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  1. Love the comment “...could have had Ngata, Smith or McGowen if we hadn’t..” Sure you could have. Sure you didn’t really try for them. And who the hell spends money on a message board that wipes out any negative content. Surly would be empty if that happened here.
  2. Ok that’s pretty encouraging about Yurcich. I think Herman may have made a good hire.
  3. What do you expect him to do? He’s interviewing him and others. Stupid post.
  4. Don’t you not think I don’t know what you might be doing or not.
  5. This is what I was about to post. Owens is elite athletically. I think some folks don’t realize how good he can become at safety. A high nfl draft pick is in his future if he can demonstrate the mental part of the safety position.
  6. One other comment I’ll make. Some people just are born with a naturally happier disposition and some people aren’t. Know which category you fall into and if it happens to be the latter, think about that when considering a change. It may be that the change won’t produce any more happiness because of who you are at your core. You may be dissatisfied no matter your circumstances. For example, entrepreneurs are often always fidgety to go solve the next problem.
  7. Trump having dirt in Pence is a solid strategy to keep Republicans inline. I wouldn’t be surprised if he set him up more than a year ago.
  8. I’m going to ask a stupid question. Republicans are afraid of Trump because he will tweet and get his base to go after any Republican that crosses him. But if enough Republicans just line up and boot him out of office, he’s done. He can’t do anything else to them. Pence will take over, and the party will be in probably a better place than they are today. Why aren’t they planning to do this. Just dump him.
  9. Money purse and simple. Baylor pays top tier salaries.
  10. Oh my gawd I qualify! I’ll see you suckers later. I’m moving on up.
  11. If you are around 45 and contemplating a major career change, I can at least tell you how it worked out for me. I decide to get out of the industry I had been working in since age 25. My industry was large but had developed certain characteristics that didn’t align with what I wanted out of my life in the future. So, I found a way to other industries. It was tough because I was making extremely good money and was very high in the corporate ladder. But I did it anyway. For the most part it’s worked out pretty well, and people I left behind who were also my age seem to be fairly unhappy about still being stuck in that industry in their mid-50’s, but now it’s really difficult for some of them to get out because of their age. I can’t recommend it to everyone, but the thought of being in that industry today makes me shudder. I’m glad I moved my cheese.
  12. Just wanted to pass along that Boulware was only allowed to join the staff if he also committed to taking online classes in the off-season at Rutgers.
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