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  1. No...but I am a culturalist. But I guess we can all pretend that Mexico & South America isn't dominated by the culture of corruption? If it makes you feel any better, my adopted sons are from the Caucasus Mountain region of Southern Russia. This is where the term Caucasian comes from...these are literally and undisputedly the whitest mother fuckers on the planet. They have a massive CULTURE of corruption as well. Facts aren't racist. You cannot pretend that S Texas isn't corrupt. You can't pretend Mexico & S America, or Russia aren't corrupt. Facts don't care about your opinions either. #Sorry
  2. That talk is easy...until you get the job or have to pay for all this bull shit. With leftists it's never about reality. Bernie & She Guevara are out there touting free this and free that...and to the great unwashed masses with a below 550 Beacon score it sounds great. They're not worried bout the costs...heck they can't even have a checking account anymore! You think they're worried about the Gov's financial situation? They think the Gov just prints more money! Right??? And to the white guilt leftists & college indoctrinated it's great as well. Free shit that the 'rich' will pay for...not me. I mean there are so many more rich people that just don't pay their fair share! Except that you can't steal enough from even the top 20% & evil corporations to pay for all this shit. But let's be honest...they weren't taking economics or finance classes in school. And clearly even those classes aren't what they used to be...or should be...how else do you have an economics degree from Boston U and run as a socialist? It's akin to a Cardiologist who practices blood letting. The part the left doesn't get is everything you do has an impact...on spending, on investment, on how we behave. You take away the rewards and no one wants to take the risks. You can be mad at 'rich people' for not being willing to do it...but you won't either. Would you pick up and move across country for a job that you don't know if it will pay well or last? Of course not. And they're not investing their money & time in something with huge risk and no promise of reward. Also, human nature is deeply engrained in us...it doesn't change. People are greedy. Socialists are greedy. Fuck Bernie for his constant bad mouthing of the 'rich' that mother fucker has 3 houses! Fuck him! I've got just one house and I'm supposed to feel guilty for wanting to keep my hard earned money? That mother fucker never had a job before age 40! And everything he's done since has been 'public service' IE theft from tax payers. Even sat his wife up so she could defraud us as well. That's your hero? That's the guy you want to lead this country? That guy isn't worth 2 shakes of piss on his best day. You really care about people? Great. Help them yourself. Help them find a job. Help them become financially responsible. Hell, start by raising your damn kids to be responsible. But don't pretend that the Gov is going to help them. Because trillions of dollars later we've not fixed anything. We've still got poors. We've still got failing schools. We've still got corruption and powerful corporations...and in most cases it's even worse. Freedom is the answer. Individual control is the answer. Power to the people! The individual people...not power to the Gov that supposedly is helping the people. Fuck that...it's a trap! Every. Single. Time. *And yea, with personal freedom comes personal responsibility...which is a big part of the problem leftists have with it. **And yes, with smaller Gov we're going to have to do more ourselves in the form of helping others, charity, and support. But that is more efficient. It has only a fraction of the fraud. And it actually works to help people...not make them dependent. Rant over...
  3. Oh...I've got no doubt that those people will vote...2 & 3 times even. I know, how could I assume that shady shit would happen in South Texas? πŸ™„
  4. Yes...from 2013. Cruz ran for President and was the last candidate to drop out. I don't doubt that he missed more votes than the rest who...weren't running for President. But I'm sure you said the same about Obama? Especially given his 'present' votes? πŸ˜‚
  5. No...Cruz is a dependable conservative vote in the US Senate. I don't always agree with Cruz...but I know the last thing DC needs is another fraudulent leftist. To all my little leftist buddies here, like Huckleberry, who love to 'neg' my posts...please know that a single fuck is given.
  6. Yes I live in Texas. I have for 12 of the past 14 years.
  7. Look, I'm not saying there are not people who need help either. I'm saying massive, centrally planned Gov programs are ripe with fraud ad abuse. I found this excerpt that I think sums it up nicely... Excerpted from Jim Quinn's The Burning Platform blog, The number of people on SSDI now exceeds the entire population of Greece. The aging of the population has nothing to do with the increase. In 1968 there were 51 workers for every person on disability. Today there are 13 workers for every person on disability. Even the most Pollyanna would agree that medical advancements since 1968 have been significant. These medical advancements would argue for less people being on disability and unable to work. Workplace safety measures have been increased exponentially since 1968, so that also argues for less disabled workers. The good old ADA law forced all workplaces to become disabled friendly. That argues for less people on disability. The country has transitioned from a manufacturing society to a service society. Workers don’t work on dangerous assembly lines anymore. Robots do the dangerous stuff. This should have dramatically reduced worker injuries and disabilities. Everything I’ve pointed out is true. The tremendous increase in people on SSDI is nothing but a gigantic fraud, perpetuated by the Federal government and slimy lawyers. The government broadened the scope of disabilities to include stress, depression, and non-diagnosable things like aches and pains. Sadly, we also cannot ignore the outright fraud that is military disability. I deal with endless numbers of veterans in the construction field, as do my customers. The number of former military that aren't on some form of disability is about 10%. This greatly pains me as I respect those who have served our nation, but it's out of hand. About 1/4 cars in SA have disabled vet plates. One of the guys I worked with had full disability and worked in our parts department. Part of that job's requirements was picking up 50 pounds (which he did almost daily). When we asked about his service and his injury we found out he was Navy reserve and had fallen off a scaffolding painting a building in Corpus. Who knows if he's still getting it or not...he was caught automating AR15's and selling them out of the dealership about 3 years ago. But the bigger point...he's doing a job that you can't do if you were really disabled. You can't pretend that the situation with the well paid mechanic not getting married for Gov benefits is an anomaly...it's not. That's why we have the explosion of single parent homes. We're giving disability to all types of things today. Things that many people go to work with every single day. AT SOME POINT...DO WE HAVE ANY SYMPATHY FOR THOSE WHO GO TO WORK EVERY DAY AND PAY HARD EARNED MONEY FOR THOSE WHO WON'T? ONCE AGAIN...THIS IS PEOPLE'S RENT MONEY, THE MONEY THEY USE TO RAISE THEIR KIDS. THE MONEY THAT 90% OF AMERICANS NEED TO SAVE FOR THEIR RETIREMENT. IT'S NOT JUST BILL GATES & WARREN BUFFET THAT WE'RE TAKING MONEY FROM...WE'RE TAKING MONEY FROM HARD WORKING AMERICANS. If you don't find that repulsive...then I don't know what else to say. I guess I know too many hard working people that could use that money for themselves and their families.
  8. Well then you tell us...I'll let you type it all out and break it down for the rest of us here.
  9. Clinton...when he was held to the fire by Newt and the GOP. FTR, I agree the swamp is 100% about appeasement and fixing nothing. The Bush's were shit for conservatism...mainly because they aren't conservatives. GWB didn't do anything to fix anything...he made it worse with his unfunded drug plan. The only reason anything happened under Clinton is because he did bend and the GOP did everything they could to derail him. Under Obama, a-holes in GOP leadership bent over backwards out of fear of being called racists. Under Bush everyone was happy to pile on the gravy train. It's one of my issues with Trump...his budget. Frankly it really doesn't matter anyway. We're broke...it's just a matter of admitting it. Going broke isn't the end of the world...the bigger problem is we'll still have a bunch of unambitious, lazy asses who are also irresponsible.
  10. Fuck me! How can I argue with that? πŸ‘‰πŸ™„πŸ’¨
  11. I'm not spending my life playing reindeer games with you. I can't give you an all inclusive list because frankly I've never been on them, and I don't have the time or inclination to research them all. Nor would it matter because you'd deny it anyway. But for starters, let's throw disability out there. I'm aware of several people on disability out there working for cash at physically demanding jobs on the side. One of my customers has a truck driver that falls into this category. I told him he should turn the SOB in..."I can't...I can't find a truck driver otherwise" and frankly he's right. Every one of my customers and everyone I know in the trucking industry is short drivers. They know that if they search hard enough they'll find a Dr that will give them disability...and if they push the Gov will cave. I have rental properties and my partner at the time decided to HUD the damn things (worst decision ever) to fill them up. These properties are S of San Antonio and I ended up meeting with the ladies at the HUD office there. Hell, they know what a joke the program is. Their office is in an apartment complex that is HUD. They pointed at the different places and gave me a run down of everyone of the worst offenders. That was the issue with renting to HUD...unlike SA or Austin, these women watched the papers and police blotters like a hawk. Every time a renter got arrested or pissed hot they'd drum them out of the system as it's written. That doesn't happen in big cities. We turned 6-8 units that way...and when it happens it's a bitch because the Gov stops funding and then it's you vs deadbeat HUD recipient. I understand that you don't give a shit about my money...but I do. It's what puts a roof over me and my family. It's what pays for the food and clothes for my kids...and hopefully allows me one day to quit working and enjoy some retirement. Look, if you want to be a generous bleeding heart...I think that's fantastic. But don't tell me how fucking generous you are with my money & the money of tax payers....show me with YOUR money. Otherwise take your self righteous bull shit and shove it up your collective asses. I award you no points, as you're nothing more than a thief.
  12. Bull shit. There is endless abuse of the system...some are more flagrant than others. "Need" is a misnomer. We've graded on the curve for so long that we've confused want with need. People used to live with out A/C. People used to live without phones. People used to live without TV or endless other luxuries we now have. If people really want these things...and just like myself, I'm sure they do...they can do what I do for them. Go to fucking work. Save their money. The hard truth is that if you provide people with the ability to avoid the consequences of their decisions...there is no limit to the number of horrific decisions they will make. That's true of children, adults, whites, blacks, individuals of all colors and creeds,, corporations, Government employees, National Banks, and even me. And there is no justice in burdening the responsible left among us with the costs of the seemingly endless irresponsible. BTW...America is the greatest country ever...if you think there are better, by all means feel free to go live there. I promise...we won't miss you, we've got an endless supply of dip shits these days, it'll be like you never left.
  13. You start with abled body people that won't or don't want to work. How can you expect others to pay for them? What do you or I as tax payers owe them? And frankly, if you feel you owe them...by all means give them money from your accounts to be irresponsible burdens. Corps and businesses produce something of value. They make things, provide jobs. But it would still be better without Gov manipulation. If you want to end 'corporate welfare' then we have to reduce taxes and eliminate deductions. I'm all for a flat tax on corps and individuals. Easy to file, easy to monitor, allows business and people to manage their affairs without the impact of the Gov deforming economic reality.
  14. Look, I'm all for getting the Gov out of picking winners and losers. The tax code is a big part of that happy horse shit. But 'corporate welfare' is a misnomer. It's tax deductions the Gov is giving for companies to jump through their hoops...like spending money on depreciable assets for example. It's another practice that I disagree with because it's wasteful and encourages business to make poor investments by incentivizing those bad choices with tax deductions. I've done it in my non corporation business structure and inside one of my corps as well.. I know many others that have too. When your choice is buy a $45k pickup or piece of equipment or pay $15k + in taxes...it's easy to just go buy a new truck or tractor at a 'discounted cost' and tell Uncle Sam 'I'll catch you next time'. Many of my customers did it with borrowed money...which isn't a great plan. You build up debt to avoid taxes. Iowa farmers are some of the worst when it comes to this practice. My running joke is 'If you ask the average Iowa farmer if they'd rather have AIDS or pay taxes...they'll take AIDS 99% of the time. They know people that have lived with AIDS...they don't know anyone that's survived paying taxes!" But the argument is that these programs produce sales, GDP, and jobs...and it's avoiding taxes that were due...not the Gov paying out 'taxes' beyond what was owed...like the "Earned Income Credit" or the endless other bull shit programs the Gov is involved in financing. A buddy has a young mechanic working for him that is making $40 an hour in the oil field. He knocked up his girlfriend about 8 months ago, but they have no desire to get married because she 'can get all kinds of free money, health care, and school tuition as a single mother...so we're doing that'. That's fucking bullshit. And it goes on all the time. We have a Gov that is ripe for defrauding. Hell, a lot of it is set up that way for exactly that reason. And yes, it happens at all income levels, all tax levels, with all races, creeds, and colors. But it shouldn't. It's an insult to everyone that goes to work every day, pays their bills, and lives within their means.
  15. Oh shit!! It's over!!! There are several in our hood as well. We also had about the same number of Abortion Barbie signs up...and we know how that ended. I don't have a Cruz sign up...because I don't want any crazy ass leftists or their dip shit kids fucking with my house. Plus I live in a culdesac and I know my neighbors well enough to know we're all right thinking adults. We just give each other the Norris to acknowledge we're on board. https://media.giphy.com/media/2dJ5Iait4QrW8/giphy.gif
  16. I appreciate that you somehow made it racial...but for the record I think there are a ton of people from all races that are abusing Gov benefits.
  17. I actually appreciate that part... Hell, I wish they'd shut down 50% of it...permanently.
  18. Well the money I was going to spend sending her to MMA training will go to repairing my vehicle. 😑 I'd get her a gun to just shoot the son's a bitches...but given our socioeconomic status I'm sure they'd look to make an example of her. πŸ™
  19. I see all types of people on their phones. But it's funny, in San Antonio the odds of getting a ticket is highly correlated to the value of your vehicle. If you look like a penniless POS you can walk on about any crime here short of murder. My wife got rear-ended last week and the POS was on his phone. All tatted up and gave her a false name. She has the plates and a bad pic of the guy...he 'ran home to get his insurance info' and will never be seen again. Cops filed hit & run...but basically told her they'll do nothing to find the guy. I can't be mad. I can't expect my unarmed 135 pound wife to tackle and apprehend some gang looking MF...or start taking pics until he attacks her. Rant over.
  20. IF I, as a conservative had such contempt for someone I was investigating for political reasons I'd like to think I'd dismiss myself from the investigation knowing that my clear and open bias would taint any findings when it went to trial. That's just common sense 101. Oh...and right now they have no evidence that I'm aware of...unless you know of something directly linking Trump or the campaign to Russian collusion? Manafort is on trial for tax evasion and being an unregistered lobbyist for a foreign agency. The Russians charged are not tied to Trump...just that they attempted to interfere in our elections. Something that pretty much every nation does...including the US under Obama (Brexit & Israel elections). Regardless...someone stupid enough to do what Strzok did...much less as an FBI counterintelligence director is inexcusable. He's clearly too fucking stupid to hold that position...in addition to being entirely too biased.
  21. Except no one is throwing those wearing two types of fabrics off buildings... Or beheading women who would teach... I know, I know...there's the whole gay wedding cake thing...which is way more destructive than that. πŸ™„
  22. That's what they're paid & trained to do. God forbid we let them do their jobs. πŸ™„
  23. Well since you know so much about Sharia and islam...you know that its not really something that lines up with Western values or freedoms...and in any Islamic countries it's not exactly 'voluntary'. You'll probably want to do some more Sharia research. Here's a few fun aspects of Sharia. Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers should be whipped. - That'll be super popular. πŸ˜‚ Islam allows husbands to hit their wives even if the husbands merely fear highhandedness in their wives. - Why wouldn't someone who supports this be right at home with a bunch of pussy hat wearing feminists??? πŸ™„ Islam commands that homosexuals must be executed. - That's not going to be a problem for leftist progressives. In a group that wants people fired or kicked out of college for using the wrong 'preferred pronouns' πŸ˜‚ Keep your eyes up kids...we're in a Sharia neighborhood where gays mysteriously fly off buildings. Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped and adulterers to be stoned to death. - Sure to be a leftist fan favorite here on Surly! Islam orders death for Muslim and possible death for nonβ€”Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran and even sharia itself. - That won't be a problem...I'm sure people of this mindset will totally not try to enforce that. Islam orders apostates to be killed. - Great news...if you want to leave...we've got to kill ya. The left's hatred of Christianity & their shortsighted 'enemy of my enemy' policy has lead them into defending something entirely contradictory to any of their beliefs. Heck...you just did.
  24. No...that means the cops step in.
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