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  1. Yeah I on purpose didn't post the video b/c the visuals imo distract from the music.
  2. Blessings to you Matt Pike. That is the stuff, always. Apple Music Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/burning-down/1729249506?i=1729249853
  3. holy fuck did you just write something with that amount of idiocy in only two paragraphs? I can't even. Esp the hypocrisy on labelling and what started this exchange in the first place. And now I'm a racist protesting Targets. Holy fuck. There's not really much of an effort on my part to explain or defend because your criticism (well, your attempts at trying to lump me in with those you view as stupid) just doesn't land. And you aren't fucking worth it. But on thing you're 100% right--the exchange has no purpose. I might as well just say why don't you go find some brown people to bomb and label them anti-Semitic and call it a day.
  4. sure, substantial criticism. "sometimes people on the opposite ends of the spectrum agree on points! therefore they're duped pawns! especially if fucking facts (like number of homeless, rent prices, e.t.c) don't line up with my feelings! they are not not great intelligent, non-swayed independent thinkers like the rest of us!" lulz. and the great center right circle jerk continues.
  5. the fact that you think I'm parroting far right talking points when the only facts I quoted were decidedly not from a far right publication is something. i'm a far right pawn? and you think the blue maga stuff is just uncalled for, eh? ok.
  6. Yeah, for sure dude. I have that guy on ignore btw. I like how pointing how anything in the 'not good' section of the economy for folks is somehow the equivalent of being a republican tool, which is what your super normal wildcat friend came in with right away at me. Or pointing out any other of Biden's faults is the same thing. Sure, Chicken and I are on the same page and worthy of the same derision. It is easier then thinking. Horseshoe indeed.
  7. Agreed on the unhinged part. Probably not on who exactly is unhinged.
  8. Fuck off, bootlicking blue maga. Pointing out what isn't great isn't being a Republican tool. Since you're not progressive you don't actually get to tell them how to think either. Is issuing more drilling permits than Trump progressive? Interfering with the railroad union progressive? Has the immigration policy actually changed since Trump's time? No more kids in cages? And oh yeah, Palestinian genocide. Very, very progressive. The best progressives!
  9. Fucking generations? How are those fucking generations doing tough guy? And if you're capable of reading comprehension, which I believe you are, you'll note where I didn't blame all of that on Biden. But telling people the 'economy is great therefore vote fo me' is bullshit.
  10. This board is a bubble. Is that wage growth CEO wage growth or the average worker's wages? Did their wages keep up with the cost of goods? How many millennials can afford a house now? What is the average age of a millennial? The middle class and below are getting squeezed terribly whether this place wants to admit or not. Grocery bills eat up more than they used to eat up. Then there is everything else. Use cards cost more now than they used to cost. Home repairs, medical bills, whatever. It all costs more. Do you see the amount of tech layoffs going on lately? Oh sure we created more jobs--at what pay level? None of that is to blame Biden, per se. But when people hurt* telling them "the economy is great its your fault for being deceived" imo isn't awesome messaging. I'm pretty convinced Biden needs Trump. Because "I'm not Trump" is his main winning line. * https://jacobin.com/2024/02/us-economy-opinion-polls-cost-of-living
  11. Completely agreed on the album I linked. Was blown away by it.
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