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  1. USC giving Sparty all they can handle in the first half. Kennesaw State not shrinking from the moment either.
  2. Interested to see if the fighting Pitino's can give UConn a game. VCU is the other one but a 12 over 5 isn't really an upset anymore.
  3. Yesterday was fun. My team won and Arizona lost. Only thing would have made it better would have been Mutards losing too.
  4. BilL Self won't be coaching the first round. Might not coach this first weekend but definitely not coaching today.
  5. If you play a conference foe 3 times, you cant see them before the Elite 8. Twice you cant see them before the Sweet 16. Sometimes this can't be avoided due to the number of teams a conference may get in. With the Big 12 getting 4 teams in the top 4 lines, all 4 of those teams HAD to be in separate regions. The other 3 teams (ISU, WVU, and TCU) had to be in a region with another BIg 12 member and due to seeding it could be just about no where else to put them.
  6. I'm sure this will be a well ref'd game and no one will have any complaints. /s Thank fucking god this is the last game of the year I have to listen to Fran though.
  7. Ha, no I was born in 76. I did not graduate from KU though most of my family has. My family moved down to Houston when I started HS and I was not paying out of state tuition to go to KU. Been a fan since I was old enough to talk though.
  8. Just wanted to stop by and say I went to the KU/UT game in Austin and had a great time. Obviously we did not win but I sat in the corner right above the band and y'alls student section across the arena were amped up and very fun. MUCH better atmosphere than the Erwin center was. I wanted to get to this game because it might be the last time we play in Austin (off chance we get a road game at UT next year but who knows) before you guys head off to get the bag. All in all Moody is a great stadium and everyone was pleasant. I was sat next to two young girls who had a Timmy Allen sign and were apparently huge fans of him with faces painted and all. I will say, if I never hear Texas Fight (or Boomer Sooner) ever again it will be too soon but to the Texas fans who might have been in my area, you guys were all very cool and I had a great time.
  9. Technically you are not. KU and UT would have to lose out. But since they play each other in the last game, ISU is eliminated.
  10. As an outsider I look at what Texas has done from the very beginning to now and I think they handled this whole situation just about as perfectly as they could. First statement was "aware of situation, gathering information blah blah" Second act was to suspend the coach without pay while gathering information. Once the information was gathered, sat on it and waited for Beard/lawyer to say something (verbally or written) that gave them the out they needed without having to pay him a single dime and immediately terminated him. Acutely aware of the situation UT has been and handled it perfectly.
  11. Hell I dont care. Wife got the tickets and hotel on her dime for my Christmas gift. I'll pay for the overpriced alcohol. The fact that they have Love Street pleases me though.
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