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  1. Pretty similar. Per ESPN efficiency Washington #5 and OU #6. Per FEI Washington #6 and OU #7. OU's offense probably would have finished top 5 if their best WR (Anthony) didn't get injured at the end of our game.
  2. You know things are bad because Billy is just making up complete bullshit to try and calm the masses. This Jimbo rumor of hiring assistants based on Sexton and HS coaches/recruits texting him about Collin Klein are both lies.
  3. There is zero chance this is true. This is Billy trying to sell his subscribers on things being better under Elko. There is no fucking shot Jimbo was hiring coaches based on an agent's opinion.
  4. The big point here is we have not given up 35 points to anyone this year and Washington's D is only OK. Sark needs to have the mentality of "we are scoring 40 in this one." Don't try to protect the D. Do what you did in the Oklahoma State game and score a shitload.
  5. I think Washington will put up some points and yards but I'm not predicting a L. Their secondary can't cover our WRs/TE. This play is a microcosm of their D. Only rush 3 with zero pressure and then they lack athleticism on the back end.
  6. If Washington's gameplan in this one is to run the ball a lot they aren't winning. Their path to victory is to torch our secondary.
  7. Helm isn't a freak but I think he's developing into a very good blocker at the LOS. They've made it a point to run his direction in the last few weeks. Watch him seal his guy here on the Robinson TD run.
  8. I don't think Washington has the horses to stop our offense (especially in the secondary). They're a slightly better Oklahoma State on defense. We can score 30+ on this defense with no problem if Sark has the right mentality. I don't see Washington running on us. Nobody has been able to run on us all year. I don't expect that to change with the way PK schemes things and our DTs. This game comes down to 1 thing. Can our DBs cover Washington's WRs? The key point here is we just need to slow down their WRs. Don't get absolutely torched.
  9. PK's defensive scheme wants teams to run to the perimeter. Matter of fact, he baits them into doing it. Nothing would please Texas more than Washington running a bunch of toss sweeps. It's going to lead to a lot of negative plays with the way Texas 1) plays their edges 2) Plays their corners.
  10. Such a dumb decision. The only weakness this Texas team might have (key word might) is perimeter shooting. A shooter like Spear with this roster would just be unfair. I think Texas is probably a top 5 team without her but damn what a bad decision.
  11. Definitely true when Ewers initially returned. Not so much the last 2 weeks (Texas Tech and Oklahoma State). A big reason why teams had more issues getting pressure the last 2 weeks is 21 personnel. When you have 2 RBs running in different directions it requires more gap integrity instead of just running like a wild man upfield. In the Tech game, they had to pretty much abandon getting upfield because 1) Their LBs were guessing the wrong direction of the run play. 2) There were big gaps from the DL because they were trying to get pressure. That's a recipe for disaster when defending the run.
  12. The big thing about Washington that sticks out is the SP+ postgame win expectancy. 55% USC 48.7% Utah 53.3% Oregon State 49.1% Oregon They should probably have a couple of losses. Those were 4 of their last 5 games too.
  13. When Washington, USC, and Oregon want a WR that should tell you something.
  14. Burks can fly. My bet is they also view him as a special teams guy too. Punt and kickoff returner.
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