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  1. 11 of their 15 wins against quadrant 3 and 4 teams is hilarious but so aggy. How about you schedule some better teams in non-conference? Their fans are too dumb to realize that beating bad teams doesn't help you.
  2. aggy still has a lot of work to do to make the tournament. They have 0 wins against top 30 NET teams. 11 of their 15 wins are against quadrant 3 and 4 teams. I can't wait to see them complain again about missing the tournament when they have nobody but themselves to blame.
  3. Shaka finished 4th, 10th, T-6th, 6th, T-3rd, 3rd in the Big 12. We didn't suck but don't act like he was accomplishing much of anything in the Big 12. Also, the year Shaka won the Big 12 tournament Texas got a bye in the Semis against Kansas because of Covid and got a really lucky draw in the finals against Oklahoma State. To win the Big 12 tournament, Texas had to beat the #6 seed (Texas Tech) and #5 seed (Oklahoma State). It was more luck than anything but I was still happy for the Big 12 tournament championship.
  4. Texas already has more quadrant 1 wins than last season. They had 6 last year but 7 if you include the Virginia Tech win. Texas was a 6 seed last year with 6 quadrant 1 wins. They already have 7 and a lot more opportunities to add based on the Big 12 schedule and Big 12 tournament games. So barring a major collapse I don't see how Texas gets anything lower than a 5 seed.
  5. 7th quadrant 1 win last night. Only one team has more quadrant 1 wins with 8 (Kansas).
  6. Texas will host a first round game and if they don't the NCAA should get rid of NET because it's worthless in guiding their decisions.
  7. TCU down 2 starters and Tech was down their best big/best guard. If the SEC can't beat these teams today that's bad.
  8. Yeah he dictates most of their offense as you can see in this game. They suck without Miles.
  9. Not really. Just down two starters and their best player.
  10. TCU now down 2 starters (Lampkin and Miles) against Mississippi State.
  11. That might have been a ACL for Mike Miles. Didn't look good at all.
  12. That looks bad for Mike Miles. Yikes, that would be bad for TCU.
  13. LSU sucks. Losing to this Tech team with no Isaacs or Aimaq is terrible.
  14. Like I said against aggy, Auburn is the biggest fraud in college basketball. Your standard Bruce Pearl team. Only 2 quadrant 1 wins and somehow the AP Poll had this trash team ranked #15.
  15. Yeah, outside of Kansas they really haven't beaten anybody worth a damn. Their 2nd best win is Maryland who is on the bubble.
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