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  1. If Hill commits to Texas I will start a gofundme page to send Choate back to Hawaii. He found jesus or something there.
  2. I thought something had happened while I was away but just learned Herman Cain is still alive.
  3. Only 2 threads started this time. You are all slacking.
  4. It is a conundrum the way the Disch played this year and these juiced baseballs. Do you continue to build a team around power? The way it plays at the CWS I would much rather have a team that can get on base and find gaps. Give me as many Eric Kennedy, Antico, and Hodo types as you can find.
  5. Daly was the only hitter that regressed under Tulo. Not sure what happened. My opinion is the Disch was playing so small Daly tried to become more of a power hitter which wasn't who he was in 2021. He needs to get back to a short and compact swing that allowed him to hit .316 his freshman season.
  6. Rumors were they were offering Tulo more than that last season. This is what we should be doing with Frank Anderson.
  7. I know you're joking but Daly was actually much better than Kody Clemens in his freshman year.
  8. Kody and Kacy were both bad until the end of their careers. A lot of people were pulling the nepotism card which is funny since both ended up being our best players in their final year.
  9. I went back and looked at the 2017 team to compare how much of a rebuild it was. If Pierce can rebuild a team like in 2018 there's no reason it can't happen again with the transfer portal. This is what the 2017 team lost. Starting C (Cantu) Starting 1B (Kacy Clemens) Starting 2B (Boswell) Starting OF (Jones) Starting OF (Gurwitz) Starting OF (Mathis) Friday starter (Cooper) Saturday/Sunday starter (Johnston) Midweek starter/reliable bullpen pitcher (Kennedy)
  10. That plus experience. A big part of the success in the 2018 rebuild were all the JUCO players that were older. Ellis, Hibbeler, Petrinsky, Bocchi, and probably a couple others that I'm forgetting. Texas went from being a young team to a team with a good bit of experience adding as many JUCO players as they did.
  11. The only pitchers that have transferred are ones that weren't used in the postseason. Nixon, Eckhardt, and Stewart. This is very common attrition and probably minimal compared to most schools. Now Nixon's regression is a different story but 3 pitchers that were non-factors at the end of the season isn't exactly an indication of things "not going well within the team." This is normal attrition.
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