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Community Service - construction related. Habitat for Humanity?

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1 hour ago, Elvis said:

I want to gain some hours of community service.  It's not mandated or anything like that.  I just have hours to spare at the moment.


What's the best way to approach this?  

Commit a minor crime, and your probation officer will have lots of ideas.

Also, if you'd like to help single moms, start tipping with $2s instead of $1s at the scrip club.

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I recall you’re in the construction business. Correct?

Contact your church (if you attend one or if you’re familiar with one) or some other organization that keeps tabs on and helps barely holding on old folks or similarly  disadvantaged working poor.   Ask if they know someone or a family that needs a new roof or some other replaceable item like a washer / dryer, water heater or AC, etc and get it done.  You don’t have to feel pressured to rebuild the whole house. 

We have done this a few times.  Roof replacement with shingles donated by a manufacturer, accessories donated by a supplier and we provided the labor and insurance.   Water heaters, washer / dryers and the like are inexpensive when chopped between 5 to 10 guys or businesses and make a huge difference to those needing one. 

Manufacturers and suppliers will donate items when asked, you pay your bill per the terms, don’t make a habit of asking and there is real need and not some cheap slob masquerading as destitute.  

If it’s a big financial ordeal, I’ve had other contractors help with the labor costs.    

Good luck and go make a difference. 

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