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Taxes and Accountant


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Does anyone have any recommendations for an accountant to handle taxes for a self-employed person with a few K-1's as well? I'm not happy with the guys that took over my previous accountant practice, and would like to change for 2022/2023.

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This hits close to work.  I'm meeting with a prospective new CPA come Friday morning.  I've been with a CPA group for 30 years now. They handle both bidnesses, both PSPs, LLC for hunting camp and my personal taxes.  They handle the fed stuff and the state franchise tax calculations / reporting. I handle the sales and use tax reporting to the comptroller and the TWC quarterlies.

They seem to have become very expensive so I'm going for a price check and see how aggressive the prospective CPA is.  


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I have a one question survey for anyone who uses an accountant, rather than preparing their own taxes using TurboTax or other similar products.

Are you happy with the tax organizer your accountant provides and the process for your accountant to take that information and prepare your taxes?

The reason I ask is that between the imperfect tax organizers that are hard to fill out, and all of the documents that also need to be uploaded and matched to the tax organizer, every year there are things that get screwed up on my taxes, forcing me to troubleshoot the accountant's work.

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