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  1. Dude should win a Pulitzer Prize. Seriously.
  2. Wait, half my subdivision is in Travis and half in Williamson. Uh oh. You might be my neighbor. And there's a decent chance I insulted you on here at some point, because I've probably iinsulted everyone on here at some point, especially when I've been drinking. This is going to make the "get to know your neighbor night" very ackward.
  3. This thread is an abortion. Uh oh. I just brought politics into it.
  4. Dbeasy

    PJ Locke

    Love PJ. He patiently waited for that last minute offer and jumped on it. And then was a great role model for the program.
  5. Two things here. First post the source. Second, millionaires making sure their kids get incredibly good educations and jobs out of college makes it almost a certainty that the kids become millionaires before they inherit anything.
  6. Dbeasy

    Truck Nuts

    Can it pull >7,000 lbs? In.
  7. I’ve been reading on the topic of fed policy and am finally understanding that it is producing asset bubbles and more and more inequality. The questions becomes, “how and when does this end?” Is this going to keep going like this for years?
  8. We have hearing challenges too. We plug in headphones into the back of the tv.
  9. Just went thru there and snapped a pic for everyone here.
  10. Dbeasy

    Truck Nuts

    I may do a 180 in less than 24 hours on the Tundra. Ford has a new hybrid coming out that has more features, bigger towing capacity, and better gas mileage. Even if the reliability is worse it’s probably worth it.
  11. Oh what a relief. I thought it was just me getting old.
  12. Dbeasy

    Truck Nuts

    Done. In the market for a Tundra now.
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