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  1. I got a one year membership upon graduation and that same card has been getting me into alumni center for 20+ years. Nobody has ever batted an eye at it. It doesn't say anything specific on it like a year.
  2. BillyBadAss

    Six Flags 1965

    Six Flags used to do concerts too.. My memory is hazy so could be mis-remembering, but I think I saw Duran Duran out there, and some band like Foreigner or Journey or something. I seem to remember Joan Jett playing out there too, but don't think I stayed for that one. I'm also now remembering for a while in the early 80s a bunch of the gift shops specialized in heavy metal posters and tshirts.. I particularly remember seeing lots of Ozzy Osbourne stuff for some reason.
  3. BillyBadAss

    Six Flags 1965

    The summer after 7th grade me and my best friend had season passes. Once or twice a week.my mom would drop us at Six Flags on her way to work and his mom would pick us up on her way home. That was a fun ass summer.
  4. Staying in Port A. I might bring a bike and drop everything off, then drive back to rental and bike back to beach. Looks like it would be about a mile ride or so.
  5. Well, this sucks. We're scheduled to come down Friday Aug7. We booked off beach thinking we wanted to avoid crowds and could just drive until we find a spot NOT crowded. Not planning to eat out or do anything except chill at the rental house and beach. I have a wagon and bike, but any advice on which access might be less of a shit show to get in and/or park?
  6. " I operate under the presumption that they are not ignorant and that they learned the history and are referring to that commonly-available history." That's a loaded word - ignorant. I don't think the players are ignorant. But based on two former players saying otherwise and the use of the word "undertones" in the statement - I don't operate under the presumption that they are only referring to the available history, and I think they are perhaps misinformed - which I've stated a few times so I won't go into it again. "I think comparing white authority structures of the early 20th century to abusive fathers is pretty fair." Maybe, but we're not really talking about white authority structures. We're talking about a song - and you're conflating some "really bad shit" with something that I don't think is "really bad shit" - that is - the lyrics to our Alma Mater which are all positive, to me. The song has nothing to do with abusive fathers or white authority structures of the 20th century. It is disingenuous to frame the argument in those terms, IMO. "Would you sing The Eyes right now after a game knowing that a significant number of players don't want it sung? I don't know, we'll see how this plays out. Maybe the "Baber's Compromise" becomes a popular idea with the players, student, and alumni alike. Maybe the discussion around this causes people who initially reacted negatively to The Eyes to see it in a different light. Maybe the school drops The Eyes and I don't have the opportunity to sing it again in the presence of the players. If your're asking if none of this is resolved yet the band still strikes it up, if I'd essentially be a dick and sing it at a game knowing some people think it means something painful which I don't think it means - I don't know. That would be somewhat antithetical to what I think is the spirit of the song in the first place. I don't see it coming to that - but who knows.
  7. So you were being hyperbolic with the 'repeatedly and at length' statement. In fact, we don't really know. An abusive father yelling at the dog? Upset by his fury? Really? And where are the eyes looking disapprovingly at Aggies in the song from which you make the jump to disapprovingly at blacks? I think you're using emotional language to try to sway the conversation, and it strikes me as a bit disingenuous. I think it is likely that people took out of context the factual history "it came from a minstrel show and a quote by Robert E Lee" and jumped to "it's a veiled warning to slaves that they eyes of their master is on them" - without really examining it. And this interpretation has become the 'truth" of it for some. Now, maybe that factual history is enough to damn it for many - and that's fine - but that's the conclusion I'm drawing so far lacking more information.
  8. Can you, or anyone, point me to some more information on this? Seriously. I have only seen the original request and like two tweets from former players. The original request is this: Changes regarding the entire black community at UT - The replacement of The Eyes of Texas with a new song without racist undertones. - Lifting the requirement of athletes to sing the song It doesn't articulate the problem at all the problem beyond "racist undertones". The wording there again implies to me that they think the lyrics are referring to slaves that "cannot get away".
  9. BT. We're not all idiots, and we're not all enemies of progress. Most of us wouldn't be posting here if we didn't give a shit how the young people of color representing our university feel. I think most are trying to understand it because we feel, or did feel much differently about this particular song than they do. You don't have to argue with every single sentence somebody types. It's non-conducive to having a discussion and to a it's counterproductive to the points you are trying to get across - some of which I appreciate reading.
  10. I'm very close to Troph here in that the song does mean something to me. Traditional and ritual are an important human element to bond us to institutions and to each other, and this is one of those for me, and many others. Participating in singing the The Eyes, more than anything else, makes me feel connected to the University and remember my time there and what the University did for me. I've been doing mental exercises to try to see the song as racist. I can't get there. I think if I could I'd be be all on board with ditching it. What bothers me most (and has been discussed a bit), is that I think the players dislike it based on false assumptions/information. All the comments I've seen from former/current players about it either directly state or seem to imply they believe the song was adapted from words intended to intimidate slaves - that the words really mean that you can't escape your master. Based on the known facts and context I'm confident that's not true. The original and adapted quote were both addressed to either students or soldiers, predominately white - and to me clearly intended to inspire the people to be their best. The other connections to racism (performed at a minstrel show , adapted from quote of Confederate officer, tune of the song).. just aren't enough for me. I can find similar tangential connections to just about anything. But if I thought these were the primary motivators rather than thinking the song was referring to slaves directly - I'd even be closer to ok with it. I'd disagree the logic, but at least I'd understand the "other side's" conclusions were drawn from facts. As an aside, what further sucks is that we're even focusing on this relatively trivial thing when there are real problems and real changes that need to be addressed. Throwing this in sowed division rather than unity - which is unfortunate. Maybe I'm overthinking it...
  11. Trying to learn about a topic and reason through it is not "corporate horseshit". It's called thinking. The players may or may not care about my opinion - I don't think you're the arbiter of that. Regardless, I'm trying to hear and understand theirs, that's what this conversation is about it.
  12. Because maybe it won't be divisive if people know the facts and the context of it. Or maybe it still will be. I haven't seen any of our athletes say: 'I'm offended because it was first performed at a minstrel show'. (I could have just missed it, and I could certainly understand if they were). I have heard two people say they are offended because the think the song refers to, or is adapted from a song, warning slaves that the eyes of their masters are upon them and they can't ever escape. I don't think that is anywhere close to factual. Some could still be offended by the association to a minstrel show- but there is a large degree of difference, to me, if our school song was intended to warn/intimidate slaves vs being first performed at an event I find egregious. I find the fact that we HAD a minstrel show more offensive than any songs that were performed there. It would not surprise me to learn they said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the Star Spangled Banner, said a group prayer, or were served tea at the same event. I would find none of those things offensive on their own based on their inclusion in the show. The show itself, now that I find offensive.
  13. BT, you keep saying that nobody matters in the conversation except the black athletes. I reject that contention. They certainly have an important voice in the conversation, but they aren't the only voice that belongs in the conversation. As someone else said, the University is a large community. And truth matters. It's right there on the main building. "Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free". Others on this thread are trying to parse out and make sense of that truth for themselves. I'm glad you have it all figured out for yourself, but the issue is not 100% black and white (no pun intended) for many of us. Facts matter, context matters, intent matters.
  14. I graduated from the University 25 years ago and remember the pride of accomplishment I felt singing The Eyes at graduation. It has since always been something that makes me proud to sing, to still feel connected and part of a greater community. Traditions are an important human element to bind us to our communities, and in the world today we have less and less of that, IMO. The lyrics, as I interpret them, served to remind me to try to be better, to know I am a part of something bigger, to do the right thing and represent the University and State of Texas well. I don't know, this one feels very misplaced to me, and I will surely miss the tradition - I feel like we've lost something here.
  15. This happened to me - pissed me off. I bought a digital combo safe and took it to Cothron's and had them install a mechanical dial lock - thinking I wanted something that would work basically forever and not have to mess with batteries. Fast forward 7 years and I can't get in the damn thing. Had to call a locksmith to open it. Silly me for thinking an American made combination lock would last in a temperature controlled setting basically forever - I thought that tech was basically worked out. Had them replace it back with a digital the second time. Anyway, no advice other than what's already been posted. Go past the numbers, bang on it, etc.
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