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  1. Drives in the 1st half set up 3s in the 2nd half. They miss, we win.
  2. It’s only wrong in the sense it’s a useless observation. Disu out. Bish mans the post with little help. He’s holding up fine so far. 1 foul in the first half. He can afford to be more physical in the 2nd. You go to war with the army you have, not the army you want to have.
  3. I’m just grateful that Texas admin handled this mess much better than a lot of fans have. In a world where Texas kept Beard and Texas is in the Elite 8, you’d see nowhere the vitriol from our side against CB. This isn’t about principle, it’s about the pathological need to posture. I know this because I’m better than all of you.
  4. I dunno, I pull for conference opponents this time of year. Baylor and OU are challenging but luckily only one made the tourney. I thoroughly enjoyed watching K State today.
  5. Wu, I admire your transparency here and courage to make a change that you judge to be necessary for your personal health and wellbeing. I often have a similar admiration in the alcoholics thread. It’s my hope that we can collectively reach the point where all transitioning people are honored and respected, including trans folk. Overweight people are no strangers to being culturally vilified either.
  6. Genetics talk not going away. The refs pretty much swallowed their whistles last night. Pedo had a bunch of thick, physical screeners trying to peel off defenders by any means necessary. I only recall Pickett being called despite a bunch of questionable screens. Props to the Horns for adapting to the way the game was called and fighting through it.
  7. Kaluma needs to come to Texas. Cmon Bish, recruit!
  8. Damn, was hoping it was the new grackle cannon.
  9. I was always a Glisten man.
  10. We tend to defend the perimeter pretty well. I am optimistic after watching this team knock Grady’s Dick in the dirt twice in 8 days.
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