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  1. Will I become depressed with anxiety if I buy this?
  2. AT&T uverse and directtv price increases coming in 2020. Prepare your anus.
  3. Never like to lose an RB recruit but we will find a better replacement. A very good one in fact.
  4. Wow the last two hours of this thread is some of the worst cow dung I’ve ever seen.
  5. Nope. No way. It can only be disaster for the program. No other way to interpret it. None.
  6. One extremely attractive element of a Texas coordinator job that is forgotten about is the ability to build a recruiting network in Texas. That makes a coach much more valuable in the future.
  7. Why is it often the class cheerleaders that end up gong sideways - see Cecil Cherry. He was a leader. He needs to lead.
  8. He should come to Texas. Our OL is still not there yet and we need plenty of competition.
  9. The ridiculous thing is that Orlando is probably just as talented as other candidates. He just could not adjust. Bizarre.
  10. Admit it, you sit around all day and thumb thru a dictionary to figure out what obscure term you can throw into a post. That’s your hobby.
  11. The goal is to announce right before signing day, enough time for recruits to feel okay about the hires but not too long to talk themselves out of it.
  12. Watching the Big 12 championship and seeing Lockhart was a huge annoyance.
  13. I still want to know what, specifically, Savis and Mack were doing to hose him up on the field.
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