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  1. Kennythetiger

    Bob Seger

    I was reaching for a Seger song.
  2. Should be a temporary time-out for same-page posting.
  3. Kennythetiger

    Bob Seger

    He didn’t wait for you?
  4. Where does a 180-pound Great Dane lay down? Anywhere it wants, apparently.
  5. Up there is your stomping grounds, correct?
  6. On the twitter page check out the chick who ripped off the oil pan.
  7. I think the area is interesting as there are a lot of vegetable fields in the area. I am always interested in what they are growing.
  8. I didn’t use the cocaine to get high, I just like the way it smells.
  9. I didn’t mean to shit all over your friend’s trip. My intent was to give you a heads-up that the offal smell is….awful. And I am a High Plains guy that finds feedlots fascinating. The packing plants serve several vital functions, though. I really would encourage them to stop at Greeley Hat Works, though. It’s a great time.
  10. Married With Children is nowhere near one of the best sitcoms of all time. Sounds like you never scored four touchdowns in the city championship game.
  11. Surly hates paying doctors and lawyers.
  12. We get our hats from Greeley Hat Works. I’ll bet your friends would enjoy it. Fun little place. Really encourage him to stay somewhere else and drive there every day. Boulder and Fort Collins aren’t very far away.
  13. I was convinced that he was a Hitby sock.
  14. Sorry you didn’t get to see the eclipse. It was pretty awesome
  15. Was perfect in Clifton. Must be my clean living.
  16. Butcher the corners of your mouth.
  17. Derka’s mom seems cool as shit. I always enjoyed those video collages of ten seconds of every day in a Derka year. Helped me try to understand Derka as a person and to just scroll past his rants.
  18. @CHAD BRISCOE your sign needs some work.
  19. +rep for the head in the grocery basket
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