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  1. They just got Prager back and he was drafted in the 3rd round. They are going all in this year and the pressure will be high on Earley. It would be a massive failure If they don’t go deep without any key injuries.
  2. Yeah this is good for college baseball and wish it would have happened sooner.
  3. Damn. He even led in walk %. That fits Schloss pretty well.
  4. Ah ok, wanted to make sure because you went off on AM. And yeah most of the grid walked away having horrible strategy during the race. I think 2, maybe 3 liked their strategy execution?
  5. Was your reply to me supposed to be adding another instance of team with bad strategy?
  6. VCARB really screwed over Danny with strategy and they should have finished with both drivers in the points.
  7. I don’t think this is being said enough.
  8. Right, and that is why it doesn’t break any rules. What made Ventress’ story with Dooku in the clone wars interesting is it allowed us to see that while there are only 2 Sith at a time, they still control some dark side users. Can be an acolyte/assassin or something like what Palps did with Maul after defeating him and Savage.
  9. Nah. They’ve always had assassins or whatever. We don’t know what Qimir’s relationship is with *spoiler*. If I had to guess it’s a Palps>Dooku>Ventress situation.
  10. I think it being a character with hardly any force power used in a long time all of the sudden getting mad and turning it red was dumb. There was something there in the beginning….maybe
  11. The series suffers from having a decent idea/vision with absolutely terrible execution. I don’t know how many times I thought I knew what they were trying to do with a character and then be completely confused an episode later. Sometimes from one scene to the next. This really should have been a movie.
  12. I would guess they’re hoping with the 2 cameos enough fans will want a second season and Disney will give it to them. Thats what I saw and what others are saying.
  13. The Royals apparently can make a run for DeGroat.
  14. Per @Hookem75 DeGroat has been picked in the 14th
  15. If Mercer can close and we can find him a set up guy, I can see Gage being a starter. Then again they would be a helluva 1-2 punch out of the pen. At least we know he can do both. Well that sucks
  16. I also forgot about Gage. If the reports of him coming back are true, then i’d bet he’s a strong contender to be a weekend starter.
  17. The thing is one of atm’s best starters never touched 91 consistently. Weiner can develop Ace in to a good starter and his injury made him look worse than he should have been this year.
  18. Not sure with all the young talented arms we have coming to campus. He seems to have starter stuff but so does Navarre? I guess as of right now our weekend starters are Grubbs, Ace and Burns(?).
  19. I assume this means we now have a baseline for our infield options with Rodriguez 3B, Flores SS, Mendoza 2B, and Borba 1B.
  20. No I don’t believe so. He committed before the tweet was sent by Blake.
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