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  1. Well, you got one thing right in your entire post.
  2. I have no idea if anything in this report is accurate, but it’s pretty insane if true. If Horner really is offering 650k, then there’s some real evidence/legitimacy to the claims. The article makes it sound like Horner would’ve been fired to at least suspended but the Thais who own 51% of Red Bull are in Horner’s corner no matter what and won’t allow it. F1 always brings the drama. https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/s/XEnSAZevZD
  3. Yeah, his measurables certainly jumped him up, but 40 time is absolutely irrelevant to his play, and broad jump is also pretty useless if the guy hasn’t actually exhibited much explosiveness or disruptiveness in his game film. It was a dumb pick at the time by the Eagles even without the benefit of hindsight.
  4. Jordan Davis definitely seems like the comp to me, but I think Sweat is quite a bit more disruptive. Davis went 13th. I doubt Sweat goes that high, because Davis was overdrafted at 13. Sweat has a good chance to sneak into the first round IMO. His film this year was absolutely elite despite not being a huge pass rusher. He’s kind of like the defensive version of an elite Guard or Center. His position caps his value, but you know you’re getting a great player. The Ravens took Tyler Lindenbaum 25th a couple years ago. I could see something similar to that for Sweat. Starting at 25, the Packers, Bills, Lions, Ravens, and Chiefs could all be potential landing spots for him.
  5. Has Brugler always been that high on Sweat or is this a post-Senior Bowl jump in the rankings for him? It seems like Sweat had a good showing at the Senior Bowl and may climb a lot of peoples’ lists.
  6. lol wut. This would be a non-story if the Niners chose to kick in OT, but the fact their coaching staff clearly made the wrong choice and their players weren’t well-informed about the OT Rules shows a lack of preparation for by the coaching staff, which is a huge story because it may have swung the outcome of the Super Bowl.
  7. Kelce will be turning 35 next season. He’s not all that relevant to draft considerations or projecting if a WR can become a #1 target down the road.
  8. They brought Mack from UW. 247 had him as a top 100 recruit and he’s now been in the system for 2 years. There’s a decent chance he beats out Milroe. Saban left pretty late in the cycle. I think they’ll see attrition from that class during the spring.
  9. I can’t decide what’s weirder, you just assuming the only way this could’ve happened was a setup by Helmut Marko or MB picking Checo as their number 2 driver. I don’t think Checo would crack the top 10 of potential MB replacements.
  10. Yeesh. Pierce having Chip Kelly and Kingsbury as your two finalists for OC is a huge red flag.
  11. Every single outlet is confirming. Hamilton to Ferrari in 2025. Holy shit! The year after next year is our year!
  12. That’s a given. It’ll be Bahrain, Qatar, and Abu Dabhi.
  13. JFC. We’ll be down to about 3 purpose-built race tracks in a 30 race schedule by 2028.
  14. I have a hard time thinking of a name that’s more aggy than Andrew Hattersly. His aggy nickname is literally an abbreviation for asshat: A-Hatt.
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