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  1. I'll be visiting relatives in Pittsburgh the week of the 1st and 2nd rounds and just realized that they are hosting in Pittsburgh. I'd love to take my 2 boys but was wondering about the best way to go about buying tickets. It looks like I can go on ticket master etc and get the shittiest seats for about $60 each and decent seats for anywhere from $150-450 each, which I find ridiculous given nobody knows who the hell will even be playing. Whats the best way to go about seeing these games in person from anyone here who has done something similar in the past? Wait until last minute? Buy ahead? I'd like to do 2 or maybe even all 4 games on the first day. Not sure if I'll still be there for round of 32. Thanks
  2. This game never felt winnable until the final 45 seconds. It's on the defense primarily, the lack of a pass rush, horrible DB play, but also insane Penix play. But the offensive play calling was sub par as well with a complete shitting of the bed in the last 15 seconds. Quinn didn't look all that impressive either, although maybe that's because of the juxtaposition of him vs Penix. His #s weren't bad but Worthy and Mitchell, our game breakers, were non-factors all game. Washington isn't a good secondary team, there's no excuse. We really didn't deserve it but fuck if it doesn't make it feel 10x worse when we were almost gifted a spot in the national championship game in the last minute because of an injury to the Washington RB.
  3. Sark failed big time. They gave it right to us. So many chances and our offensive genius shits the bed.
  4. Penix playing immaculate football, their O-line dominating our D-line which is supposedly our strength. We didn't stand a chance.
  5. Just answer. Refs can't keep calling this bullshit all game.
  6. Needs revision for 14-1 title winner
  7. That coach of the trash FSU team was celebrating like his team was headed to the playoffs
  8. I love Quinn. But does all this buzz about another year make it likely that Manning leaves?
  9. I disagree. Oregon has been ranked ahead of us all season. Their one loss is to a top 4 team that they would have just beaten. They win, they're in without a doubt over us. Oregon loses and we're the clear top one-loss team. With that and a FSU loss I think they'd have a really hard time leaving us out regardless of other outcomes.
  10. Best case in my mind: Washington beats Oregon. We dominate the pokes. FSU loses. Michigan struggles with a shitty Iowa team. And Georgia wins. So go huskies, Hawkeyes, bulldogs and cardinals.
  11. Fuck the big 12 for scheduling this at noon. I'm going to have to really pull some shit to get out of the Christmas festival I'll be at during the day next Saturday.
  12. Is this real life? somebody actually mentioned Ryan Day to Texas A&M rumors on the serius XM college sports radio show this morning. What Universe am I living in?
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