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  1. wasn't showing up for me. thanks for the correction.
  2. Gotcha. Sounds like it might be a good deal, then.
  3. Says $24.99/month on the 'zon page I see. First I have heard about it. Reviews seem mixed. Would be curious as to how it works out for you though. All my vinyl is on pre-order right now. Including this one: https://store.wearedelasoul.com/products/3-feet-high-and-rising-physical-album?variant=43898508050710
  4. I have skimmed much of this thread so apologies if this has been posted. Here's a video of him skateboarding https://old.reddit.com/r/skateboarding/comments/10mqsjd/tyre_nichols_skateboarding/ and one where he chose 'we all float on' as the song: I haven't and won't watch the video where he got beat to death in a cruel fashion. Descriptions are usually enough for me, and thanks to those of you provided them.
  5. Guess that depends on definition of 'overreacting.'
  6. De La Soul's first six albums coming to streaming services on March 3. can't wait.
  7. Maybe today will be the big day! (to be clear, bemoaning the situation we're all in, not picking on you in particular)
  8. Yeah, no. Facebook parent Meta said Wednesday it will restore former President Donald Trump ‘s personal account in the coming weeks, ending a two-year suspension it imposed in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection. https://apnews.com/article/8613875e57f842c869e88042450aef23
  9. yeah, if we start counting local bands, well I lived next to the backroom for a year and saw Pariah a bunch. and Ian Moore used to gig on the reg in deep ellum when i lived in Dallas. I would always end the night there.
  10. I've mentioned it before, but the book "Chaos Machines" really caused me to re-evaluate my attitude during some of those peak "Hermain Cain award" moments. There are multiple factors, but the very nature of social media imo is the reason many are dead. And of course Trump politicizing it on his end. But even then, I'm pretty convinced that Facebook and twitter bear the greatest responsbilty. Just because people are dupes doesn't mean it is good to dupe them or that they deserved horrible deaths.
  11. As to the other sadness, we have decided we see cool with kids dying in schools and then pretending nothing can be done. We are a decaying society by any obvious stretch. I still vainly hold on to the notion that due to my age I won’t be around to see the total collapse but I wouldn’t bet on it.
  12. Remember during the Dormer situation when LA cops fired randomly into trucks that looked like the truck he drove? Remember the Rampart scandal? Ever read the Rolling Stone article on Tupac and Biggie? One of the most dangerous gangs in LA is the police force itself. Sure, give ‘em bazookas.
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