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  1. Everything’s a dildo these days.
  2. When Mr. Briscoe endorses you I will start listening to you.
  3. Damn alligator just popped up. Cut him down in his prime.
  4. Did he stomp your guts out for saying “anyhoo”?
  5. She’s looking at the wine and cheese.
  6. I don’t care for his music but I like watching anyone play guitar, and he seems damn good. Also seems like a pretty cool guy.
  7. Well, there’s one reason, and she’s the mother of your child. So you can’t shoot her.
  8. Goddamn it. Ann-Margret. Did your parents have any children that lived?
  9. I tip the shit out of those folks. They’ll wash my vehicle for a few minutes before moving the belt forward.
  10. When mine pisses me off with her constant social interaction I remind myself that it’s very important to her, and remind myself that she’s the social face of our relationship. If she’s the life of the party, then I don’t have to be.
  11. Mine doesn’t, and I am ok with that. One less gallon of clean water wasted. Ah, fuck. I was cheering for her until this one.
  12. Our dog bowl is filtered water when she fills it. I leave the toilet lid open.
  13. That’s why god made cocktails and appetizers.
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