the time the Mavs won the West, the Stars and Mavs have gone a combined 0-5. Talk about a crash and burn ending to an amazing April/May run locally.
  3. I think the point is there are probably other message boards where you can find other 20YO east coast sports fans that like to engage in your form of banter. Go find a yankees board or something. Nobody here gives a shit about Boston.
  4. How many Mavs games have you watched this season until the NBA finals?
  5. He still has a lot he can improve on obviously. All I'm saying is trade a healthy Luka for literally any 'elite' player on the Boston roster and the narrative would be Celtics being led by the best player in the world while Mavs with Tatum or Brown don't make it out of the first round. Celtics are clearly a better team even if the Mavs depth were playing to their potential, but with the absolute garbage minutes everyone else other than Kyrie (in game 3 at least) is providing in this series, you can just see Luka getting frustrated and trying to do it all (and, yeah, unraveling a bit last night). The shit he gets nationally and from casual fans considering where's he's led this roster is ridiculously unfair.
  6. All the "Luka can't play defense" takes are so fucking lazy and just shows how little Mavs NBA casuals have watched until now. He's never going to be elite on that end but he's playing fucking hurt and worn down from having to do way too much on offense to keep us in games because we have fucking zero depth scoring (again, doing it hurt). It's one thing for non-Mavs fans on this board to have that take but that it's such a talking point in the media just shows how fucking lazy they all are.
  7. Surely there is someone with an asset in tank mode that wants to guarantee a good chance at the overall #1 by trading for THJ's expiring contract and playing him 25 mins/night right? Right?
  8. A fucking kid at that blabbering about "18 championships" when these are probably the first Celtics finals games he's been old enough to stay up and watch. Epitome of a Boston douche
  9. Fuck the refs. Absolute fucking joke to call those fouls down the stretch the way this game has been called. Please someone do a fucking side by side of all the no-calls Luka dealt with all fucking night and then soft ass shit he got called for. Fuck THJ, Fuck Kidd for ever letting his sorry ass get off the bench, Fuck Kidd for calling a GD TO when we still had them fucking shellshocked. What a frustrating game. Boston is better than us but our 'depth' has been a complete no show this entire series and it should embarrass all of them to no-show like this in the finals.
  10. Kyrie is going to have to play just as well the 2nd half to win this I think + SOMEONE else on this team has to hit some clutch shots (like they have done all playoffs until this series).
  11. For those bitching about Luka's D, he can't fucking do it all dealing with 3 injuries + playing this many minutes and carrying the offense. It's impossible.
  12. Non-Luka/KY non-centers have a combined 5 points in 55 minutes. That's pathetic. These guys have to fucking step up and stop playing scared.
  13. Ticket pricing getting a bit more reasonable as expected but think I'm still going to pass. Should be a good atmosphere though.
  14. I mean the actual article was posted like 10 posts before this. Screenshots from your weird algo is pretty much a zero value add in this specific thread.
  15. If he hadn't admitted he flat out didn't try hard in the '21 LAC series I would probably actually feel sorry for him constantly getting injured.
  16. Haha. I did hear that this week. Typical Corby. That is a perfect example of something college football Corby would proclaim except Bob actually defers to him like he knows WTF he is talking about in the fall.
  17. I listen more to the HL in April and May (both live and on the sportsday app) than any other time of the year by far. I enjoy their Mavs/Stars segments and least amount of Cowboys talk of the year. Bob has good insight and Corby typically takes a back seat in actual hockey/NBA analysis (unlike CFB where he thinks he is WAY more knowledgeable than he actually is). Sidenote: Their segment this week interviewing the 2 21 year old Boston sports bros after game in Boston 1 is exactly what I imagine Boston poster Vertuzzi on this board to be.
  18. I mean let's not pretend Southwest really has any "culture" left at this point. Current management already destroyed that and their reputation over the last decade or so. Not sure new management could do much worse.
  19. I guess. But Austin has become a shittier Dallas. I lived in Austin in HS and college and moved to Dallas for law school (now 20+ years ago) and always assumed I would get back. Now wouldn't really consider it. All the bad parts of Dallas + way worse traffic + overpriced and now full of Californians. No thanks. I miss being closer to Texas sports but that's about it. I can find bits and pieces of the Austin I loved when I visit but it's largely gone and not coming back.
  20. Edmonton completely lost their composure last night. If they get down early game 3 it might be church.
  21. I think it's really this simple. It still may not be enough to win the series (as they will likely have a couple of hot shooting games as well), but if the rest of the team can start making open shots everything else will fall into place. Nobody on this team is playing with any confidence outside of Luka. We just don't look anything like the team that won the last 3 rounds (granted playing a better team).
  22. But I've got a feeling he's been alive for just as Many Celtics championships to date as Mavs championships.
  23. Bump. This is the most relevant Savannah thread I could find. Heading there for a few days with my wife later this summer (over 4th of July + weekend actually). Tentatively staying at Perry Lane. Any updated recs for those that have been recently?
  24. We have to somehow, someway get this 2-2 and make it a best of 3. Obviously easiest path would be to grab game 2 Sunday.
  25. Agreed the Air BNB issue needs to be solved at a local level. A ban was put in place in Dallas although believe it is still be litigated last I heard. I don't know whether likely inevitable regulation did it or it was the fact that the olds in my neighborhood probably called in every violation and otherwise made it miserable, but the one STR in my general area lasted about 18 months before they sold a few months ago. Which is a good thing. Because I'm 100% on board that STR's have absolutely zero business operating in residential neighborhoods. Vacation destinations or condos etc. in a city are one thing but it's bullshit in a neighborhood. I could probably make a lot more $$ on my rental (that is less than a mile away from my house) if I turned it into a STR but would never do that to the neighbors.
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