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  1. Looking for 3 or 4 together lower level for okie st. Yellow parking a plus.
  2. That's right we use confidence points we're hardcore. Group: Dicker the kicker PW: runrickyrun $25 buy-in PM me http://fantasy.espn.com/college-football-pickem/2019/en/group?groupID=93205
  3. If that option is no longer there for you, you can kiiiiiind of make it look old by choosing Settings>Display Density>Compact. Kinda.
  4. TxArch


    Since most of my purchases are 50 years old or Goodwill digs, they sometimes have a nice layer of dust & dirt on them. Don't wanna fuck up my stylus.
  5. TxArch


    Thanks. Yeah, I have a ton that need cleaning so I'm looking at machines.
  6. TxArch


    What record cleaners do y'all have, & do you love it?
  7. & shit? I have a background checker but can't find some certain shit. Please PM.
  8. TxArch


    Oh shit nice. If you have any jazz records you're looking to sell, let me know.
  9. TxArch


    Well, count me in the "original pressings are better" camp, at least for certain genres & bands. There's just something about holding an original BLP deep groove in your hand that's made it through 60 years, with the accompanying blemishes & wear from previous owners. For rock I don't really mind early reissues, but for jazz, blues, & soul, I definitely seek out first or second pressings.
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