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  1. I clearly remember digging them first on Friday Night Videos. RIP
  2. Undoubtedly his line of shoes for landscapers will fare much better.
  3. Chiding anyone about nobility is rich coming from a GGW alum. (Pre-emptive apologies if I’m confusing you with a different poster)
  4. Clever. Always appreciate a heads-up to let me know when someone won’t be commenting.
  5. Nice try F250, but I will refrain from commenting on that horror; there’s no way I’m going to bite.
  6. Greg’s playing chess, people. The pawns are always first to die. Well, except for maybe women and children in razor wired rivers.
  7. A state that insists government is the problem assures you it can administer humane death. You gotta problem with that?
  8. I lived nearby too. Made an evening XC ski run on the old coal trail to the Brick and happened upon their prime rib night. I also made it to the town movie theater whenever I could which is located in a renovated funeral home, I believe.
  9. Is toxic 2024’s new broad brush criticism for things we don’t like? I’ll agree woke was getting pretty worn. I still don’t get drip and refuse to assimilate that one into the lexicon. Trying to keep up.
  10. I’m surprised he’s lived as long as he has. Quite possibly not his first exposure to narcan.
  11. Irsay has seemed addled as long as I can remember. He should fire the owner.
  12. Nascent leprosy, inshallah No doubt cult members will attribute it to stigmata though.
  13. I have a 12+ hour layover in Toronto Sunday. Is there anything nearish the airport that merits having to go through airport lines to get back in?
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