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  1. How did you know I was wearing panties?
  2. Talked to some Stanford BMD buddies who know Bowlsby from his time at Stanford. Said he’s a giant idiot.
  3. I love the Baylor Bear spouting off about permission, cops and protection. Nice rape undertones.
  4. Ah yes. All is right with the world.
  5. So I’m headed to Napa tomorrow with three other couples and just realized each couple is affiliated with a different SEC school: Texas, OU, Florida, and A&M. I feel like some sort of action should be taken. Thoughts?
  6. Ha ha ha ha. Look at his Twitter name. Yup, that’s an “analytical” A&M grad/fan.
  7. Ok, I’m ready to put Texas vs A&M back on Thanksgiving, mostly because I get bored that day and now hate the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones
  8. I truly believe his statement, as long as “foreseeable” represents about three weeks.
  9. Uh, the Big 12 commissioner statement from one week ago demonstrates the little eight were wholly unprepared.
  10. I am shocked at how unprepared most schools and conferences are for a realignment move.
  11. I know it’s great to make fun of aggy delusion, but the level of hatred towards Texas these rubes are expressing is really sad. I guess it’s a bit like the broader, over-the-top hatred we now have in society overall. I miss the days when we had good natured ribbing back and forth. Now it’s just toxic and dark.
  12. Can we get the post count back in the mobile website? That was very helpful for identifying new trolls.
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