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  1. 1-3 next year. PG (Harmon): All American Honorable Mention, Big 12 defensive player of the year, and First Team All Big 12 in '22-23 before injury. SG (Phelia): First Team All Big 10 this past season. SF (Booker): All-American and Big 12 player of the year this past season. That's pretty damn salty.
  2. The issue is it looks like the women's team outscored their projections.
  3. I don't think it impacts the projections. They were ranked #1 so the projections had them slotted to finish first.
  4. Chavez is not only the #1 recruit but is looking like a generational talent. A year of Chavez, Harmon, and Booker would be so crazy.
  5. The big thing Kent provides is he's excellent at moving off-the-ball/back door cuts. We had a major issue at getting to and finishing at the rim this past season. Kent scored on 37/41 dunks and 149/193 close shots. He's very efficient at the rim and he gets to the rim much more than any player we had on last year's roster. Now we will see how that translates at the P5 level but he's a type player we definitely need on the roster.
  6. The scary thing about this Texas team is the fact Guitierrez is only a Sophomore and Kavan is only a Freshman. The pitching is set up for a couple more years. Maybe she's fine with her role but I would be shocked if Simpson is on the roster next year. It's unfortunate that Simpson has such command issues because her stuff is really good (as you can see with her ERA). You just can't trust her because of the walks.
  7. 13 wins in a row and really haven't been challenged in a few weeks. This looks like the team we thought could win a national title. I guess it's time to prove it.
  8. Especially when big time programs were recruiting Larry.
  9. You couldn't be more wrong about Larry being "low-hanging fruit." Major programs like Duke, Kansas, and Baylor were all involved in his recruitment. You seem to presume that just because a player comes from a non-P5 program it's "easy to accomplish" (I.e. land those recruits). Big programs throughout the country want non-P5 players.
  10. If we do add Garrison, I wonder if Texas plans to play even more up-tempo next year. We are adding a lot of length and athleticism. This feels like a roster built to play in the open court.
  11. I don't know what your point is? Your arguments were about Larry and Kent. The idea they are bad players simply because they didn't make the tournament is still stupid.
  12. Larry is the best player from that team. He's just not a scorer but there's a reason he led the team in minutes per game. Avilla ended up at Saint Louis while Larry was recruited by Texas, Duke, Kansas, Baylor, etc. Avilla is a very unique player in that he's skilled but he's also built like pillsbury doughboy and he's slower than molasses. Avila's coach going to Saint Louis probably helped but I also bet a lot of P5 programs were very apprehensive due to athletic limitations.
  13. Avila reminds me a lot of Tanner Groves at OU a couple years ago. A guy that's really skilled and put up decent numbers at OU but got exposed athletically in a power conference.
  14. Avila is not athletic enough to play PF in a power conference. There are going to be major questions even at the 5 defensively/boards due to athleticism.
  15. Maybe you're being sarcastic but I think a lot of people have an inflated opinion of Avila. Garrison is ranked above Avila in the 247 and On3 rankings. He's also clearly the big we seem to be prioritizing.
  16. If we land Phelia and one of Beers or Gardiner that will give us two of the top 7 transfers (per ESPN). With an already loaded roster. It would be interesting who would be preseason #1 between us and South Carolina if that happens.
  17. I think he might be. There are better guards/wings in the portal compared to bigs so that already naturally creates a premium. He's also a special athlete for a guy his size.
  18. His GF is also playing at Kansas next year. I've never understood the Storr hype. He's a legit scorer but pretty bad at everything else. I would straight up take Mark over him and especially if it doesn't involve us getting into some type of bidding war.
  19. It will be interesting how this works for TCU. They seem to be going the "tiktok" and "social media" route with the Prince, HVL, and Cavinder types. Talented players but also big personalities.
  20. This is starting to feel like what @closetojumpingsaid in the recruiting thread that Garrison's handlers apparently have a high premium on his value. This feels like a recruitment that just comes down to if we value Garrison enough to pay him what he wants.
  21. Sounds like that's where Arterio Morris is headed. They likely just hired him to get Morris.
  22. Terrence Shannon, Arterio Morris, and now maybe Pop Isaacs. CB certainly doesn't mind recruiting players that have a questionable history with women.
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