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The non-factory meat thread

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So for lots of reasons, I'm trying to limit red meat consumption - but limit, and not eliminate.  Same goes with fowl.  I have no limit on crawdad.

I'm trying to locate recommended sources of wild game meats as well as sources of poultry that is a bit kinder than factory poultry and fish that might be more sustainable than most of the stuff I currently buy unthinkingly at the grocery store.

I'm not a hunter and don't plan on becoming one.  The Peter Attia podcast had a guy a while back who ran Maui Nui Venison out of hawaii -- Axis Deer.  I recently sat through a painful podcast on the hidden cost of cheap meat (Ezra Klein) so that has me thinking as well.

Do you all have any recommendations for any mail order, specialty stores or grocery stores that have a good selection of "sustainable/low factory imposed cruelty" meats?  (and fowl and fish as well.)

It's a pricey approach, but I figure some of you might have some advice and some "it was good and suprisingly cheap" experiences.

I'm in Dallas so have access to Whole Foods and Central Market.  For all I know I just haven't tried hard enough and I can get everything I need there.

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