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  1. I dunno, there were a lot of people that felt Sark was a “hope” hire. He wasn’t overly successful at any point being a head coach and then of course he had his demons. We were hoping Sark hadn’t met his full potential and learned how to run a program under Saban but there wasn’t anything concrete. Obviously he’s turned out to be an excellent hire. I do agree tho that Sark had more in the boat at the beginning than Pierce.
  2. Probably put Sark in there as well and going 5-7 in his first season sure didn’t help.
  3. I think CDC will look at the merit and think that it’s better to do less projecting. There is less risk involved in hiring a proven coach rather than a coach that seems to be on an upward trajectory and has a couple of flashes.
  4. I have already said this once, but to me, this is a totally irrelevant point to make in regards to how we should look at hiring a replacement for Pierce. Why are we looking at their entire resumes and not Pierce? I think it’s possible to understand that he has put himself in a hole that a lot of us don’t think he can get out of, but at the same time acknowledging his pretty good success at Texas. We should be aiming higher than some of the proposed resumes. And this is coming from me who has had Canham as an option with what he has done at Oregon state and being a head coach in the minors means he has an eye for development.
  5. Last time Pierce lost a regional game was when they went to Long Beach his first year. He’s 12-0 ever since. The guy has taken care of business in the regionals and yet somehow it’s not that good because other higher seeds choked in their own regional. Ole Miss lost 2 straight to TT in the final and then Florida goes 0-2 in their own regional. What is Pierce supposed to do?
  6. No, if I’m choosing to hire a new coach, I just prefer guys that won a title over ones have played for one in 14 years.
  7. You’re not entirely because if you were then your list should include (no particular order): Vitello, O’Conner, O’Sullivan, Schloss, Gilmore, Savage and any other coach in the country with a better resume than Pierce has right now. The Walter’s and Bakich’s should be on the outside looking in.
  8. Again, reading comprehension. And I do think hiring a better coach would have put us in a better case right now but you’re acting like it’s ok to hire another Pierce from Tulane. Why would you want that to be the standard hiring process? We got pretty damn lucky hiring a guy like Pierce and getting the results we have thus far. Football and basketball have shown what happens more often than not.
  9. You can just stop with that “at the time of his hiring” nonsense. We are at the present with what Pierce has shown. We can’t go back in time and have an administration and AD know what the fuck they’re doing. So acting like we should hire guys with comparable resumes before Pierce was hired is stupid. If we are going to fire a guy with 3 CWS appearances than the replacement better be far better.
  10. On the flip side, anyone wanting Pierce to be fired and replaced with a lesser resume, must be comfortable with the risk that it comes with. There is like 3 or 4 guys that aren’t up there in age and still have an equal or better resume than Pierce. If we can’t get one of those guys with one being Vitello(barf), then the assumed risk is greater than keeping Pierce. Imo if Bakich makes a deep run with Clemson then he maybe moves into the quality resume guys.
  11. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve leaned to letting him go for a while now. But there is this small part of me that believes if he were to somehow save his job this year and then make it an ole miss type run next year (in the sense the fan base wants him fired not necessarily we would be one of the last four teams in like ole miss was), I don’t think we would still want him fired two years post winning the World Series like ole miss is in right now. It would probably be more of getting over the hump and good things continue to snowball for the program. The problem is I don’t see that happening with him as the pitching coach and not being able to attract good assistants.
  12. Not this again. We’re talking about firing a guy that has 3 trips to the college World Series, hosted regional/super regionals, multiple conference titles, golden spikes winner, and a solid number of high draft picks. Terry and Pierce are not even remotely the same. And frankly the historical standard that we hold each program to is not close either.
  13. I believe we were a 3 seed twice under Augie. Louisiana is a good ball club that has a great coach.
  14. I mean there’s still 5 power conferences, not 4. And I believe someone pointed out that the pac12 has an RPI ranking of 6th. They’re not even the 5th best power 5 conference at this point.
  15. In the end RPI played a bigger factor like said. I’m still a tad surprised
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