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  1. If any of you are wondering what Elizabeth Holmes federal prison facility is like in Bryan, here is a link. Honestly, it looks nicer than a lot of the A&M campus.
  2. Shadow, this post is a good summary of how you engage with the forum. You seem authentic in your descriptions of the troubles you face and I’m sorry that you are unhappy in your personal life. I have apologized for targeting you for your criticism of Sam and I apologize again. I admire your passion which clearly comes across. That is admirable. It is also a characteristic of yours to quickly turn a thread into yourself as the subject. It’s disingenuous for you to claim otherwise. You also tend to quickly escalate into hyperbole. A good example is your response above, when you claim that people are telling you to permanently stop posting here. Literally no one said that. We were concerned about your mental health and were trying to offer advice to take a break to help you. That’s an important distinction. You also claim that everyone knows that how serious your physical situation is. I’m really sorry to hear this but I literally had no idea your life is in jeopardy. I am guessing that lots of people don’t know this as well. Again, I am so sorry to hear this. If you only want to discuss hoops, which Is fine, clicking on a thread that is titled, “Huge Piece of shit and woman abuser Chris Beard…” is going to be disappointing for you. As for me, I am here for laughs, hating on douchebags like Chris Beard, Jimbo, Tom Herman, etc, and I’m going to happily focus on the negative. You’re not the only person who has had run-ins w people here. It’s the nature of this place and part of the attraction. Hell, @jimmyjazz and I have had it and I am glad he is here to give me shit. We can exhibit an honest piece of ourselves here that we can’t do at our homes and jobs, and that’s what is so fun about this place. Finally, neither you, or me, or ANYONE here can have it both ways. You can’t dish out shit and then inform everyone that they aren’t allowed to give you shit. It’s not the way the world works. I always love it when a celebrity who feasts on fame suddenly complains about negative reporting and comments when things go bad for them. They can’t make everyone only adhere to their narrative.That’s how life works. I am glad you are here and again, I’m sorry about your condition, and I hope you are with us for a long, long time. But try to have an appreciation for the points of views form different people here. You will enjoy much more if you can. Thanks and hang in there.
  3. Haha. Some posters also noticed this amazing comment and shared it here before me. I saw it and also thought it was extremely unhinged, even for Aggy.
  4. Shadow, I genuinely enjoy your presence here, but I am, again, worried about your mental health. I suggest you step away for a few days and try to focus on something else. It's not worth it to get yourself so worked up. Take care of yourself.
  5. Luckily, very few college coaches fit this description.
  6. Yes, this has been mentioned. That’s because there’s a very popular thread on Surly about this very guy who runs the Michigan podcast Twitter account with over 17K responses. The vast majority of responses are about his 20 years of talk radio and social media activism. However, the last 3K or so responses have been exclusively about his shirt.
  7. Update on Jackson. The police released the redacted police report details and needless to say, it's not looking good for our boy. Barstool Sports has a fairly entertaining article that is worth a read. Few key points below: After the alleged assault, Jackson returned to the restaurant to tell the woman he had just assaulted how he could help grow her business through his social following! You know, normal stuff. I also like the fact that he told an employee that when Jackson is in a room (of the restaurant!), the employee should not enter. He said this AFTER shoving the employee twice. It's good Jackson doesn't feel entitled in any way. Apparently, someone informed our girl, Brittany Mahomes, that telling people who condemned Jackson's alleged sexual violence against the restaurant owner that they should "shut up" MAYBE isn't the most positive, helpful message these days. She has now come out with a cryptic Insta post that apparently condemns Jackson while patting herself on the back yet again. Is she really the best partner Patrick can find? “As you get older you start to understand the difference between friends and associates, family and blood, business and work, love and lust, want and need. And most of all what’s important and what’s not,” the Chiefs QB’s wife posted on her Instagram story Monday before later taking it down. She shared a second that read, “Unfortunately, a lot of y’all met me when I lacked boundaries and was a people pleaser. Let me reintroduce myself, I burn bridges as needed.” Here are details from the police report: On Monday, Johnson County District Judge Thomas Sunderland ordered the release of a redacted copy of the police affidavit, which states Jackson “grabbed [Aspen Vaughn] by the throat, forcing her head back and kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth” three times without her consent and then told her not to tell anyone, according to a separate report from the Kansas City Star. Vaughn, 40, who is the owner of the Aspens Restaurant and Lounge … told police that Jackson told her he needed to speak with her in the office, located in the lower level of the restaurant — and that he closed the door once they were inside. “He then grabbed her by the throat, forcing her head back and kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth,” the affidavit states — alleging that Jackson repeated the act two more times seconds apart. … When Jackson left the office, Vaughn showed two servers — whom she claimed did not hear her when she called out for help — her neck, which had fresh signs of injury, according to the affidavit. Both employees confirmed that account to police. … At one point, Jackson returned to the office trying to explain “what he could do for her business,” according to the affidavit, which noted Jackson has a large social media following. Jackson was reportedly angry when he and his group of friends were eventually told to leave the restaurant. Additionally in the redacted affidavit, the waiter, who chose not to be identified, spoke with police on the night of the incident and said he had gone to the office on the lower level of the restaurant to retrieve his water bottle. The waiter entered the code and was barely through the door when Jackson allegedly pushed his chest and told him not to come in, according to the affidavit — which states the waiter then told Jackson he was an employee and needed his water bottle. That’s when Jackson allegedly pushed the waiter a second time and told him to get out. Jackson later attempted to apologize, but told the waiter that he should not have to tell him twice to leave a room and that if he’s in a room in the restaurant, it is off limits.
  8. With all due respect, if that young lady on the left can make the cut, how hard can this really be?
  9. ChatGPT, please rewrite the Texas A&M University student creed to be about aliens The Alien Student Creed of Texas A&M University: We, the extraterrestrial students of Texas A&M University, embrace a creed that reflects our intergalactic values, celebrates our cosmic journey, and upholds the unity of alien intellect. With utmost respect for our diverse celestial origins, we pledge to adhere to the following principles: I am an alien, bound by cosmic kinship, and I hold steadfast to the interstellar traditions of my celestial heritage. As an ambassador of my otherworldly race, I embrace intellectual discovery and strive for astronomical wisdom, seeking knowledge beyond the boundaries of Earth. I exhibit respect for the unique perspectives and galactic experiences of my fellow extraterrestrial beings, fostering a community that cherishes diversity in all its cosmic forms. I honor the interplanetary sanctity of truth and integrity, upholding the cosmic principles of honesty and transparency in my academic pursuits. I embody intergalactic honor, embracing the interstellar principles of responsibility, accountability, and ethical conduct in all aspects of my life. I champion the spirit of cosmic unity, fostering an inclusive environment that transcends planetary borders and empowers all beings, regardless of their interstellar origins. I am an active participant in the pursuit of intergalactic progress, engaging in constructive dialogue and collaboration, transcending cultural barriers, and contributing to the shared cosmic knowledge. I demonstrate extraterrestrial stewardship by preserving the cosmic environment, both on Earth and beyond, promoting sustainability and responsible interplanetary exploration. I embrace the cosmic responsibility of service, contributing my unique alien talents, skills, and energies for the betterment of the cosmic community. I stand as a beacon of extraterrestrial excellence, showcasing the remarkable achievements of our otherworldly kind and inspiring others through my cosmic endeavors. As an alien student of Texas A&M University, I willingly embrace this creed and strive to uphold its principles, thereby illuminating the path for future generations of extraterrestrial scholars.
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