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  1. I have a strange question. I've been trying to setup spreadsheets to track all of my transactions for tax reporting purposes later this year. I can't get the math to work for one scenario. I bought a small amount of ETH on Coinbase (~$150) in order to buy the KOL NFT token. That required sending the ETH to a metamask wallet. When I look at the number of ETH sent, and the transaction cost by looking at Etherscan, Metamask and Coinbase, the numbers don't match. I sent fewer ETH to Metamask but received more than I sent. How is that possible?
  2. Headed out there at the end of July. Hope things are open.
  3. Dbeasy


    Ha ha ha. Just saw this. Maryland.
  4. It wasn’t the big software division of GE was it?
  5. Dbeasy


    Yes and my point is that there’s no reason whatsoever why the process has to be that way. They could have developed scripts over a month earlier and had most of them ready to go on Monday.
  6. Dbeasy


    I'm going to go off on a little rant. SNL is absolute garbage. It's the biggest waste of talent in the last 50 years since Ishtar. It's obvious where the problem lies - Lorne Michaels. He sucks and has sucked for 20 years. Here's just a random list of why he sucks: 1. Line Memorization - all of the actors just read off cue cards. Not only is this completely not entertaining, elementary school kids are able to learn their lines. Why can't they? And don't tell me it's because the schedule is too tight every week. Bullshit. They could have been working on sketches for Elon for months and
  7. It’s more complicated than that. Multiple factors have combined to limit inventory plus people are moving here in large volumes. Many real estates markets around the country are stressed with Austin being among the worst due to the big inflow.
  8. It threatens the entire platform and puts other blockchain platforms into play. It seems like polkadot and Cardano are vying to replace ethereum?
  9. If I wasn’t clear earlier, all sites that estimate home value are not very good. Get a buddy whose a realtor to run comps for you.
  10. Ya that’s the problem with them.
  11. Thanks for those posts. I had seen some similar articles about commodities. I understand the points being made. Here are the reasons I’m still concerned: 1. Multiple people have correctly shown that the official inflation numbers posted by the government deviate dramatically from what people actually put for the goods and services they buy every year. Many of these studies show actual inflation to the consumer of 5-8% annually. For years, consumers just sucked it up and didn’t demand enough higher pay to offset the increases. A tight labor market will put pressure on wages, in my op
  12. Can you explain a bit more why you are so confident on inflation not being a threat? We have not seen these types of price increases on so many commodities and non-commodities since the 70’s.
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