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  1. Great story. Thanks!
  2. Fait point, but maybe Gundy helped Mixon become a better person. I'm not sure if he's had any legal issues since his school one. (and it was a biggie)
  3. Wait? You're limiting that line of reasoning to 17-18 year olds? The line of 50+ men who have thrown away a career/life for tail is long and illustrious.
  4. Dripping Springs will be a hard game. It's in their house, they have a terrific QB (heading to Baylor), and they will be psyched out of their minds as they enter 6A. It's tough living life as an eternal pessimist but I manage.
  5. Well, the polls are out and as usual, Westlake's been disrespected! MaxPreps shaved off our logo to minimize our impact. And Dave Campbell's Texas Football is doing their usual bait-and-switch, "rank us too high to sabotage our season," hack. Joking aside, I do predict our 3-year reign of terror ends this year. We will have a good line, pretty good D, great RB & WRs. However, there will be a BIG drop-off at QB as two untested players battle for the job and I think you need a great, proven QB to win it all. North Shore was an exception last year w/ a very talented freshman but he could be a generational player. We could even lose games in district to LT and Dripping Springs.
  6. People forget how much development Young required.
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