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  1. I continue to have a hard time believing that in four to five weeks we are going to open up businesses again and not see an explosion of cases that puts us right back to an overwhelmed hospital system, unless warm weather truly does kill the virus.
  2. Unbelievably outrageous behavior by Sanders, to complain about people’s safety when he could immediately solve the safety issue by conceding. Pathetic.
  3. CDC’s women’s basketball hiring was a great move. Top coach and kept him from A&M. I feel better about what he will ultimately do regarding Smart after next season.
  4. CTJ, many of your posts on the recruiting thread are highly appreciated because you pass along some nice insider content. But with all due respect, you’ve been a fucking asshole on this thread for awhile. Can you please be a little more civil? We have enough tough things going on right now without you constantly attacking people. Remember, I did say “with all due respect.”
  5. I seem to recall Tim Duncan making a certain college basketball team miserable too.
  6. I discount big men who are relying on mostly their size to have success. That puts Shaq behind Duncan, just outside the top 10. Wilt is an example of size and a ton of skill.
  7. Jesus he announces just a few minutes ago that the cdc recommends using a mask when in public and he immediately says he won’t do it. What a ducking idiot.
  8. We were just notified approval by the SBA. Not sure when funds are disbursed. We were the first company approved among all companies financed by our equity investors. Hope there’s no glitches.
  9. After looking into it I’m pretty sure someone has been chucking dildos onto my roof. That’s the only reasonable explanation.
  10. Agree, and will add that software developers often do not fall into engineer mindsets.
  11. I guess the difference is in the assumption that a nation full of selfish, overweight idiotic morons will actually change their behaviors upon exiting the shelter in place to be responsible about social distancing, etc. Ya right. I have completely eliminated that scenario from the equation. Folks will be chowing on turkey legs at tailgates in no time.
  12. Further to my earlier post, why won’t we see this type of issue in the fall, unless treatments or vaccines are deployed?
  13. Wait, basically what this really says is that the German leadership isn’t really doing anything special to lower deaths, only that higher testing mathematically lowers the death percentage. By that logic, our leaders can look brilliant by doing way more testing and identifying people that have it and wouldn’t be dying anyway.
  14. An effective leader doesn’t have to be smart, just smart enough to figure out who is smart and listen to them.
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