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  1. Cmon, every great coach loses to Abilene Christian in tournament.
  2. Glad I went gambling at casino tonight instead of watch the game.
  3. Tua and Hurts on same team at Alabama. Not fair.
  4. Listening to Peyton, probably 10 yards.
  5. Jags went from a joke under Urban to legit contenders under Pederson.
  6. Sick of refs making incorrect calls.
  7. I’m worried about the improvement.
  8. Probably the one team they didn’t want to play for direct comparison purposes. The fucks.
  9. It’s about winning of course but if you seen his interviews he’s a keeper for reasons beyond just winning, if that’s possible.
  10. Like the uncle that always wears pajamas and thinks every day is Christmas….
  11. Washington got a good mascot so please keep him away from Bevo. And fuck that bulldog
  12. Sark looks and sounds great. He’s proven he’s a keeper, win or lose going forward.
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