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  1. Clemson fans outraged. Good
  2. Coaching malfeasance on steroids.
  3. Meggers losing the game for Ducks.
  4. You forgot fake military…..
  5. The bubbles are fucking embarrassing.
  6. Great throw aggy dumbass.
  7. Hope you didn’t wipe.
  8. Flip that bat now Clemson.
  9. Yep, doing simple pleasures like going to Town Lake to walk the trail became very unpleasant because so many people and this became a constant theme regardless of the activity until I sadly said, I’m done and left Austin.
  10. Tennessee may lose to the vaunted purple aces.
  11. Go sit down. That was strike three.
  12. Oregon pitching looks done and be out after tomorrow.
  13. Needed to cover up the fans shitting in their pants.
  14. All those B12 school that just hate Texas so much are going to miss that $$$$$
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