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  1. Texas has some serious firepower in sprints this year. Not winning at least 1 title would be a major disappointment.
  2. OU looks like they've quit on the season.
  3. They don't but they have more balanced scoring than Iowa State. But I do think Texas and Baylor are most likely to win the Big 12.
  4. I haven't considered Iowa State a threat for the Big 12 title since their center was injured. They don't play defense and they're a 1 player team at times. This will come down to Texas, OU, and Baylor.
  5. Yeah, today was the best Mitchell has played in a long time. He made a couple high IQ passes in transition and did the best job on Johnson in the limited times he was on him. I wanted Mitchell more on Keyontae Johnson because his length was giving him more issues than Allen.
  6. I see where you are coming from but they're talented for college players. Players like Rice, Allen, and Carr will never play in the NBA but they're talented college players. This team definitely has top 25 talent which is maximized by the fact they're also really experienced.
  7. I think Baylor might be the bigger threat for the Big 12 title with Iowa State's center injured. Iowa State doesn't play much defense either.
  8. Gaston might win Big 12 POY the way she's playing in the Big 12. They will likely give it to Joens though.
  9. Found a way to win two games on the road against decent teams with our best player in a funk. Need Harmon to start playing better but I wonder if the number of minutes played is starting to be an issue. A couple blowouts would be nice where Harmon can get some rest. So much is asked of her both offensively and defensively. FT shooting has to be mental at this point because Texas can shoot better than this from the line.
  10. Bishop actually has a decent low post game IMO. He can score down there 1 v 1. Where Bishop struggles is when you put him on the perimeter or have him moving when he touches the ball. Just put Bishop on the low block and keep him there.
  11. Yeah, Rice grabbed a couple huge offensive boards in the 2nd half. I know the "heart" thing is overplayed but in big moments it definitely looks like to me like Rice just wants it more than other players.
  12. Maybe the most important play of this game was the foul drawn at the end of the first half. Rice hitting those 3 FTs to cut the lead from 14 to 11 gave Texas a little bit of life.
  13. Because the team is experienced and talented. It's almost like Beard is really good at roster construction.
  14. I hope we saw more of that 2nd half defense. There was a lot less switching with the guards staying in front. Sometimes we switch entirely too much and get caught leaving guys open. Just tell these guys to guard their man straight up. If a guy like Keyontae Johnson hits jump shots than so be it.
  15. K-State was expecting Texas to foul on the last possession.
  16. Mitchell's usage is low on the offensive end because he has no offensive game yet.
  17. Rori showed up when we needed her. 9 minutes away from being in sole possession of 1st place. Come on K-State.
  18. KState up 1 against Iowa State headed to the 4th. Big 12 refs call way too many fouls. It's going both ways in this game but nobody wants to see a game with these many players in foul trouble. Let them play.
  19. It's when our best players (Jones, Gaston, and Gonzales) go to the bench because of foul trouble.
  20. Need to get Jones and Gonzales back in the game even with 4 fouls. Just play smart.
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