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Has anyone recently gotten anything apostilled in Austin recently? Is “while you wait” or at least “same day” service usually available for walk-ins? It’s really been a pain in the ass to get some of these documents that I need for a residency visa and it would be worth it for me to drive to Austin and handle it rather than risk their disappearing into the ether before I got them back. I can’t get anything more than “it depends” from them, so I’m wondering if anyone has some actual experience here.


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I've had to get some documents done recently - the mail service was taking 1-2 months to get it done.  I ended up paying a service I found online to get it done in 24 hours (plus overnight mail time).  I don't remember the cost but I was thinking it was cheaper than the cost of a daytrip to Austin...

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I do this 2-3 times a year. drive up from Houston in the morning, pop into the SoS office with the money order, they go into a back room and come out with the apostilles and receipt in less than a minute. at their busiest they’ll tell you to come back after lunch, but normally I’m back to the car in less than 10 minutes.

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