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  1. He should have made a change either way but 2 games means nothing if you don't win this one. Now, this looks like an egregious decision. The guy that threw a complete game shutout against the #14 team in the country last weekend may not throw a single pitch this series. That is flat-out coaching malpractice.
  2. Even if the bullpen sucks you have to chase this win. That's 100% on him for not going to his Sunday starter that was electric over the last month.
  3. Oregon should have gone to their Sunday starter. It's coaching malpractice that this guy might not throw a single inning this series.
  4. Oregon coach just let him rot out there. Insane.
  5. They're riding this guy and hoping they can save their Sunday starter for tomorrow. It's gonna look really dumb though if the guy that threw a complete game shutout at their regional doesn't pitch at all this series.
  6. I get saving your Sunday starter but Oregon is going to look really dumb it they lose this and he doesn't pitch at all.
  7. Oregon pitcher has completely lost command.
  8. This Oregon pitcher is getting squeezed like crazy.
  9. If Ackelia Smith doesn't go pro the women's team will be in good shape to win a title next year.
  10. They're even more in trouble if this gets to tomorrow. They don't have a solidified Sunday guy at all. It will likely be a bullpen day against Oregon's Sunday guy who just threw a complete game shutout at their regional. I would still take aggy but the circumstances are great for Oregon if they can win this.
  11. aggy has an interesting decision in this one because it's already going to be a bullpen game for them tomorrow. Do you chase this game?
  12. This guy gets it. Seitter has been their best starter for about a month.
  13. This might get interesting if Oregon wins this. Seiter (their Sunday guy) has been pretty good for about a month now. I'm kind of surprised Oregon didn't move him up in the rotation.
  14. Hocutt is a terrible AD. I'm not sure how he still has a job.
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