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  1. Cmon. Can’t leave us hanging like that.
  2. Just realized that the Texas side of the bracket for CWS is ridiculous. Potentially LSU, Wake, and Tennessee. If Florida wins their super, they should be sitting good for the CWS final.
  3. I don’t think O’Dowd has a secure spot for next year unless he just goes crazy for the super and into the CWS. His defense is average at best and is prone to make errors. I do agree his offense has gotten a bit better down the stretch.
  4. Did not about Aaron Nixon. Lulz
  5. East coast or west coast it doesn’t matter. Texas is coming to play
  6. The irony with Schlos is hilarious. Tcu couldn’t stop scoring while dragging their nuts all over Arkansas (SEC! SEC! SEC!). But here he is in Palo Alto with a team that can’t catch infield pop ups while their faces full of clown makeup. Pooooooooor aggy
  7. Like others have said it doesn’t happen much anymore. Maybe in the lower body tho. I think most have come to realize that throwing at a guys ear hole is a dumb way to send a message. If you’re going to do it then throw it 95 to ribs and get on with the game.
  8. @Cajun and I had a little back and forth a while back about guys celebrating. That was fun. At the end of the day some like seeing/doing it and vice versa. I’ve always been on the side that the game is ridiculously hard and showing a little emotion when succeeding is fine. Just don’t do anything that disrespects the other team or what your own teams culture considers dumb. If the opposing team wants to do a quick air plane thing rounding first and GG wants to do a quick celebration after an RBI double then meh, they’re both having fun. Whatever it is they need to back it up or the loss will sting a bit more.
  9. Not even close to how it works. That would mean Wake would get the hardest 2 seed.
  10. You could say the Pierce hiring was akin to the Strong hiring. Both had different outcomes. Herman was singled out immediately without hesitation and it turned out to be the wrong choice. Hiring at the end of the day is difficult to forecast but I agree there are some for sure slam dunks. No one thinks Riley at USC is going to be a bad hire. Pierce imo had done a good job at keeping the expectation of hosting regionals and supers. Got lucky one year with ole miss getting upset but Augie went there and got the job done. Who’s to say Pierce wouldn’t be able to. The OU sweep also showed that Pierce understands the level at which we should carry ourselves. After that series this team flipped the switch and hasn’t looked back. If he keeps putting himself in position to win one it’ll eventually happen. I could be wrong but I doubt we’ve got a Florida st situation on our hands.
  11. After we shelled their starter, the lefty they brought in did pretty decent against us if I’m remembering correctly.
  12. Yeah all of this. Woody has done a great job on the development side of things. Geno looks better, LBJ of course, Shaw was nothing before he got here, and you could keep going on with other guys that Pierce/Woody has developed. We can’t get lost in the notion that he was our 5 th choice in the hiring process. I was like you when we made the initial hire. It was obviously a bad situation but it turns out that we got a helluva coach and that is all that matters in the end. I saw a stat on Twitter that said Pierce hasn’t lost a regional game since 2017 so his postseason should be up there with the best.
  13. There’s no evidence for this but if we matched LSU for Skenes then I bet he picks us.
  14. Totally, and I’m not dismissing the NIL making things more complicated and difficult. Pierce has done more with less at times here at Texas and I think that highlights his coaching ability. Maybe with the recent donor match will help with on closing the big name guys that we’ve missed out on previously. GG, Hurley, Shaw, and Brown are all big time contributors this year tho.
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