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    • I gotta get these fucking cups out of my office and I don't want to ship them out if at all possible. So instead I am using it as an excuse to get drunk with some Surly idiots. Location will be at Pinkertons BBQ in Houston and on a Thursday because they will have dollar shiners. All Surly members welcome but you will be publicly shamed by all attendants into becoming a burnt ends member while there. Yall can pick the date, the 13th probably works best for me but I am open to any of the three. @immamac will host another one in Austin at some point in the near future and there will be another opportunity when we get the Burnt Ends dinner scheduled (Probably February or March). Whatever cups are left after that we will ship out. Whatever date we have picked I will be there from probably 11:30 till 6pm or so as people filter in and out. Password is Muledick
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    • So much win in this thread!!
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    • "So where is the money coming from?"

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    • I started yesterday afternoon, and cooked up a demo in React/Material-UI in a little under 24 hours, just to play around. Here's an idea of what something could look like:


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    • Surly Horns Burnt Ends NIL Program- How YOU can help Texas with the NIL right now!
      Enough bitching, enough sitting on the sidelines, CDC isn't doing fucking dick but we can! Introducing Surly Horns Burnt Ends NIL Program. This is how we make a difference, if we can get enough interest and hit the numbers that we forecasted, that is a huge step towards getting at least one position group taken care of (possibly two pending interest and people actually putting their money where their mouths are) with the hopes that others will follow with other less appreciated position groups. Bijan, Card, even guys like Jamison and Overshown won't have issues getting paid when the NIL is fully rolled out (hopefully fucking soon, looking at you @closetojumping)or when CDC gets his head pulled out of his ass (Doubtful, fucking moron).

      Next Steps, I gauge interest through this article and see what the financials actually look like (You won't be charged dick till this shit actually gets rolled out), we get a liaison in the TE room to help facilitate scheduling, we get this bitch through compliance (Don't think this should be an issue but....), then we start to roll it out to the TEs! All the profit is going directly to the TEs, and the website will be handling the money (No Ketch bullshit). We will mail everyone's Cups and stickers and shit once things have been rolling. We will need some help designing a logo (paging @TreatyOak). This is a great opportunity for us to have some fun with the NIL, get some kids some cash legally and above board, help improve TE recruiting and keep talented TEs on the team and out of the portal. If you have any suggestions, questions or grievances shoot me and @immamac a DM. This is how we help!


      Burnt Ends- NIL Program.pptx
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    • I think the law of averages will catch up with Kansas. 

      They’re winning close games with a lot of luck in play and that roster has clear issues in the front court. If you keep playing a bunch of really close games with crazy finishes you’re eventually going to lose a few of them.


    • 49 minutes ago, texasstrong12 said:

      Kansas would be the best team in the country if they could get McCormack playing like last year. Right now they have nothing inside unless somebody like Adams emerges. 

      Kansas is finding ways to win in miracle fashion but they’re about 3 plays away from being 3-4 in the Big 12 vs 6-1. I expect this to eventually balance out and Kansas to start taking some Ls. 

      But that’s honestly basketball every year by the great teams and the reason football fans watching basketball give me a headache. They come into the season like it’s football and if we lose one game we suck and if we don’t win by 40 we suck. Basketball is a game of runs and usually separated by only a few possessions here and there. Even a 7-10 point win is only 3-4 possessions going differently you would lose. KU is KU for a reason and they find ways to win.

    • 15 hours ago, texasstrong12 said:

      If Nolan doesn't get significant reps in year 1 he will be a major transfer candidate and his dad will want more money. 

      It's going to be fascinating how aggy handles all these types. 

      Have people already been making the the "Wallet" Nolen joke?

    • It's aggy, man. From the outside, you just can't understand it. Or something.

    • What is that shit?

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