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  1. Off to one of our “tell me about” or “circle jerk” a&m threads. They just give us so much.
  2. That reminds me when we used to put Dave Matthews, Cory Morrow and Chuck Berry as the entertainment on our frat party posters at UT. Of course they never showed (except for Cory), but there were always a few freshman chicks that would stay late, fuck around, and find out. Oh those days. “Where is Dave Matthews?” ”oh, their bus broke down in Lampasas, Mark and Todd are on their way to pick them up”. “Ok, that’s cool. We’ll wait. Could you get me more punch?” And then later the older girls would show up and tell the youngins that Dave was never coming to play a frat party. But by that point they were already dancing to whatever funk band we did have and did not care. Oh those days.
  3. Baylor. Now go home and get your fucking shine box.
  4. I agree with the sentiment, but maybe it’s not the best cut down, because sucking your own dick, while it’s been suggested might make you gay, would probably be pretty awesome. I started drinking about an hour ago, so I don’t know if this makes sense.
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