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  1. I think a lot of the 5 stars are going to leave either way due to lack of playing time or offensive failures. 4-8 is dumpster fire territory and even Jimbo will know some major changes need to be made.
  2. This line makes no sense to me even if OU has Gabriel. Im now 4-1 taking Texas this year and Sark is also 8-2 ATS at home so far at Texas. IMO Vegas has a really bad read on Texas. My theory is Vegas believes Sark sucks so you see these really wonky spreads. Sark has the potential to always pull a Tech but there’s a ton of value in taking Texas right now.
  3. I do wonder what the spread is going to be for this game? If Vegas thinks Gabriel is out I bet this is going to be a lot higher than people think.
  4. Not me. We need a couple more miracle results like Arkansas. 7-5 is fine with me so Jimbo thinks they’re still on the right track.
  5. If we let that Beville QB beat us it’s rock bottom.
  6. He has an ag tag. That's definitely an aggy that posted it.
  7. OU had a bunch of injuries at the end of the TCU game. If that was a concussion for Gabriel he's probably out for the Texas game? If we let a 3rd string QB from Pittsburgh beat us I will be sick. Beville looked like a QB that should be playing D3 football.
  8. Venables hired a JV level coaching staff. Their defensive struggles are not surprising when they have Ted Roof, Jay Valai, a Clemson GA, and another position coach from Troy. They made 1 good hire on the defensive staff and every other hire was bad.
  9. OU fans tried to convince themselves that Jay Valai was a good hire. Watching their corners brought back horrific memories.
  10. Kansas State put up 509 total yards of offense and TCU put up 668 total yards of offense in B2B weeks against OU's defense. Their defense is bad beyond words.
  11. Jimbo is 13-12 against the SEC West.
  12. The stat that stands out to me is Jimbo is 13-12 against the SEC West. His record at aggy is such a joke because it's all based on 1) beating terrible nonconference teams and 2) avoiding the only good SEC East team in Georgia.
  13. Ole Miss hasn't skipped a beat on defense without Durkin. They might even be better. It looks like Kiffin's reliance on the portal is working because they always have an experienced defense. Think they only have 2 underclassmen starters on defense and it's once again SR heavy. I know I made my thoughts clear in the football forum but I'm starting to think Kiffin is the real deal. Ole Miss success on defense last season was more about how Kiffin continues to maximize the portal vs Durkin actually being a good DC.
  14. They're apparently running a lot of 3 man fronts. It's almost too incredible to be true. They're signing nothing but 5 stars and running 3 man fronts where they have the most talent.
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