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  1. Need one asap... Waited 5 min too long to get them on stubhub
  2. Picked Terry blacks because from what I could tell it was the highest likelihood of me being able to get in and out quickly enough. Did not disappoint
  3. This is what I'm asking. Never been. Is it still like it was where you had to wait before opening to expect to get BBQ? And lines taking hours? If so where else downtown is good and somewhere that I can actually go in and eat good BBQ like a normal restaurant?
  4. Need help, in Austin for a conference. If I sneak out to Franklin am I doomed to wait in line for hours?
  5. In town for a conference. Haven't been to the new arena. Don't want to break the bank. Just need a single. Brother has 2 in sec 102 but is using both, would like to be close but anything will work.
  6. Rojo has the jersey on.... Just put some pads underneath
  7. Hoping it was an asshole brother visiting, a la National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. Otherwise he gone.
  8. Fuck these purple cockroaches, hope they somehow don't get into the playoffs. They'll get smoked by Michigan or Georgia
  9. I want Mack at the cheez-it... If only for the meltdown that ensues when he thumps Sarcheezian
  10. The announcers were saying that with NIL we should offer him 5+ million to stay another year... The thought had never crossed my mind. For a running back that's better than rookie NFL dough, isn't it? Crazy if that's even possible...
  11. Now I totally understand the preseason #6 ranking!
  12. Bayou Brian! Glad those fuckers lost. Should be their third of the season.
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